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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 16th June 2016 Written Update

Rani was upset in her room, about whatever Raja said to her. She wipes her tears and tells Meenu to keep the window open, a closed window suffocates her. Meenu assures if she is fine? Rani nods, she lay in the bed thinking she doesn’t have to fall weak.
The next morning, in the class Meenu shares her worry with Deepika about what will happen today as yesterday Sir had been slapped. Rani enters the class, Bindu keep a foot on the table to stop her way, she warn Rani if she even look towards her Raja she would snatch her face? Rani says she didn’t know she was Sir’s bodyguard, he if is slapped often that he kept a body guard. The teacher, Miss Poonam Gupta comes in. She says that there country has been independent for fifteen years now, has this democracy been fruitful, she chooses Rani to speak about it. Rani says the country got independent, but people will still take time to get independent. A few are dependent on their inheritance, a few on their liabilities. Raja comes taunting, people must consider their rights and responsibilities equally. Raja taunts at Gayatri that people take charity from others, climb up and doesn’t consider it at all. Gayatri argues that poor work hard to earn for their living, slaves are the ones who live on their parent’s money. Raja points a finger at her, Rani asks if it pinches at him. The class gets over, Bindu asks if she has so many problems with rich why she came here? Rani says she came here on scholarship, she doesn’t have enough time to argue with them. Bindu asks Raja why he let her go. Raja says he didn’t hold her yet.
Meenu and another class mates appreciate Gayatri outside the class. A peon comes to call Gayatri as the VP has called her in a room. There was no one in the room, Raja and others come outside to shut the door. Everyone gather around, Bindu enjoys it calling Raja being funny. Rani coughs in suffocation, Meenu requests Raja to open the door as she suffocates in closed door. Bindu warns her to speak to Raja. Jeewan comes there happily, Bindu inquires why he is so happy. Jeewan shows frogs in a box and enjoys Rani being feared by them. He let them in from a hole. Rani climbs up the bench afraid of the creatures as they jump around the floor. Raja who had been enjoying recalls shutting Rani in a room in childhood, he opens the door at once. Bindu asks him to let her in for a while, Raja says he wants to make her afraid not kill her. He opens the door, Rani clutches her coat. He holds her tight. She looks towards him and pushes him behind, she move ahead to fell on the floor. Everyone around make fun of her. Raja calls her down to earth, kneels beside her and says she is always lying on floor. Rani helps herself up. Raja says today he taught her the most important rule of this college, not to mess with him. He is the king here, deers can only live when they fear lions, he hopes she doesn’t remember this lesson and he would get another chance to teach her. They all leave. Rani hurries outside.
Rani comes to Principal’s office, and introduces herself. He offers her a seat. Rani says she came with a complaint about Raja, how can someone be this disgraceful. The principal recognizes it must be Raja. The Principal tells Rani that no one ever complaint against Raja in front of his father, if anyone does this he can call him today and Rajveer will suspend today. Rani was determined to complaint against Rajveer. The principal assures that he will call Rani when Rajveer’s father arrive.
Kaal was walking inside the college, his dress gets ruined by a bird. A boy there inform Raja that his father is going towards VP’s office and he is also called there. Raja meets Rani in the corridor and asks if he was called here because of her. Rani inquires he thought she would spare him so easily. Raja boasts when an ant confronts an elephant she is pissed off. Rani asks him to remember when the same ant gets into his trunk the elephant fell off. The VP gives a seat to Kaal. The peon comes to call them inside and sends Raja first. Raja warns Rani not to make her hostel life difficult for her. The Principal tells Kaal they must take an action against Raaj, now he can’t bear his misbehaviour anymore. Raja comes inside, the VP says he is talking about Raja’s misbehavior with a girl last night. Raja calls Rani by himself and rings a bell to peon. Raja’s friend kidnap Rani from behind, Raja beats his legs in front of Kaal who stares at him. The peon comes back and tells VP that girl is nowhere, Raja suggests about checking in ladies toilet. Kaal scolds Principal to waste his time, he leaves confronting Raja.

PRECAP: Raja’s friend bring Rani tied in a car, they shut her inside. Rani faints in the back of the car.

Written Update by Sona

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