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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th October 2016 Written Update

Saachi and Aryan’s marriage rituals continue. Viren’s uncle fume seeing Baraati’s enjoying. Aunt sees him tensed and while munching snacks asks reason and asks if he is jealous seeing her eating. On the other side, Viren’s uncle and his puppet eat snacks and find mistaakes in it and yell that Viren easily escaped expenditure by arranging marriage in his house. Prabhath get angry hearing that and says Viren wanted to see off his daughter from where she grew up and even they liked his idea, so nobody should bother about it. He gives uncle ras malai and asks to stuff his mouth with it.

Uncle coninues yelling about food next. Viren’s uncle hears his conversation and asks if he did not like food. Aryan’s uncle and his puppet yell food is very bad. Viren’s uncle says it is fine. Their argument starts. Viren and Diwakar hear that and Diwakar says food is fine, he tasted it some time ago Viren says he will check his chef and will get food reprepared again. Viren’s uncle says they have come to find mistakes here and will conitnue. Diwakar asks Viren not to bother. Vaibhav comes and informs panditji is calling for garland exchange ritual.

Both families gather for garland exchange ceremony. Saachi and Aryan are brought in front of each other. Ritual sart with usual family jokes and they garland each other. After that, they sit on bridal chair and joke with each other. Guests greet them and click pics.

Aryan’s uncle and his puppets drama continues. He complains about AC to Viren. Viren says AC is running, he will check anyways and leaves. Uncle continues his drama and yells that Viren escaped easily with just serving food, but Sethias are so rich and spending crores on this wedding. Another guest asks him to stop complaining. Uncle asks him to mind his own business and continues that Viren must be poor and borke. Viren’s uncle hears that and starts yelling that Viren is so rich and Sethia as broken and into financial crisis and are about to come on road when Viren gave Diwakar 25 crores dowry and saved him. Aryan’s uncle angrily calls Diwakar and asks what is this old man saying. Drama continues. Viren’s uncle says he is telling truth and shows cheque book slip as proof. He continues Diwakar next that he good 25 crores dowry and is showing his lavishness. Sethia family stands in a shock.

Precap: Aryan says Diwakar let us go home, this marriage will not happen now.

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