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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19 October 2015 Written Update

The man in black asks Rana ji to lay Gayatri so that they can begin with the treatment. He puts in some medicine, touches her with some herbs and reads something for her. He asks Rana ji if she is his wife. He nods. He asks where he has come from, what his name is, what he does. Rana ji says his name is Indar, he is a soldier. Rana ji asks how much time she will take to recover. The man stands laughing, touches Rana ji with the peacock feather bush and says when one needs blessings, one has to keep head in procrastination. He must ask for His mercy, he will be granted for sure.
Laksh appreciated a servant, Kunwar ji hears this and pushed that servant out. Kokilla also gets in the room. Kunwar ji says that his wife has left home and he is upto this all rubbish again. Kokilla says that not Rana ji but atleast Laksh can give an heir to the palace. Laksh says he can’t promise this to him. Kunwar ji slaps him, Kokilla says it isn’t his mistake but Swarna’s. Kunwar ji says Swarna only can give an heir to the palace. He places a gun at Laksh’s head and asks him to call Swarna back, else he will shoot him to death. Laksh calls Swarnlekha. Laksh tells Swarna where she is returning, his palace and life are both empty without her. Swarna is happy and wonders what has happened to him. She promised that she will be here soon. Laksh tells Kunwar ji that she will be back soon. Kunwar ji says he didn’t shoot this time, but next time he will.

Rana ji was with Gayatri. A woman nearby states that her spouse also loves her a similar way. She asks her name. Rana ji states she is Rani… the girl, Mala, claims that she looks like a Raani much too.
Rana ji claims that Gayatri includes a large fever.
Kokilla does Swarna’s aarti. Laksh also smiles. Kokilla says she used to keep in mind her each day. Laksh keeps a hand on her shoulder and says he skipped her a great deal, he asks how Anyone at her dwelling is. Kunwar ji suggests Laksh was so upset he experienced forgotten to smile even. He tells Swarna to go and check what arrangement he has finished for her. Swarna goes inside. Kunwar ji retains Laksh on gun stage again and tells him to do what he has requested him to.
Rana ji keeps fabric on Gayatri’s forehead and experience. He minces herbs for her medicines, sitting down beside her.
Swarna sat Completely ready in her area. Kokilla will come within and tells her to smile, it can be time for her to have united. She helps make Swarna up and suggests that male has all his arms but a girl has her attractiveness, but she need to learn how to use it too. She puts on lipstick on Swarna’s experience and tells her to bring in her husband. It really is her responsibility to help keep him attracted to her. Swarna comes to her decorated bed, she thinks that her mom in law is correct, she have to also consider on her possess element. These days, Laksh felt considering her, she ought to also give A further chance to this relation. She hears footsteps and thinks about giving One more opportunity to this relation. Laksh enters the space drunk. Swarna had taken a veil on her encounter, Laksh comes to the mattress and thinks about Kunwar ji’s terms. He holds Swarna’s fingers. He eliminates her veil, and presses her experience. He slaps her really hard and pushes her absent around the mattress.
Gayatri wakes up. Mala will come and tells her to maintain laying, she requires rest. Gayatri asks wherever she is. Mala says she is actually Fortunate she has got Indar brother who enjoys her a great deal of, it truly is on account of him that she acquired conscious. Gayatri doesn’t get who Indar brother is. Rana ji comes to the area, he is pleased to view her mindful. Mala asks who’s brings his wife in his arms on the Darbar. She claims she brought a flower from Dargah to save lots of their like from evil eye. She keeps it over the door and leaves. Rana ji helps Gayatri sit up and provides her drinking water. Gayatri thinks Rana ji did a great deal of for her. The veiled lady arrive in the doorstep. Gayatri takes the glass of water.

Rana ji was slicing a Wooden with axe, Gayatri stops him but he cries that he was a great deal of into loving his individual self that he couldn’t begin to see the adore of Other folks. He cries hugging Gayatri.

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