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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 8th July 2016 Written Update

Epi begins with Ramnath saying this is a blank cheque for you. add whatever amount you wish to and gear up for the wedding. After all, you are Tiwari ji’s granddaughter. Honestly, take this money and forget Shravan. She looks at the cheque and then at him. I know you both cannot stay together. You are an independent girl. Work is important to you over everything else. It is good but Shravan isn’t like that. He is my shadow. He is life me. If he gets stubborn then he wont listen to anyone. Even God cannot change his decision if he takes one. Marriage is about understanding, balance; woman stays at home while the man works. If both are ambitious and working then it gets really difficult for such marriage to work out. I am telling it from my own experience. I too married such a girl. You know the outcome of it. As a father, I don’t want my son to go through the same pain that I went through. I fold my hands to request you. Go away from my son’s life. You can take this blank cheque in exchange. I promise you I will find a good guy for you to marry. She looks at him pointedly. He begins to go when she says but. He says hope you know Pushkar and Preeti cannot marry without my permission. Think through before saying anything. Mami offers him water. Are you done? Ramnath nods. it was about business. Your niece is really smart. mami says I will get tea but he says now we will come for the wedding directly. You don’t have to worry now. Everything is fine. He takes their leave.

Mami asks Sumo if Ramnath ji said something about money. He spoke so certainly about the wedding. I am sure he will help us. He respects Babu ji a lot. I am sure now that Preeti will be married off nicely. This is why he said everything will be fine. Sumo repeats it after her sadly. Mami praises Ramnath. He isn’t a human but God. I feel so light finally.

Shravan is in the cafe.

Mami ji is excited about making preps for the wedding. Sumo does not pick Shravan’s call. She thinks of Ramnath’s words and hides her pain from Mami. Mami goes to check on something. Shravan is calling Sumo again. He finds it strange that she is neither replying to his message nor picking his calls. He still calls her again. She sits down sadly. She finally disconnects the call. Sad title track plays. She thinks of all the moments spent with Shravan. Tears stream down her cheeks as she thinks of the message that Shravan had sent to her and of Ramnath’s words.

Shravan continues to wait for Sumo. Flashes of the recent incident (after Sumo’s accident) come in his mind. He smiles thinking about it (their union and her forgiving him in the end on the coffee date).

Kamini paces worriedly. I sent such a big list to Tiwari’s upon your askance. I will be stuck if they miss out on anything because of lack of money. He says it wont happen. She still has her doubts. He says it will only end up getting Pushkar and Preeti married. She is a good and simple girl. she will respect you and will be in your control. She tries to say something but he speaks well of Preeti. there cannot be a better girl than Preeti for Pushkar. I will make sure your demands are met. She says you were upset when it came to making Sumo your DIL but you want me to accept Preeti. He reasons that Sumo and Preeti are very different. Trust me. Everything will be fine.

Mami advises Preeti to be good to her in-laws. It is a very rich family. Make sure you don’t give them any reason to complain. Sumo sits with them. Preeti gets Pushkar’s call. Mami smiles seeing it. Take it but don’t say something wrong. Everything will be fine. Sumo and Ramnath ji will handle everything. Preeti thanks Sumo. She goes aside to attend the call.

Shravan thinks I will see how late she comes. I am anyways used to wait for you. (aane do jitna late aayegi, main bhi dekhta hu. Waise bhi tumhara intezar karne ki aadat pad gayi hai)

On phone, Preeti is excitedly speaking to Pushkar about the lehenga which she wants to wear in her wedding. Sumo hears her too. She tearfully looks at Shravan’s message and then at the cheque. She once again gets Shravan’s call. She thinks I don’t know what you want to say. Maybe you want to continue with our friendship forgetting what happened in the past. I feel more than that for you. I love you. I cannot talk to you today. if I come to meet you today then I wont be able to stop myself. (mujhe nahi pata tum mujhse kya baat karna chahte ho. Shayad tum purani sab baton to bhula ke humari dosti wapas continue karna chahte ho par main tumhe sirf ek dost nahi samajhti. Main tumse pyaar karti hun. Main tumse nahi mil sakti. Agar main aaj tumse mili to main khud ko rok nahi paungi).

It is 11 pm. A guy walks up to Shravan saying it is time to close the cafe. Late night customers are waiting for girls only. She dint come till now. Why will she come now? You cannot trust these selfish girls. Smile disappears from Shravan’s face. Sumo out of it!

Sumo again gets Shravan’s call. This time she picks it. Shravan says I sent you so many messages. Why dint you reply? She lies that she dint check carefully. So many messages are coming because of the wedding. I might have missed it. He says how it can be missed. Come now, I am waiting for you.
She denies. I cannot come at this hour like that. Did you ask me before coming that you are waiting there? He says yes. I felt that way. She says she cannot come. He replies that it is ok. DO your important work. She agrees. Shravan leaves.

Shravan comes home. Ramnath asks him where he was. He goes quiet hearing that he went to meet someone. Ramnath asks her if she came. Shravan shakes his head. Ramnath makes him sit down. I expected this only from you Suman Tiwari!

Precap: Secretary tells Ramnath that Sumo is here to meet him. Ramnath meets her. She says I thought about what you said. I have come to a conclusion.

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