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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th June 2016 Written Update

The show has taken a leap, the grown up Rani is shown running to catch her bus. She is finally successful in catching the bus and relieved, then gives an angry look to the passenger. She takes a seat, the passenger trying to harass her sits beside him.
Raaj Mata scolds a maid, Gayatri calls Hema, a maid by her name. Hema scolds Rani for calling her by her name. Raaj Mata scolds her for misbehaving with Rani. She demands a juice for herself, Rani makes Raaj Mata take a seat and insists on her to drink the juice. Raaj Mata asks if this is orange juice. Rani insists it is, she asks Raaj Mata to forgive her for giving her rice water instead of juice. She thinks Raaj Mata was so upset with Baba’s death and she only remember to be Raaj Mata of some palace now. She was lost in her thoughts when the conductor comes to tell her he has no other coins. Rani demands for her coins, as it will fill in her money bank. She sits back, thinking about Hema and her conversation. Hema was concerned how Rani will study with so less money. Rani was determined to save each penny, she got a scholarship in a high profile college but was determined to survive among them. She has to prove to her Dadu that she is really a Raaj Mata. She takes her lunch box thinking that Raaj Mata had given it to her while leaving. Raaj Mata blessed her saying its their family ritual to study in London, still she is happy Rani will study in a well off college. She prays for Rani to get a good mannered husband, who is responsible and well educated. Rani says no guy today is responsible these days.
There Raja playfully drives his car rashly.
Rani curses the boys today to be irresponsible. Raja drives to a toll tax point, the man pays him all the money he had collected. The bus goes out of order, Rani asks the conductor how far is Amrikot from here. He tells her it’s some 2 km away, Rani thanks him and leave. She walks on the path.
Raja sat with his feet up on a stall table, his friends demanded who will pay the bills if not they? Raja points at Rani saying she will. He comes to greet Rani, she was lost first then asks him the address to university? Raja confirms if she is a fresher? Raja tells Rani that the man on counter is really helpful, he will give her all the directions. Raja comes to the waiter and tells him that this girl will pay their money. Rani tells Raja it’s a pleasure meeting him. He leaves, Rani asks the waiter for the way to university. The waiter asks for 11 rupees and counts the food. She argues she didn’t eat so much, but the waiter complains she just said a yes. Rani thinks she had a loss just after entering the university.
In the university hall, Jeewan slaps a boy for eating popcorns from his pocket. He was still eating when Bindu comes to scold him for being a child. Jeewan tells her she is also the same like childhood, she tells him to call her Naveen; his sir gave her this name. He demands to call her as Rave, he gave this name to himself. They students discuss that Sir only sometimes come to university as his father is the owner here.
Rani enters the university and thinks the place has changed so much, how will she adjust with these new people.

PRECAP: Raja tells the warden to allot the last single room in hostel that had been reserved for the topper Gayatri to his friend. Rani stops him, but instead fell over him. He holds her in his arms.

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