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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th September 2015 Written Update

Kokilla suggests this couple seems to be these lovely, but tells them that Rana ji ought to steer clear of Gayatri for the subsequent 5 times. She thinks about bribing Pandit ji for getting 5 days from Rana ji. Raaj mata thinks This is often quite a long time. Rana ji thinks whether it is about 5 hundreds of years he doesn’t treatment. Gayatri thinks she can’t continue to be devoid of sindoor for five times, she ought to go to Rana ji tonight. Raaj mata thinks she ought to speak with Rana ji to choose Gayatri, as they want an heir with the palace. Kokilla states she is going to send Gayatri again home within these five days.
Yashoda shows the home to Gayatri stating she ought to stay below for the next five times. Gayatri asks yashoda about Rana ji’s place. Yashoda tells her the directions. Gayatri asks Yashoda if she might help her discover the trends and Life style of the palace. Gayatri watches the sindoor box and will take it in direction of Rana ji’s area.
During the area, Rana ji spoke to Surakshna’s Image that he remaining putting sindoor only simply because he desires her to remain an incomplete bride endlessly. Raaj Mata can enforce the proposal but she can in no way implement her to get his bride. He promises Surakshna he will never fill sindoor in her head.
Gayatri stood within the doorway asks Rana ji to fill sindoor in her head, she has appear for that. Raaj Mata stood in her front as it absolutely was her area’s doorway, Rana ji passes by the other corridor. Raaj Mata claims that it should be a coincidence, and her head partition has actually been filled by now. Gayatri says This is often blood of Rana ji. Raaj Mata says That is much better than any sindoor. She tells Gayatri not to inform Rana ji about this, he cares about petty problems and may well take into consideration this wedding by no means passed off. Gayatri is apprehensive, Raaj Mata sends Gayatri to slumber as tomorrow is her initial kitchen.
In the morning, everyone is shocked to hear the Bhajan getting sung. Kunwar ji, Kokilla, Bari Raani maa, Raaj Mata and all go to find out who is singing this early each morning. Rana ji sends his gentleman to check who is building this type of noice. All of them come out to determine Gayatri in the temple. Gayatri turns to see the household standing at the rear of her. Gayatri asks why They can be all checking out her such as this, she states she kept minor foods in Prasad, but for God very little is much less. She tells a servant to distribute Prasad between All people. Raaj Mata tells Gayatri she doesn’t need to do Pooja, There’s a Pandit in Palace for this. Gayatri states her father suggests God and Adult males Possess a immediate relationship, indirect connections aren’t required; she can take authorization from Raaj Mata but Bari Raani maa claims she is hopeful from Gayatri to keep her traditions, she has each of the permissions but gayatri must retain the regard of a princess and need to discover how to gown up like Princess within the palace. Absolutely everyone leaves, Gayatri thinks Rana ji didn’t arrive. She hurries within.
Rana ji peeks with the gallery, Gayatri was coming upstairs With all the Prasad and the two Have a very confrontation. Rana ji passes Gayatri, she stops him inquiring him to take Prasad. He stops for quite a while, then heads to go away once again. She stops his way and picks one to his mouth indicating Prasad. Raaj Mata originates from driving and claims Rana ji normally takes black coffee the moment he wakes up. Gayatri reconfirms what he can take, she watches a servant holding the cup. Rana ji will take it and leaves. Gayatri says it doesn’t issue, she’ll hold treatment over it till tomorrow. Raaj Mata states to Gayatri she will have to go and prepare as Bari Raani maa needs her to. Raaj Mata is concerned Imagine if someday she receives late.
Gayatri watches all the jewellery, she says to Raaj Mata if mistakenly all of the jewellery of Raaj Mata and Kokilla have obtained combined with hers. Raaj Mata says it can be all her jewellery, she doesn’t want any individual to mention that Gayatri doesn’t know to live similar to a princess. Raaj Mata claps, Gayatri gets Prepared.

PRECAP: Gayatri tells everyone she’ll Prepare dinner every one of the Royal dishes. Raaj Mata appreciates the foods, but Gayatri feels nauseatic. Rana ji states disgusting, and leaves the table.

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