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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 12th October 2016 Written Update

Viren’s uncle asks him whom did he give 25 crores cheque. Viren silently slips off in lieu of attending guests. In Saachi’s room, Tanu and Saachi check dresses. Tanu says uncle and aunt look very greedy about money. Saachi says she cannot talk like this about elders. Tanu sees DJ Keshav’s concert tickets. At Aryan’s house, Aryan holds concert ticket. Priyanka and sushanth joke that they will go to concert now. Aryan takes back tickets and says if he cannot go, they calso cannot go. They both laugh. Sarita cals and they both walk to attend guests.

At Saachi’s house, event manager that mehandi designer did not come yet to draw mehandi on Saachi’s hands. Family asks her to do something. Someone says Aryan’s family got 2 mehandi designers. Aunt yells why they need 2 designers when girl needs designer most and asks to call one designer here. Phone rings. Kusum picks phone. Sarita asks if mehandi functino is going well. Kusum says mehandi designer did not come yet. Sarita says she has 2 and send one there. Kusum thanks her. Sarita asks Nishant to drop mehandi designer to Saacchi’s house.

Nishanth brings mehandi designer to Saachi’s house. Kusum and Chandra receive him and he touches their feet and take their blessings. Uncle and aunt see him and ask maid who is he. She says he is Aryan’s brother. They ask own brother. She says cousin. Nishanth walks towards Saachi’s room. Aunt stops him and yells how dare he is to walk towards bride’s room. He says he is going to meet bhabhi. They yell he is cousin and not real brother and has to be in limits, yell that his parents did not teach him sanskar and say bride’s room has laks of jewelry and they have to be careful. Kusum tries to console Nishanth, but he leaves.

At Aryan’s house, Purshotam asks Priyanka why sethu/Diwakar is looking tensed. She says work tension. He says he knows his friend since childhood. Diwakar comes and starts provoking him to have walk with him. Their nok jhok continues. Nishanth walks in. Priyanka asks what happened. He says nothing and walks into his room. Neeti sees him tensed and asks what happened. He tells how he was insulted in Saachi’s house by Viren’s uncle and aunt and how they badmouthed about their parents. Neeti says let us inform Aryan bhaisa. Nishanth says let us not spoil Aryan bhaisa’s mood. Neelima hears their conversation and fumes.

Saachi feels sad for Nishath. Chandra says she should not feel bad as uncle and aunt are old fashioned and their thinking is old, even Nishanth misbehaved with them. Saachi says even she would have confronted if her parents were badmouthed, uncle and aunt did wrong, what Aryan’s family must be thinking. At Aryan’s house, Neelima fumes infront of Prabhath that Saachi’s family insulted her son and always distinguished them. They did really wrong and she will not forgive them.

Precap: Vaibhav tells family that he searched kachrota in whole home and it is missing. Aunt says mehandi designer stole it and asks to call Sachi’s in-laws and inform what their mehandi designer did.

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