Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th October 2016 Written Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka Watch Online

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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th October 2016 Written Update

Piya and Tanu see Saachi busy messaging Aryan and suggests her to go and speak directly. Sushanth and Priyanka also sugggest Aryan same. Aunt looks at Neelima laughing with guests and yells in front of Chandra and Kusum that Neelima is very arrogant and taunted her. Kusum says she did not. Aunt says she is very innocent and asks Chandra if Neelima insuled her or not. Chandra nods yes.

Saachi and Aryan are made to sit on a special couple chair. Aryan asks him to tell he is handsome. She says she already told. Engagement rituals start. Rajasthani style usual Barjatya film song..starts in the background. Saachi’s family peforms Aryan’s ritual and and gives him gifts. Aryan family then performs Saachi’s rituals and each family gives gift. Aunt gets greedy seeing so many gifts and goes on stage to check. Saachi and Aryan look at each other. Aunt shows uncle and says Saachi got such a beautiful sari as gift. Uncle says some designer must have desined it. Neelima says they have prepared golden thread bridal dress for Saachi. Uncle and aunt’s eyes widen in greed. Purshotam tries to stop Neelima’s boasting and says let us finish ring exchange ritual. Diwakar says calm down. Saachi and Aryan exchange rings and everyone clap.

Viren’s uncle praises Diwakar that his arrangements are really lavish like a royal wedding. Purshotam starts praising Diwakar and says when Priyanka’s barat came, whole city praised that this kind of marriage never happened in their city, even Aryan’s marriage will be very lavish. Uncle says yes, even he will watch and will go and boast in front of his city people.

Saachi and Aryan’s photo session starts. Sushanth and Priyanka try to teach them how to pose. Sushanth drops Priyanka and she leaves scolding him. Aryan asks Saachi why she is shy. She says no. He lifts her. Photographer clicks pics.

Post engagement, sangeet function starts. Sushanth and Priyanka host the venue and asks guests to enjoy sangeet function. Nishanth and Tanu mimic as Aryan and Saachi and depict their first meeting as very innocent sanskari. Saachi and Aryan reminisce their first meeting and get nervous. A rajasthani style very beautiful usual Barjatya movie style song…starts…Saachi and Aryan start dancing and depicting each family member’s qualities. They then depict about their romantc meeting, Saachi getting angry and Aryan consoling her. Priyanka and Piya dance next followed by Kusum and Sarita, then Chandra, then Nikki and Tanu’s dance, then Neelima and Viren’s aunt performance. Viren’s emotional performance starts next and he requests Sethia family that he is giving part of his heart and they should protect it. Sushanth sings that he is getting a daughter and is very happy and giving his son in return. Saachi and Aryan touch their feet and take their blessings. Whole family join next and everyone dance. A beautiful depiction of rich royal Indian wedding in usual Barjatyya style.

Precap: Neelima sends Saachi’s bridal dress via Mansoor to Saachi’s house. Guest checks dupatta and says it has 50% gold and 50% fake.

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