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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th December 2015 Written Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani watch online

Rana ji regrets his decisions, Gayatri’s warnings, Avdesh’s words and throws things in his room in agony. Gayatri comes to him and holds his arm. He jerks her away crying. He tells Gayatri to leave him, he isn’t worth her pity even. He says he handed Amirkot to his enemy, he has fallen in the eyes of his subjects, people and even himself. Gayatri says he hasn’t lost, he was defeated with cheating. She says she can’t prove but Avdesh cheated. She says those who accept defeat only lose, but he is Indravadhan who can even turn death. Rana ji says he is upset about his mother, Gayatri says she will take care of her. He must not accept defeat so easily. Rana ji cries hugging Gayatri, she helps him on a seat and goes to see Raaj Mata.
In the corridor, Gayatri watches a ribboned note. She reads it, there is no problem in this world without a solution. If he wants the solution he must come behind the palace. Gayatri wonders who this well-wisher is, she must meet him.
Avdesh lights the candles and says he kept the letter, she must come before the candles go off. Gayatri comes there. Avdesh welcomes Rani. Gayatri says when Rana ji isn’t Raja, how come she be Rani. Avdesh says she was born to be Rani. He says this all didn’t belong to him but he won this all, just for her. Gayatri asks what he means to say. Avdesh says she is too good and he is sure leaving Indravadhan is really difficult for her right now. But he has an offer for her, if she leaves Indravadhan and become his Rani, he will hand everything back to Indravadhan. Gayatri slaps Avdesh, she says she was silent till now but he isn’t worth calling an animal because animals are loyal to their owners. He cheated someone who trusted him. She says he has only won this palace with cheating, there wasn’t and won’t be any love in his life ever. She heads to leave, Avdesh holds her. Gayatri is shocked and throws him away. He fell on floor, Gayatri hold the candle stand over him and says he will now even burn in fire. Doesn’t he know Raavan also died for putting a bad eye on a lady? He must be afraid of the day when Indravadhan will question him for this. Candle wax melted on Avdesh’s jacket.
A servant brings something for Raaj Mata. She says she doesn’t want it now. He doesn’t leave and instead show her a doll. Raaj Mata takes it and asks who gave it. The servant says it was a man with the letter. The letter said she must meet him in forest just now. Raaj Mata hurries. Avdesh takes the candle stand from her hand, he tells her to make someone afraid of death who is alive. He had died and vanished when he saw her. Gayatri was afraid saying he is crazy. Avdesh says the one who is crazy only loves. Gayatri is afraid and calls Rana ji. Avdesh holds her, he shouts what Rana ji has that Avdesh doesn’t have. Neither Rana ji has name, nor money. He leaves her at once, calms himself down and says Indravadhan has nothing worth her. Had he been in place of him, he wouldn’t have allowed anyone touch her even. Gayatri says if he even takes hundred births, he can’t be the dust of his shoes. She pushes him away and runs inside. Avdesh keeps crying for Gayatri.
Kokilla and Kunwar ji enjoyed fruits. Kokilla says she is happy to have stealth some food, else what that crazy Raja would do to them. Kunwar ji says he owes them something, he won because of their help. He says they wouldn’t have to leave the palace, they will stick to him so much that won’t leave until they get the throne. Swarna comes to their room, she says she is no more a Rajkumari and there is no questions of heir now. Kunwar ji comes to her and says they haven’t lost the game, they will win the throne and a throne needs an heir that she will give them. He says if she is in doubt, he can get her a gift from her father. Swarna remembers a finger gifted to her from his father. Kunwar ji said this was her father’s finger and next time she will get her father’s head. Kunwar ji tells Swarna that she will tell them a good news, and that soon. A servant comes to call them all into the hall.
Rana ji apologizes them all saying their family had to lose everything because of him. He says he will lose tomorrow morning. Swarna spots Gayatri coming inside. Rana ji is worried and runs towards her asking what happened. Gayatri was crying, lost. Rana ji asks where Raaj mata is. Gayatri says she had told him that Avdesh… he… Rana ji asks what he did. Gayatri begins crying. Avdesh comes in saying he will tell him what he has done. He says to find Indravadan’s difficulties solution, Gayatri came to meet him. Gayatri says he is lying, he sent her a letter without any name. Gayatri says he wants to break their relation and trap Rana ji. She watches Rana ji staring Avdesh who stood innocently.

PRECAP: Avdesh says to Rana ji that he gave Gayatri a solution, he will return everything to him until Gayatri becomes his Rani. Everyone is shocked. Rana ji beats Avdesh.

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