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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kokilla blows the aarti candle herself, then creates an issue that this isn’t good omen. Raaj Mata says it isnt a bad omen, it was just a blow of wind. She asks her to light a candle again. Laksh’s wife lights it again. Raaj Mata asks Kokilla to do the aarti and distribute the sweet and be careful that there is no bad omen again.

Laksh’s wife says to Gayatri that no one must have offered her water. Gayatri laughs. She forbids her saying it is against the traditions of royal palace’s life. They both laugh then. She asks Gayatri to come to her whenever she needs a friend. Gayatri asks for Kunwar Laksh saying she didn’t meet him, she replies that she herself didn’t meet her husband till now.

Pandit ji was worried and says to Raaj Mata that on the day of engagement there was a bad omen. Raaj Mata asks him either to find a solution or keep quiet. She then comes to Gayatri and tells Laksh’s wife to teach Gayatri all the rules and traditions of royal palace as they seem to be good friends.

Seth ji takes a leave, Raaj Mata asks why he didn’t eat something. Seth ji says that according to their traditions they can’t even drink water from daughter’s house. Rana ji comes drunk over there, he says to Seth ji that everything here is his, isnt it. He says that even he (Rana ji) is also his. Raaj Mata takes Seth ji inside to talk about marriage and stares at Rana ji.

Gayatri thinks that because no one is about she must go out as Rana ji wanted to say anything to her. Outside the palace, the killer was breaking the leg of a statue within the roof to drop it on Rana ji. Rana ji asks Gayatri why she lied to him. Gayatri says she was frightened. Rana ji tells her that this marriage will occur but…. Gayatri watches the statue coming down and pulls the sleeve of Gayatri. Both of those roll on each other however the statue breaks at the rear of them. Rana ji is hurt at forehead, Gayatri tries to touch it but he jerks her hand curtly.

Every person will come out, Kokilla asks who broke the statue, then stares at Kunwar and will get her reply. She qualifies that they should care for the palace. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji if he is alright. Gayatri is apprehensive why Rana ji held her hand so firmly, is he offended at her for that little lie. Raaj Mata apologizes Seth ji for all what has took place, she asks them to forgive every thing that occurred right now and announces that tomorrow there’ll be Haldi of Gayatri at Govind Seth’s household. Gayatri retains on checking out Rana ji who didn’t examine her. Kunwar curtly looks into your path of statue within the roof. Rana ji tells All people to go inside, he will just are available. Rana ji moves guiding to think about the statue, he thinks there is someome who threw this statue down.

Kunwar ji claims into the killer that he has damaged guarantee with him, he asks if he himself will do the honours or shall he. The killer can take the knife and cuts his finger himself. Kunwar tells him to program something else tomorrow else slicing of neck if much more distressing than chopping the finger. Kokilla who shut closed eye asks Kunwar if it is done. He states she should occur listed here now, she states that couldn’t he get it accomplished with no spill in the blood. She tells Kunwar that she’s going to now do a thing about halting the wedding ceremony. Kunwar asks how will she make this happen? She states she is going to do it with terrible omen program. Kunwar ji claims that if a little something could happen with great or poor omen he have to be there about the seat of Rana ji. Kunwar leaves but Kokilla says that the politics of Adult men and girls vary.

PRECAP: Some men prepare for a murder. Rana ji goes for some wedding rituals. Kokilla mixes something in the haldi, Raaj Mata is about to put it on Gayatri.

Written Update By Sahir


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