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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 25th August 2016 Written Update

Kusum asks Viren when will he fix Sakshi’s engagement. Aunt comes and says Diwakar did not even call once after coming from Jaipur. Viren says Diwakar is khandani and will not back, he wil go to his office and fix engagement. Rishi Patni comes with his parents. Viren greets them in. Patni asks Sachi’s hand for Rishi. Viren says Sachi’s alliance is already fixed with Aryan Sethia and engagement is on the way. Once they leave, aunt asks why did he reject their proposal, Diwakar did not even confirm about engagement. Viren says Diwakar is from big familly and will not back off from his promise, he will go and fix engagement today.

Aryan calls Saachi and insists to meet. She agrees and asks where to meet. He says Hawa mahal. Prabhath’s wife
tells daadi that Prabhath is acting weird, he insists children that he will take them for shopping and they can buy as many clothes they like. Daadi says when gets cunning, she has problem and when he is leniant, even now she is having problem. Aryan comes and informs that he is going out to meet her friend. Daadi asks his alliance is fixed with Saachi, then whom he is meeting now. Priyanka says Saaachi itself. Aryan nods yes. Priyanka asks Daadi if she meet dada before marriage. Daadi says once when she was drying her hair onterrace, daada waved hands from his terrace. They all laugh.

Saachi informs her family that she is going to meet Aryan. Aunty says no. Mom and dad say she should. Aunt says before marriage she should be careful, what if marriage does not happen. Viren says she should listen to her heart.

Mansoor brings gathe ka pulao for his lunch and silently opens box. Diwakar smells pulao and snatches box. They both fight for box when Viren enters and says he came to fix Saachi and Aryan’s engagement, but situation is different here, says he saw Mansoor wih Sethia family before, who is he. Mansoor says he is Diwakar’s driver. Diwakar says driver by profession but is family member and is childhood friend. Viren says then he is even his friend and shakes hand. He also smells gahte ka pulao and snatches box. All 3 enjoy together.

Saachi tells Tanu she cannot meet Aryan without elder’s permission. Tanu makes sari rope and says she should escape via this. Aryan calls and Saachi says she cannot meet him before marriage. Tanu takes phone and says didi wants to meet, but with parent’s permission. He says even he is eager to meet her. Tanu says she will do something and plan to meet at exhibition.

Precap: Saachi and Aryan meet at exhibition. Aryan asks with whom she wanted to elope. She says she did not find anyone yet. He asks what about now. She shies.

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