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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th September 2015 Written Update

Yashoda brings Gayatri to kitchen area. Gayatri asks the buttler his title which was Dhanya. Gayatri was concerned that she will have to Prepare dinner in these types of clothes. Dhanya asks Gayatri what she’ll Cook dinner, and normally takes title about non-veg food. Gayatri says she’s going to only Cook dinner veg dishes. Dhanya was going to warn her that no-one eats vegetarian in this article, but Kokilla comes and angrily says if He’ll instruct the Raani now. Gayatri tells Kokilla about her menu. Kokilla thinks not one person eats veg listed here nonetheless she says they’re going to all like the good.
With the table, Kokilla awaits Gayatri’s cooking to reveal to Absolutely everyone. Raaj Mata tells Gayatri to take a seat with Rana ji at which she will get shocked, Raaj Mata nods at her and after that Rana ji. Rana ji provides a chair to Gayatri. In the event the food items is served, Gayatri stands serve. Bari Raani maa tells her to sit down, you will find servants for this. If the meals is served, Bari Rani maa suggests that this non veg foodstuff is much better than they’d ever eaten. Gayatri thinks she just cooked veg food stuff, how it turned to non-veg. Raaj mata remembers telling her servants To combine meat in the food items Gayatri cooked as she was unaware in the strategies in palace. Gayatri feels nauseatic, she goes to vomit and returns to desk. Kunwar is concerned what happened to her. Rana ji says disgusting, justification me, he isnt hungry any more. Gayatri was going to go driving him, Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri why she disrespected Absolutely everyone on the table similar to this, if she was unwell she ought to have told them in advance of. Why she felt disgusted from the food items she herself had cooked. Gayatri states she didn’t cook this food stuff. Bari Raani maa asks she didn’t Cook dinner the food stuff. Gayatri says she had cooked food stuff, but this isnt that food. She tells her that she cooked Shahkahari, she will’t see non-veg. Bari raani maa stops her and asks who broke their tradition, who improved the foodstuff? Not one person replies. Raaj Mata accepts last but not least that she did this. She blended meat in Raani’s cooking.
Gayatri’s brother arrive at royal palace. A servant will make them sit from the sitting down area, he goes to inform Raaj Mata. The brothers say they may have arrived to just take Gayatri. The brothers were happy this is the 1st kitchen of Gayatri, Everybody should be savoring.
Raaj Mata states she is aware Gayatri is non-veg. Bari Raani maa says it isnt Gayatri’s blunder but Raaj Mata’s. Bari raani maa claims that it’s a mom in legislation’s accountability to teach a daughter in law with regard to the trends and traditions of your house. Just one need to complete the duties of the mom in regulation to take the legal rights of staying 1. Raaj mata states she also desired to say this to her many a times. Kokilla suggests whoever did this, it absolutely was seriously poor one particular. Raaj Mata claims she did everything to avoid wasting Gayatri in the taunts of people. The servant comes there, but Kunwar ji tells him to leave. Bari Raani maa suggests she have to have taught Gayatri the ways of Rajput in lieu of covering her miscalculation. Gaytari says it absolutely was her blunder, she should have requested in kitchen concerning the developments in this article. But she couldn’t still have cooked non veg, Bari Rani maa suggests if a person receives relevant to lion, they need to also become accustomed to observing blood. She is Raani of Amirkot now, she ought to figure out how to Stay Based on tendencies here. Bari Raani maa states to Raaj Mata that she has brought a cow amongst lions, this all had to occur. She leaves the table angrily, saying to Raani ji this experienced to occur.
The servant brings water to your brothers, they say they might’t get drinking water and asks about Raaj mata. The brothers say she will get in touch with them shortly. Rana ji appears inside the corridor but moves on overlooking them. In the corridor, Kokilla was waiting for Rana ji, the moment he comes they each discuss that no-one during the background of palace left the initial cooking similar to this. Kokilla states a new daughter in legislation’s arrival is welcomed by Ramain, and they speculate what will transpire while in the palace from the instances to come back. Rana ji thinks that this Woman isnt well worth getting a princess.

PRECAP: Bari raani maa tells Gayatri that this ritual will close when Rana ji will come to carry her again residence. Rana ji thinks he will never go to deliver her again, Kokilla thinks she won’t ever Enable it close. Gayatri happily leaves the palace.

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