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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Everyone seems to be stunned to see the bomb. Rana ji picks the bomb up and heads out in the phase. Gayatri retains Rana ji’s hand, he asks to leave it but Gayatri suggests her existence is bound to him, they can Stay or die with each other. Rana ji throws the bomb working outside, Gayatri and Rana ji hugs Every single othere when You will find there’s blast. Every person shouts Rana ji’s title, crying. Seth ji cries for her daughter, saying not luck but his functions have snatched her from him. Laksh smiled but his smile fades at once when Rana ji appears with Gayatri in his arms, unconcious.
Rana ji tells everyone that practically nothing to fret, she is simply unconscious. He requires Gayatri within, sits together with her and sprinkles h2o on her confront. Gayatri wakes up, everyone is relieved. Maa asks Gayatri if she is fine. Gayatri states she is. Seth ji many thanks Rana ji, Rana ji says he experienced finished exactly the same if there was somebody else. He says he recognizes that a existence doesn’t go on your own, it’s going to take absent someone’s contentment and smiles.
Seth ji suggests he has saved his daughter’s life and has bought Seth Govind priceless. Rana ji tells him that his cap has his respect, and very little is precious than regard. Seth ji asks who even introduced that coconut. Swarnlekha states she experienced introduced it. Anyone turns to have a look at her quizzically. Swarnlekha states she experienced kept the coconut there, but for that Laksh experienced requested her to be done. Each and every eye now turns to Kunwar Lakshraj. Laksh says he had requested her to help keep it only, he doesn’t know who introduced it. Rana ji claims whoever has carried out it, it would be the last of his life. He states he has begun the sport but It will likely be finished by Rana ji. He says He’ll uncover him in two several hours, the wedding will take place following that. Raaj mata states Rana ji is correct, sindoor’s ritual will not be finished until the disobedient isnt caught. Rana ji asks Aurangzed to shut all of the doorways in the palace, no one must go out. Saroj leaves the corridor, a guard catches him jogging during the corridor and stops him stammering. Laksh will come there and suggests he is his man and was trying to find Laksh, the guard leaves obediently. Laksh takes Saroj.
Maa tells Gayatri not to fret, he might be caught. Bhabi says if Gayatri will depart an incomplete bride for the life time Should the attacker isn’t caught. Gayatri says she’s with Rana ji, and not the sindoor but Rana ji’s everyday living is very important.
Laksh requires Saroj into a aspect. Saroj apologizes him saying no person may even contact him when he is there and hugs him. Laksh hugs Saroj. Kunwar ji and Kokilla hears this. Laksh states to Saroj that when existence is there no one can do everything, else he had tried his very best that Rana ji and that Lady are killed in bomb blast. The guard tells Rana ji that he has acquired each of the doors shut. Rana ji asks him to Permit Every person in the palace stand in front of him, This is certainly time for effects.
Kunwar ji comes there, he retains a hand on Laksh’s shoulder and suggests a duck’s baby doesn’t must be taught to swim. He boasts that his blood is working in Laksh’s human body. Kokilla states he is right, Laksh also designs like him and all his programs fails like his father way too. Kunwar ji mocks Kokilla as though all her plannings go great generally. A guard comes to get in touch with all of them down to Rana ji. Sarog is worried.
Rana ji says this flame will make a decision who attacked him. He was attacked by bomb, there has to be gun powder on his hand. Saroj is concerned and wonders why he didn’t cleared his hands, he gained’t be Harmless now. One after the other the servants arrive forward. Laksh thinks that Saroj might be caught, Let’s say he will take his identify. Saroj comes ahead comprehensive, He’s requested to keep hand over the flame. He forwards his arms, Laksh poses to go faint. Rana ji retains him at once and asks what happened. Saroj removes his fingers directly and cleans them. Kunwar ji and Rana ji gets associated with Kunwar. Kunwar wakes up and suggests he wasn’t sensation nicely. Kunwar appreciates him for currently being profitable. Rana ji asks Saroj to ahead his hand and retain them down, almost nothing is burnt. Saroj leaves. Raaj Mata suggests it appears that evidently particular person isnt below, whoever He’s is incredibly cunning, there needs to be some clue. Laksh eliminates the gun powder bag as the guards looked all over in palace. The guard claims only Kunwar ji’s place is still left now to get observed. Kunwar ji comes to his room, and eliminates all his gathered jewellery and income through the Protected. The guards experienced head in the direction of Kunwar ji’s home. The guard claimed that he has to carry that killer to Rana ji in following two yrs. Kunwar ji is worried if Laksh hid that particular person nicely. Kokilla suggests she trusts Laksh. Laksh took the gun powder bag throughout the corridor. Kunwar ji and Kokilla leave the place, Laksh enters their place, opens the Harmless and sites the gun powder bag Within the Protected and leaves. The guard states Regardless how crafty a criminal is, he leaves an id of course. The enter Kunwar ji’s area. The head guard notices the wall hanging before the Secure a tad tilted, he goes to get rid of it.
Gayatri claims Rana ji is attempting a good deal to discover the attacker, and he or she is sitting down idly listed here. She says to her friend that she also would like to do a little something. She will take her Buddy together.
The pinnacle guard watches the Protected, then usually takes his Gentlemen. Laksh was dealing with the corridor, Kunwar and Kokilla meets them and asks Laksh if he hid the proof properly. He suggests yes and leaves. The guards come to Kunwar ji and says they have discovered a safe in his area, he should open up it. Kunwar and Saroj behind were being worried, Laksh gives Saroj the keys to Risk-free and tells him to leave. Saroj suggests leaving in this article differs but he will fulfil his guarantee to Kunwar ji, He’ll acquire life of Rana ji.
Gayatri comes in the hall, she tells Anyone to halt the look for and continue to be the place They are really. She knows who the felony is. Seth ji asks who he is. Gayatri states she’ll only inform Rana ji over it, whoever He’s, is another person from spouse and children. She heads for any place upstairs. Saroj arrives powering Gayatri.
Gayatri will come with the corridor, believing that for Rana ji she should make this happen. She seems to be behind pondering somebody was there. Saroj stood there that has a knife in hand, hidden guiding the wall. She thinks if she screams, he will run once more. She need to let him arrive at her, so that she will be able to see his deal with. She runs throughout the corridor, Saroj follows her.
Kunwar ji and Kokilla are stunned never to discover the keys where by they had saved. The guards say they may have to break his Harmless. Gayatri enters a place, Saroj also comes in the place and locks the doorway.
The guard tells Rana ji that Kunwar ji’s Secure is remaining damaged. Rana ji states he by now suspects Kunwar ji, he is coming.
Saroj phone calls that he is aware of she’s there, and when she has recognized that he’s the 1 who attacked Rana ji, he won’t Allow her depart this place. Gayatri was concealed guiding the chair, as Saroj comes forward she covers his head which has a quilt. Gayatri asks who he is. Saroj gets rid of him and Gaytari receives to the floor. Gayatri states so it absolutely was he who needed to just take Rana ji’s lifetime. Saroj states he had under no circumstances even though she’s going to make this happen to capture him. Rana ji was coming with the corridor. Saroj retains Gayatri’s neck on the ground, indicating she gained’t leave below. He retains a knife on Gayatri When Rana ji comes and holds the knife. His blood pours down Gayatri’s head as Sindoor. Saroj operates away but Rana ji throws the knife at him that pierces his arm. Saroj runs away, Rana ji assists Gayatri sit up and asks if she is ok. Gayatri nods, then watches the personal injury in Rana ji’s hand, straightens his hand and ties a handkerchief on it. Rana ji retains on investigating her. Both have a watch lock, then Rana ji steals his eyes. He finds keys Other than Gayatri, takes them and leaves the place.
The safety crew was seeking to break the lock of Safe and sound. Kunwar ji claimed They may be fact loving people today and don’t conceal nearly anything. Laksh also requested them to break it, Rana ji is available in with keys in his hands. Rana ji asks Laksh if he desires them? Saroj experienced these keys with him. He claims that same Saroj who made an effort to consider his lifetime, the same Saroj who’s a Particular gentleman of Laksh. He tells the guards not to Permit Saroj leave, and arms the keys to Main of stability. Laksh leaves the room, and involves a shop. In The shop, Saroj was crying with pain, he asks Laksh to save him else Rana ji received’t leave him. Laksh claims he can’t see him in soreness, He’ll end his suffering.
Raaj Mata states to Kunwar that she hasn’t assumed he might be such a felony. She asks what have been his keys doing to Saroj. Kokilla claims this time he is actually innocent. Kunwar ji suggests he has never carried out anything. Bari Raani maa asks Kunwar ji to talk the reality, she slaps him. She states if she makes him explain to the truth, he are going to be really pained, so he will have to explain to the reality by himself. Raaj Mata asks Kunwar ji to speak the reality. Kunwar ji thinks Lakshraj has bought him caught and still left. Kunwar ji was about to say the reality, if the lock from the Secure breaks open up. All of them search to it after they listen to a scream. Everybody turns towards the voice, Kokilla asks what sort of voice it was. The guard also leaves. Kunwar ji stops Kokilla and asks to hide the gunpowder bag.
Saroj’s overall body lied dead during the corridor. Rana ji nods at his guard to check on his pulse, he had been murdered. A letter lied with him, Raaj Mata asks the guard to browse the letter. It mentioned, I Saroj tried to destroy Rana ji, I stole the keys of Kunwar ji’s Secure to ensure that he could be accused. Now he is supplying his lifestyle, for the reason that he can no longer take the load of what he has carried out. Laksh remembers offering medicine to Saroj as suffering killer. Saroj felt nauseatic, he gave on his lifestyle complaining that he had promised to save lots of him. Laksh had stated that he asked him to depart, else this had to occur. Kunwar ji says it is nice he acquired his punishments. Raaj Mata asks the guard to consider your body, and can take Rana ji for sindoor ritual. Gayatri thinks that ritual has long been carried out now, she now prays that her Rana ji is saved like this generally.

PRECAP: Rana ji holds the sindoor in hand, looks at Gayatri and is say he won’t do this wedding. Raaj mata keeps a hand on his shoulder, but he drops the sindoor.

Written Update By Sahir


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