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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 9th May 2016 Written Update

Shravan wonders where it went. She tells him to relax. You will find it. He says I have a 6m flight. She suggests maybe there is something which does not want him to go. You sprained your leg and now this. You might be able to sort out your differences with Chachi if you stay here. He explains that he has to go sooner or later. It isn’t because of Chachi. He gets call from his agent again. I will send the copy soon. Sumo walks up to the cupboard. Shravan’s phone’s battery is dead. Sumo gives him the passport. It was in the drawer only. He says you just checked there. She nods. it might have hidden at some corner. Why will I lie? He asks her to pack his stuff. I will email my passport till then.

Shravan says sorry to Sumo for making her do the boring work like packing. She thinks to make it interesting. We will ask 3 questions to each other and have to answer it honestly. Why did you slap Verma? He says it is boring but she insists to know. He finally ends up saying that Verma was speaking badly about her. She is surprised. Is this why you came at 2:30 am at my house? You could have told it clearly. It is his turn now. Why did you delete that message? She shares how she sent a heart in the message by mistake. He smiles. Is this why you created so much fuss and offered to pit my phone in water if I don’t give you my password? You could have messaged saying that you sent it by mistake. Mad girl! She picks up one bag. What’s in it? He tells her to give it back. She says it is game’s rules. He tells her to go ahead and check it. It contains briefs. He tells her to go ahead and see. There are many colours. She drops it feeling shy.

This time he asks her if she hid the passport intentionally. She nods. He says I knew it (tum aur koi kaand na karo aisa ho hi nahi sakta). She says sorry to him. I wanted to stop you from going. He asks for kulfi that she has brought. They sit down to eat kulfi. There is only one left in the end. She asks for it. Meri hai! He asks her why. Shaadi me aayi ho? Meri hai? She argues with him. You had 6 already. He also knows she had 8. Prita calls Sumo who goes aside to attend it. Sumo tells Shravan not to eat the last one. She finds one shirt fallen nearby. She picks it up when the red book falls down. She finds the letter (written by Shravan in school time) in it. I have decided to tell you everything today. I refused to go to London for the last two years even when papa asked me to. I have decided to take admission in the same college like you. I only want to be with you always. Is this love?

Shravan calls out for Sumo. Where are you? She goes inside washroom and re-reads the letter. She recalls how he told her about the important message that he kept in library for her during school time and how worried he was as she dint check it on Friday. He wanted to give me this letter and I was a fool. She realises how rude she was to him. His family broke apart and I, who was more than a friend to him, dint hear him. Your anger is justified Shravan. She is in tears. I made a very big mistake. She hugs the letter. Shravan asks Sumo if everything is fine. She keeps the letter back in the book and wipes her tears. He loved me 10 years ago only or he loves me today too?

Shravan shouts Sumo. I am getting bored here. Sumo joins Shravan. He finishes the last kulfi while teasing her. She is still thinking about the letter. Shravan asks her why she so quiet is. Sumo asks Shravan if he has ever loved someone. This is my third and final question. He refuses to play it but she says you will have to answer. You have to answer it honestly. He looks in her eyes and says yes. She asks him about the person. He says I wont tell. Please don’t even ask. She again demands to know but he points out that he already answered the question. She wishes to know if things moved ahead. He denies. It was only one sided. She had no interest in me. it is ok. The one we love does not necessarily love us back. She says you could have told her. He says I dint get time. She advises him to try now. Maybe you get that love now. He shakes his head. I have moved. She tries to speak on the topic but he changes the topic. She holds his hand. She begins to say something when Kamini enters. She is taken aback to see them holding hands. Shravan says you came back early from wedding. She agrees. But now I think we came early. I kept thinking about Shravan all the time. You were hurt. How must you be managing alone but you have the perfect company! Your sprain is fine too. Shravan says I called her to help me in packing. Lala ji speaks positively about it. Everyone else comes too.

Kamini asks Sumo if she informed at home. They know you are here with Shravan? Sumo nods. She then excuses herself. She tells Shravan to take care. Put crepe bandage. Kamini asks her what more (in a taunting manner) but Lala ji stops her. Everyone goes to freshen up. Sumo asks Shravan how she will go to airport. Kamini says we are here now. You might not know that Shravan does not like anyone dropping him to airport. Sumo looks sadly at Shravan who nods at her (signalling her indirectly to understand because of Kamini). Sumo goes out. Kamini goes to do the last minute packing for Shravan as he will leave soon.

Shravan and Sumo look at each other from the window. Sad song plays. All the happy sad moments flash before their eyes. Sumo thinks of the third question as she drives. She comes home but is very much lost. She cries in her room.

Precap: Sumo thinks I should have told him everything. I should have told him that he loved me yesterday and I love him today. This relation should get another chance. Door bell rings. Sumo opens the door and looks at the person.

Written Update by Pooja

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