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Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha 24th September 2015 Written Update

In the morning, Chandar stood on the lake aspect. Papa comes available praying. He watches Chandar standing there and involves him. Chandar requires his blessings. Pandit ji tells Mr. Shukla that Chandar arrives even right before sun increase. Papa asks him to provide an opportunity to him atleast as soon as that he arrives ahead of Chandar. Chandar claims that Mr. Shukla has specified him chances every time in everyday life, he never Enable Chandar realize that he isnt in fact a Section of his family members. Mr. Shukla and Chandar sit for quite a while the place Mr. Shukla talk about with Chandar and claims that he has taken all his responsibilities but at times he is worried about Sudha as she’s escalating up. He claims that Sudha has grown up but her childish actions doesn’t disappear. He could by no means scold Sudha as she has no mother. Chandar tells him that great folks always get excellent. Mr. Shukla claims he has never completed everything Completely wrong in life intentionally. Chandar claims should they sit for many extra time right here they may both equally get scolded by Sudha. Mr. Shukla watches some time, it had been seven.thirty.
Sudha shouts for Mai saying she has head ache. Mai viewed over every one of the household. Papa and Chandar stand there, Papa asks her to offer him tea when she is spared by scolding Anyone. Mai says she’s getting oil for Sudha, as she incorporates a head ache. Sudha asks Mai To place in oil very well, Mai scolds her that her Papa and Chandar are there downstairs watching for her. Sudha requires oil and claims she will get it performed by Chandar.
Chandar was reading a e-book. SUdha tells him To place in oil in her hair. Chandar claims He’s busy right now. Sudha says he has always place in oil in her head due to the fact childhood. Chandar suggests she has grown up now. Sudha asks doesn’t grownups have head aches. She propose Chandar to put in oil in her head and convey to her poems at the same time. Chandar claims neither He’ll place in oil nor will he inform her a poem. Last time he had bought lice from her hair. Sudha receives angry and leaves, Chandar asks to get a cup of tea. Sudha was angry, Chandar will come out, begins reading through the poetry and normally takes the oil bowl. Sudha smiles and sits on the chair, as Chandar massages her head. Mr. Shukla who was Listening to the poetry states that is basically gorgeous. Chandar asks if he listened to this? Mr. Shukla claims it’s been posted in newspaper, his Good friend also called him for appreciating for his poems. Sudha gets up in the chair and asks Chandar from mid of your poem. Chandar says he had told her The entire. Chandar and Papa says she experienced fallen asleep. Sudha suggests that it’s Chandar’s oversight, he tells her this sort of dull poem. Chandar states it’s her mistake, she doesn’t think about Hindi literature. Sudha and Chandar blame one another. Papa claims it is actually no one’s slip-up, but his. He shouldn’t have introduced fridge at your house, if she thinks he wouldn’t get to know. Mai also scolds Sudha, Papa states he is speaking to her about it. Mai is irked and leaves all over again shouting on the servants. Papa asks who does so, fridge is to cool drinking water not head. Sudha tries to give a proof but Papa asks her to get ready for school. Chandar suggests he will fall her to college. Papa scolds Chandar that Sudha is so irresponsible only due to him.
Sudha and Geesu lie on the ground of college or university. Sudha claims to Geesu that she received’t marry else who will manage her Papa. Geesu asks what she’ll do if she won’t marry. Sudha asks about Akhtar, Geesu claims he is ok but now will come household much less As well as in goals more. Sudha suggests her situation is basically terrible, he doesn’t walk on floor now. They the two chuckle indicating her shoe has damaged. A fellow will come and tells Sudha that her Instructor will probably take her complain to property. Sudha is nervous and states she will probably Chandar.
Some boys watch Sudha come to College and asks whom is she looking for. Sudha asks for Chandar, the boys make him take a seat and sends for Chandar. Chandar is worried and asks Sudha what transpired, Sudha suggests she broke her shoe. Chandar asks if He’s cobbler. Sudha suggests he obtained it designed very last time, Chandar says alright he will go together with her.
Chandar and Sudha reach the cobbler, Sudha scolds him and instructs him about earning the shoe. Chandar tells Sudha for being tranquil, he is executing it. Sudha continue to instructs him about fixing the shoe. Chandar offers him funds. The cobbler tells Chandar that if it breaks once again, he have to bring the shoe only rather than this Woman. Sudha and Chandar go away.
At home, Sudha and Chandar observe a cycle outside the house. Mai tells Sudha her teacher has arrived. Sudha gets nervous. Chandar comes within telling Papa to not feel exactly what the Trainer is saying, Papa gets worried and clueless.

PRECAP: Sudha says to Chandar she had already told him she needs a library card, she will only study if she gets books. Thakkur speaks about an affair between Sudha and Chandar, Chandar hears this and takes him by collar.

Written Update By Sahir


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