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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 8th June 2016 Written Update

Shravan is talking to his friends. One friend asks him if Sumo is coming as well. He says how I would know. They talk about their patch up after the party. Everyone asks about Sumo from Shravan which makes him uncomfortable. He excuses himself. Shravan thinks Sumo kahan hai! Am I her manager? Someone greets Sumo just then. Shravan turns to look at her. Anjali meets Sumo who assures her she will set everything right in half an hour. Just tell me where kitchen is. Sumo notices Shravan looking at her. He looks away after a while. Prita takes Sumo with her. Shravan turns but Sumo is gone by then from there. He looks around startled but then composes himself.

Sumo manages kitchen work. Prita apologizes to her for calling her in the party. It is entirely my fault. Sumo says it happens. Start working now as it will help.

Anjali’s boss comes to the party as well. She introduces him to her boss. He recognizes him to be Ramnath’s son. He sighs. Anjali asks him what happened but he dismisses it. Anjali’s boss compliments Anjali on having such friends. Shravan tries to excuse himself but Anjali’s boss says let us sit and talk. I have to discuss about my case. Anjali silently requests him so he agrees. Shravan and Anjali’s boss sit down to talk.

Sumo can see Shravan from where she is working but she looks away. Everything has been handled. Anjali thanks her for saving her. Sumo says I should leave now. Anjali does not allow her to leave. You will come with me in the party.

Shravan thinks of Sumo while he is talking to Anjali’s boss. He asks about what should be done but Shravan suggests him to take his number from Anjali. We will discuss it later. I have to go now. He walks away.

Sumo tries to escape but Anjali insists upon her to stay back. Sumo manages to free herself. She turns and collides with Shravan. She gets hurt on her nose. Shravan gets concerned for her. Anjali tends to Sumo’s wound. She teases him. Aisa bhi kya gussa tha ki Sumo ki naak his tod di? Everyone smiles. People compliment them and talk about them continuously. Shravan says it isn’t like you are thinking. Anjali says we don’t believe you. She makes him sit down next to Sumo. Enjoy the party. Everyone is dancing except Sumo and Shravan. Shravan relaxes on the sofa by placing his hand on the backside of the area of sofa where Sumo is sitting. She notices it. He understands it as well and is taking his hand off when it gets stuck in her hair. They look at each other but then he looks away. Sumo does the same. Anjali comes just then. She takes them to the dance floor.

Sumo and Shravan don’t even so much as look at each other. Sumo feels bad. Why did you tell Tina I don’t live in Delhi? I understood that you wan tot stay away from me. I dint know that you dint even wish to know I stay here. Why did you lie? He blames her for lying about the party. She says I dint lie. I don’t need your permission to come or go anywhere. It was an emergency. He smiles sarcastically. Why does it not happen with anyone else? It’s all a drama! Someone pushes her while dancing. She falls over Shravan. Her locket gets stuck in his coat. They share an eye lock. He tries to free his coat. She asks him if he is in a rush. He nods. She ends up getting hurt in the process. He feels bad but then walks away.

Sumo follows Shravan to the terrace. What is your problem? You talk or speak whenever you wish to. Why did you behave like this? What did I do? He refuses to talk to her but she insists. I may not have much right but I can do this much. What happens to you at times? Who are you running from? He denies. I am scared of the worl as I know the truth of the world. She knows the truth and tells him. You are running away from yourself. You are punishing yourself for your past! When will you stop? Why don’t you value anyone’s friendship or togetherness? He replies that his mother left him. She says you cannot see everyone the same way. Try trusting people. He refuses to do so. When Ma can leave me then how will someone else not do the same? This is the truth. She reasons that his truth can be different but he does not want to believe it. I don’t want my trust to be broken again. She says you actually don’t know how to trust anyone. He nods. You also broke my trust 10 years ago. What now? She says I apologized to you so many times for it. You are still upset about it? I don’t know what to do. What should someone do to win Shravan Malhotra’s trust? Should someone give you his or heart or die for it? He replies that no one dies for anyone. He looks away. He turns and is shocked to see her standing at the railing. Sumo looks at Shravan. See for yourself. He pulls her down and hugs her.

Sumo and Shravan share an eye lock. Are you mad? What if you had fallen? She knows he would have not let her fall. It is my trust. He recalls how he had promised her of the same in childhood. She asks him why he cannot trust her if she can trust him. He lets go of her. Are you mad? What if you had fallen down? You think something will change by this? Plus you thought I will start trusting you by doing this? She says maybe but he tells her against it. Don’t do something like this ever again. It wont affect me in any way. She eyes him sadly but he leaves from there.

Sumo’s words echo in Shravan’s head as he drives. A smile curves on his face.

Sumo comes to her room. She looks at NIrmala who is sleeping peacefully.

Shravan is sitting on his car’s bonnet at some isolated place. Jis ladki se mujhe pyaar hai wo mere bharose ke liye aaj apni jaan dene ko bhi taiyaar hai? Isse bada saboot kya ho sakta hai ki Sumo mujhe kabhi dhoka nahi degi! Mujhe aaj fir se pyaar ho gaya hai Sumo…tum se. (The girl who I love is ready to give her life for me today so I trust her? What can be a bigger proof than this that she will never break my trust! Sumo I love you, once again!)

Sumo thinks Shravan’s hatred and bitterness will go away only when you will meet your mother and get to know her truth; when you will realise that Ram Uncle told you a fake story.

Shravan looks at the letter. This has waited for too long but it is time.

Sumo promises herself to fill Shravan’s wound now.

Shravan makes up his mind to confess his feelings before Sumo.

Precap: Shravan comes to Tiwari House. Sumo gets Nirmala ji ready. Shravan and Nirmala come face to face. Ramnath comes there just then and shouts Shravan. (The same promo scene).

Written Update by Pooja

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