Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st December 2016 Written Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st December 2016 Written Update

Iqbal leaves the car. The masked man had spotted Rani’s car. Rani thinks she should have called Raja. Iqbal knocks at the door of car, he asks her to come along with him as his morals doesn’t allow him leave her alone. She needs companionship and protection. Rani insists Nusrat was the one who needed him the most. He drags her out of the car forcefully, she screams out of fear of thunder, and wish Raja was here. Raja drives looking for Rani, the guards tell him the route is dangerous and no car passed through this way.
Rani follows Iqbal through the forest, asking where they are going. Iqbal says may be there is a way to Amirkot. Thakur finds foot prints of Rani and Iqbal walking towards forest. Raja finds the guards, who narrate him the whole incidence of accident. Raja was worried, and sends them both to look for Rani in the forest.
On a spot, Rani choses a way opposite to Iqbal. Iqbal insists men are better aware of ways, Rani wishes he was aware of life’s ways as well, at least Nusrat would have survived then. They part silently. Rani hears Raja calling her name, then thinks maybe it’s a doubt. Thakur arrives at the same point, toss and goes towards the way Rani went. Thakur caught Rani and points a gun towards her. Rani was shocked watching the masked man, then attacks him with the wooden log and run for life. Thakur pulls the trigger, but there was no bullet. Rani hits Iqbal while running, Iqbal pushes her behind him and wrestles with Thakur, beating him badly. A thorn pricks Rani’s foot. She watches Iqbal struggling to take off Thakur’s mask who flee pushing Iqbal away. Iqbal scolds Rani for getting away from him. He requests her to move on, then notices her injured foot. Rani tells him to go. Iqbal wasn’t ready to leave her alone. Iqbal says Raja needs her support, what would he thought of him if he leaves. Rani says she thought Raja was here in the forest. Iqbal tells Rani it was Raja’s call, he gets a chance to drag the thorn off her foot. She screams, Iqbal says it was necessary to be done and asks to place her hand over his shoulder. Rani says his shoulders are really weak, they couldn’t attend Nusrat’s funeral and throw the soil over her grave. Iqbal was enraged and furiously tells her Nusrat was his life, and everything. Rani thinks no one can stop Iqbal making up false in front of the world. Iqbal spots a mud house in the forest and asks her to go there, may be they can find help. He insists on her to come along, they both need help this time. Rani gives her hand to Iqbal, he places it around his neck and helps her walk.
The mud house was empty, Iqbal says they can stay here for a while. Rani walks inside, Iqbal follows. Raja finds Iqbal’s car and calls Rani around, worried. She finds her earring ring fallen and follows the way.
Iqbal calls Rani stubborn who isn’t letting him clean her injury. Rani asks why he didn’t come to Nusrat’s funeral. Iqbal considers it a personal matter. Rani says it was connected to Nusrat, its not personal; she wants to know if Iqbal is telling the truth or Shabnam was right. Iqbal tells her he used to study in Lucknow with Nusrat in same college. She was a poet, they loved each other. He decided to marry, but their biggest enemy was Nusrat’s stepfather. He had to leave for abroad, but he promised to make up her father and marry her. When he returned, he came to know Nusrat had already been sold at Heera Mandi. Shabnam provided him a last chance to meet Nusrat. Nusrat wasn’t ready to come along, as she considered herself impure. He used to meet her daily, she only agreed to marry him one last time and as he went for arrangements she died. He found the letter, and shows it to Rani. He reads it, ’I know you can bear all the disgrace for her but she can’t; she only requests him not to attend her funeral.’ Rani was shocked to hear this.
Raja watches Thakur standing behind a tree, and comes to grab his neck warning to kill him otherwise. A car passes by, Thakur flee. Raja cries worried about Rani.

PRECAP: Thakur comes to tell a lady he tried his best but couldn’t kill Rani. Nusrat was angry at Thakur, and throws a knife at Rani’s face saying her Nusrat Apa is coming to her.

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