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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 7th July 2016 Written Update

Malhotra family is at Tiwari house. Kamini dons the chunri over Preeti’s head. She says sorry to Mami ji for being rude before. Mami ji says it is ok. All is good that ends well. Why take such things to heart? We are happy in kids’ happiness. Lala ji asks for sweets. Sumo goes to get laddoos for everyone. She was about to collide with Shravan on her but he stops in time. She gives laddoos to everyone.

Kamini says I always wanted Pushkar’s wedding to be destination wedding either in Jaipur or Goa. Tiwari Family is taken by surprise. Kamini says Pushkar is the youngest kid. I have told all my friends in club the same. they will make fun of us if it does not happen. Don’t take tension. We know it isn’t possible for you as the expense will be big. We will manage the expenses.
Don’t say no. Ramnath smirks. Shravan feels bad. Kamini folds hands before everyone so as to request them as Pushkar’s mother. No one says anything. Nanu says we are from the bride’s side. we will bear all the expenses. You only tell us the location. Everything will be done. Kamini repeats the choices and ends up choosing Goa. Kamini says now everything is sorted. Let us get a mahurat now. I will send the guest list and of the gift items soon to Manju ji. Congratulations! Tiwari family is tensed.

At night, Ramnath is surprised to see Shravan in his room. Shravan thanks his papa for making Chachi agree for Preeti-Pushkar’s alliance. Ramnath nods. Shravan turns to go when Ramnath stops him. I know what you want to ask but I need a little more time. Shravan nods and then bids him goodnight.

Rachna roughly estimates that it will take approx a crore or more for the destination wedding. Mami worries about the expenses. Mami ji is upset. We should cancel this alliance and return the shagun. Sumo says we can atleast try. Mami insists that it will not do them any good. I will tell Babu ji. Sumo tells her against it but Mami says he will have to bear the pain that he is supposed to.

Ramnath brings morning tea for Shravan and wakes him up. The father-son duo sit down to talk. Shravan understands that he wants to say something. Ramnath nods. I don’t know where to start from. Shravan has never seen him this tensed even for a case. Ramnath says life and cases are different. Till date, I did everything for your happiness. There was a reason behind it all – to keep you happy. Shravan replies that he knows it already. Ramnath adds that he would already know that he too has respected his every decision like you have respected mine. What if I say I am not with your decision about Sumo? Shravan gets sad. I will listen to you today too. I will forget her. Ramnath asks him if he will be happy afterwards. Shravan stays quiet. I don’t know what I will do but you are my priority. Ramnath says I am your father. it seems like life is repeating what I was trying to forget. That girl isn’t right for you. I am not saying it as I am upset or angry. I have thought well about it. I had told you once I see Nirmala in her (stubborn, independent). You are my reflection. You have seen what I got in return. Sumo loves her work more as she is ambitious. Such people can leave anyone anytime just like your mother did. Try to understand my point. I don’t want you to go through the same pain that I went through. Shravan says I not just know her but understand her too. I agree she is independent and a little stubborn but she isn’t like you think her to be. It is true that she loves her work but she loves her family equally. I am not saying it just for the sake of it. I have seen it, read it on her face. She isn’t like Nirmala Ahuja. This is my promise. Trust me please. Ramnath says I trust you more than myself. You are a big man now, a really successful lawyer. How can I question you or your judgement then? You want permission. Ok, I allow you. Tell Sumo what you feel for her. Tell her you love her. nothing matters to me more than your happiness. Shravan hugs him as he says thanks. Ramnath thinks he tried his best but he isn’t seeing his helplessness or fear. You have forced me to do now what I dint want to do!

Sumo gives a list of hotels to Mami ji. We might get a good discount in one of these. Mami is still tensed. Sumo assures her everything will happen. Everyone’s savings and my advance will make up for it. Mami ji is completely negative. I have calculated everything already. It wont be possible. She goes out. Ramnath greets her. I wanted to meet Sumo regarding some work. Is she at home? mami ji nods. Is everything alright? Ramnath nods. he goes inside.

Shravan gets ready. He types a message for Sumo. You told me what was in your heart that day. I feel like talking my heart out to you today. Coffee? Sumo reads Shravan’s message. What does he want to say? Right then Ramnath knocks at the door. She is surprised to see him there. He says I wanted to talk to you about something personally so I came here.

Shravan thinks she is online and has read the message. Why isn’t she replying? He writes another message. I will wait for you in the same coffee shop. See you! Sumo peeks at her phone while Ramnath writes a cheque for her. I owe my everything to Tiwari ji. he supported me when everyone kicked me away. if it wasn’t for him then I would have been nothing. Yesterday he took all the responsibility of wedding on him. he is right as it is the wedding of his granddaughter. I cannot see him in trouble so I came to help. He wont take money from me so I have come to you. this is a blank cheque for you. add whatever amount you wish to and gear up for the wedding. Sumo tries to say something but Ramnath insists. Tiwari ji is my Guru. One more thing, take it as a request and pain of a father. I know that your relation is more than friendship with Shravan. I know you like him. She tries to say something but he does not let her. I know it, but I don’t like you. She looks down. He says don’t get me wrong. After all, you are Tiwari ji’s granddaughter. God forbid if you get stuck in some problem tomorrow then I will help you first of all but I cannot see you as my DIL. Honestly, take this money and forget Shravan. She looks at the cheque and then at him.

Precap: Mami asks Sumo if Ramnath ji said something about money. I am sure he will help us. Sumo thinks everything will be fine now. Shravan is in the cafe. He keeps trying Sumo’s number but she isn’t picking up. Sumo cries looking at the cheque in her hand.

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