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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Nana ji asks for masala tea. Shravan goes to meet him. Sumo scolds Dabbu. It would have been better if your teacher had kept you in the school for a little longer.

Nana ji calls out for Sumo. Who has come? SHravan enters in his room. Nana ji asks him his name. Shravan tells him his name. Nana ji remarks that no one listens to him in the house. You should go if you have come to apologize. Shravan sits down next to him. I did not come to apologize. Some people are misunderstanding that I will lose out to you. I have only come to clear it. Nana ji asks Sumo to clean the chess board and keep it on the table. He has come to make me lose! Sumo does as told. Nana ji calls it Shravan’s over confidence. Shravan calls it confidence. He very well remembers it that he was playing from the black side. Sumo removes one pawn from the game. Nana ji asks Shravan if he remembers whose move it was. Do you recall everything that happened 10 years ago or forgot it? Shravan says I remember everything that happened ten years ago. Sumo looks tense. Nana ji keeps a condition before Shravan. You will have to come here to meet me every day if you lose today. Shravan is sure it wont happen. He still accepts the condition.

Vandy tells her MIL that Shravan lied on the dining table. I heard him talking to someone on phone. He is indeed leaving for London in a week. Her MIL tells her against telling anyone. they might stop Shravan. He will not be able to do what he wants to. Let him stay here for only as long as he wants to. He does not want to stay here. Vandy agrees.

Nana ji does check mate. He is glad to make Shravan lose. You came here to clear the misunderstanding of people! Is your misunderstanding clear now? Don’t forget it that you have to come here for the next 10 days daily to meet me. You lost! Shravan does not mind losing out to him as it made him happy. I should leave now. Nana ji asks him to eat food. Sumo cooked it all especially for you. Sumo lies that Shravan ate food. Nana ji asks Shravan about the food. Shravan lies that he liked it. He has not met Mami ji or Rachna. He agrees to meet them tomorrow. Nana ji tells Sumo to drop him till the car. The light outside is not functioning properly. Take torch with you. Shravan says I will go but Nana ji insists. It is slippery outside. They both go out together reluctantly.

It is cold outside. Sumo regrets not taking her jacket. She goes out with Shravan. She mentally warns herself not to fall again, especially not before Shravan! An awkward silence accompanies them. She was about to slip but holds herself in time. Shravan pays no heed to it. Shravan is about to sit in the car when she calls out for him. She says sorry to him. He asks her the reason behind it. She says what I did with you when you were in school. I did not behave nicely. He acts to forget it. What happened? She fumbles saying it. He tells her that it happened 10 years ago. Did you have nothing else to think about in all this time? I have moved on and so should you! She says you are right. I also don’t remember it correctly. I thought to say sorry to you when I say you. It wasn’t a big issue anyways! He sits in the car. Right, it wasn’t a big thing! She too repeats his words to herself. I will tell you what moving on means!

Nana ji asks Sumo how she got so late. What were you friends talking about? She says I wasn’t talking to him but preparing milk for you. He is not a kid. He has grown up a little too much. Nana ji says he is still the same Shravan for me. you both used to make so much menace together. She advises him not to mistake this SHravan with that Shravan. He has moved on and so should you. It is quite late. You should sleep now.

Sumo looks at the rubik cube on the table. Shravan’s words echo in her head. she messes it up badly.

Shravan too is thinking of what Sumo said.

Sumo comes online but decides not to even look at Shravan’s photo. She closes her laptop upset.

Shravan stands next to his bookshelf. He thinks of the school time when Sumo used to ignore him in school before her friends as she had an image to maintain (flashback is shown). He later asks her what if he has to say something important to her some day. You don’t even look at me in school. She is sure he is intelligent enough to find some way to communicate to her. Shravan writes down a note for her. I have postponed the decision of going to London for 2 years already. I have told papa I want to study in the same place where you will be. I just want to be with you for forever. I don’t know if this is love. Do you also feel this way? He keeps the note in a book and keeps it differently in the library. Sumo and her friends are laughing over something. Shravan sees them. He pretends to tie down his laces before her. She gets his cue. She intentionally drops her kerchief next to him. He tells her that he kept a special message for her in library. Later, Shravan asks Sumo if she read his message. She asks him how he wrote it. He says he felt it so wrote it. I am sorry. She laughs. I forgot to go in library. I will read it on Monday as the school is closed for weekend. He is worried that someone might read it. She is sure no one will. Flashback ends.

Shravan picks out the oddly kept diary from his shelf. He finds Sumo’s note in it – I am really sorry! Your one word cannot fill my wound. You have no control over your anger. You are nothing to me now! He tears it up angrily.

Precap: Sumo collects some things (of Shravan and her) from her room in a carton. He told me to move on! I have wasted enough time on all this till now but not anymore! Shravan shares with Pushkar that he will leave for London next week. He shows him his ticket.

Written Update By Pooja


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