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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 14th June 2016 Written Update

Rani enters the university nervous. She stands in a queue when Raja arrives from behind. A girl inquired about single hostel rooms, the warden says that there is a single room available for the topper, Gayatri. Rani was happy that this way she will be able to concentrate on study. Raja comes to the warden, he asks her to give Princess a single room. The scholarship girl must be a poor one, he will give her some money too and she will adjust in any room. He hands the keys to the girl, they girl asks who he is. Raja introduces himself as Rajveer, this college belongs to his father so people call him Sir. The girl was excited to meet Sir, and hugs him. Rani thinks even Kaali Prasad doesn’t hug anyone in the first go like this girl. Raja turns around, Rani comes behind him to take his attention. He turns around, Rani slips and he holds her in his arms. He apologizes her for having to pay the bill, and slips her deliberately. Princess asks what if the poor Gayatri comes there again. Raja says he will handle her then. A girl stops Rani from going behind him and asks what she has been doing? He is Sir, and can do anything, his father is the biggest donor of this college that is why he has failed for the past three years and is still in the college. She asks Rani’s name, and cheers hearing she is Gayatri. She asks her to share her room with her, then tells her about Lovey, who calls her to be Sir’s girlfriend. A girl comes to Lovey and tells her Sir has taken that Devika (Princess) in her room.
Raja brings the girl to show her room, it was all messed up. He calls Lovey at once, Lovey comes with her friends there. Raja assures Devika that he will clean this mess, he calls for everyone to get out except Bindu. Bindu (Lovey) shuts the door. Rani consider it a shame that a girl hugs him, another shuts her inside a room with her. Bindu tells Raja that in childhood Rani used him, similarly every girl is using him. Only she loves him dearly, Raja says she isn’t his type. Bindu asks if he loves that Devika, Raja says no; but he can’t explain who his dream girl is. He wants a girl who can challenge him, who dreams then head to fulfil them. Raja says he wants someone to walk beside him, not follow him. Rani sets her room, prays in front of the God’s idol. She thinks about something and comes out of her room. There, Bindu asks Raja what he would tell that girl then, Raja comes out saying he will spread his arms and tell her… He gets out of his room, Rani hits him hard such that he faces Raja. Raja says she is only hers.
Raja comes out to flatten a car’s tire. A guard comes, then watches Raja and leaves. Kaal comes from behind, reminding this is his father’s car, and he might have forgotten this is his car. Raja tells him not to worry, his good son Jeewan will get it refilled. Raja leaves. Kaal thinks he kept him away from himself but he didn’t improve anyway.
In the corridor, Bindu’s friends ask her what will happen now. Bindu boasts that only she will get Raja once day. Jeewan comes there reading a poetry. Bindu was irritated by Jeewan. Jeewan asks till when she will keep on getting her heart broken, she might get her bones broken. Bindu warns him to stay away from her and Raj veer. Jeewan tells Bindu she looks even hotter when angry. Bindu leaves irritated.
Rani was sitting on her bed, Meenu comes ready. Rani denies going to her Sir’s welcome party at all. Meenu insists on her to go, else she will be alone. Rani insists there will be everyone as it is compulsory. Meenu says alright, she won’t also go then.
Rani prepares for her bed, Meenu was upset for not going to party. Rani tells her to go, when some girls enter their room. Rani asks who they are. The girl wonder what they have been doing here, no one can miss their party without Sir’s permission and drag Rani to the party in her night dress.

PRECAP: Raja dances with girls in the party, he gets hold of Rani and doesn’t let her leave the stage, inspite of Bindu’s effors to distract him.

Written Update by Sona

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