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Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha 14th October 2015 Written Update

Sudha takes a leave from Mr. Shukla, she tells him to take his medicines in time and don’t worry about him. Kailash tells Mr. Shukla not to worry about Sudha. Sudha tells Chandar to take care of himself, Chandar tells Kailash to keep coming here, it brings happiness in their house. Kailash tells Chandar that the next time, this happiness will be double because they will be three next time. Kailash hugs Chandar and leaves, Chandar is shocked.
Chandar asks Mr. Shukla where they are leaving, Mr. Shukla says he is going to bid his other daughter as well. Chandar wishes Binti that may she lives peacefully at her husband’s house.
Chandar remains lost. He arrives at Sudha’s house, sits on the sofa and relaxes. He calls Mai, then asks Sudha to tell Mai bring him water. He was asleep. He speaks in sleep that Sudha if she knows he only drinks tea from her hand. He shouts and calls anyone at home. The voices of Sudha and Mr. Shukla echo in his mind. Chandar shouts, going crazy. He fells on the floor in agony. Pammi ji comes and hugs him. She spends time with Chandar, he indulges in drinking, smoking and relation with Pammi.
Chandar gets up coughing in the morning. Someone mixes tea for him, he sits up, smiles and asks Sudha? Binti says it is her. She asks if he is still sleeping, there Mr. Shukla daily goes to look for him. She watches the bottle of alcohol and says why would he go to river now. Chandar asks wasn’t she going to marry. Binti says it has broken, Mr. Shukla let him go. Chandar asks why is she so happy. Binti says some marriages must break, and some marriages must not take place.
Mr. Shukla sat besides the river. A pandit asks if Chandar hasn’t come, he even didn’t see him for some time. Mr. Shukla says yes, he hasn’t come. He stands to leave, and watches Chandar standing behind. Mr. Shukla comes down again besides the river. Chandar was about to touch his feet. Mr. Shukla holds his hands, he says that may be he has done a big mistake, a man becomes great because of his acts and not his cast. He apologizes the God as well and turns to leave.
The next day, Bua was crying when Chandar arrive. She says to Chandar that this is the third time that her wedding broke. Raami kaka tells Chandar they were greedy people, the boy was also inter fail. Bua curses Binti whey she doesn’t die at all. Binti stands up and tells her to stop it now, there has been enough, if she hates her face so much she must go to a temple and only pray there. She shouts at her that she will stay here at her mama’s place, if she wants to leave she can. Mr. Shukla smiled victoriously.

Chandar asks Pammi what she is reading. Pamii suggests it is actually his diary. third feb: ten am Sudha’s shoe fixed. twelve am acquire Sudha to singing course. three pm Sudha’s appointment at health practitioner. 5 pm get Sudha’s papers solved. Pammi smiles that this whole diary is full of Sudha and nevertheless he claims he didn’t like her. Chandar says only he didn’t know, his diary even did.
Binti claims to Chandar that Sudha asked her to take care of him but she’ll only deal with him if he will come in this article. He by no means arrives. Chandar asks if she had identified as him for scolding. Binti suggests There’s a letter for him, of Sudha. Chandar is happy. Binti asks him to guarantee initial that He’ll come right here everyday. Binti asks him to acquire guarantee on Sudha’s title that He’ll occur below day by day and gained’t go at Pammi’s home. Chandar asks how she understands he goes to Pammi’s property. Binti suggests she understands him, he has touched the heights of love, he knows that if just one falls from peak it pains a good deal. She will be able to’t see him fell. This time she’s offering him the letter, but the next time she gained’t give Sudha’s letter to his palms. She fingers the letter to Chandar. Binti leaves.
Sudha experienced created, that this time she left him but she won’t manage to do it the subsequent time. How she ought to look after herself, when she watches his confront sometimes she only receives peace. She doesn’t know where by the storm of her lifetime will take her. She continues to be expending her times in his Reminiscences, and asks him to hide guiding her Reminiscences.
Sudha reads the reply, He’s pleased that she is content. He is ok and joyful. She must prevent stressing for him too. Sudha cried looking at the letter. Kailash asks whose letter Is that this. Sudha says That is from his residence. Kailash was polite, Sudha cried.

PRECAP: Mr. Shukla tells everyone that Sudha isn’t well, we must go there. Chandar has a nightmare then. Sudha calls Papa and fell on the ground, at Mr. Shukla’s property. Every person operates to her.

Written Update By Sahir


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