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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 6th July 2016 Written Update

Nanu calls Ramnath. I wanted to meet you today. Ramnath asks him if everything is ok. Nanu says yes. we want to meet you and your entire family in the evening. Ramnath agrees. What happened though? Nanu agrees to tell when they will meet. Ramnath says this is your house only. Come anytime. They end the call. Kamini asks Ramnath if everything is ok. Ramnath shares that Tiwari ji is coming over in the family with his entire family. they both wonder what the matter could be. Kamini says one does so when you go to someone’s house asking for an alliance. Is it that Tiwari ji is coming to speak about Sumo and Shravan? I was telling you you should have said no to Shravan directly but you dint hear me. Shravan spoke there directly. Ramnath is sure Shravan cannot do it. Kamini hints that Sumo can do it.

Shravan is in office. Pushkar comes in just then. he begins to talk when Shravan tells him to keep standing there. What did you do with Preeti! I had to hear so much from everyone there. Everyone insulted me. you did not think of since when we share relations with them! You embarrassed us before them. Pushkar tries to explina but Shravan says what is to happen will happen. You and Preeti will get married. Pushkar is pleasantly surprised. Shravan repeats it for him. They are coming in evening to talk about the alliance. Pushkar sits down in relief but then panics the very next second. I am eloping. I cannot face them especially Manju aunty. Shravan tells him to sit. Do you love Preeti? Pushkar nods. Shravan says lovers don’t run away. I am with you, relax. Pushkar drinks water.

Kamini is making food in the kitchen to welcome Tiwari family. she tells servants to hurry up. They are coming with a marriage proposal from Shravan. Cook fast. They are amused. Vandy says your idea worked mummy ji. Kamini says my ideas create blasts and ask for celebration. Both the ladies smile.

Tiwari family comes to Malhotra House. Both the families sit down together. nanu asks for Shravan and Pushkar who come in just then. Pushkar looks down. Shravan makes him sit down next to Lala ji. Ramnath asks Nanu how come he came today. Mami says the kids of these days do what they like. Kamini agrees. Mami adds that they share a very old relation. Just like Babu ji and Ramnath ji are friends, the kids are also friends. We have come to know that the relation between kids has gone ahead than friendship. They love each other and wish to marry. Smartness lies in the fact that we should agree to it as well. We came to talk about Pushkar and Preeti. Everyone is taken aback. Pushkar smiles broadly. Smile disappears from Kamini’s face. I thought you (Manju ji) are the smartest person after Tiwari ji in your family but you proved me wrong. The kids have acted foolishly and you are adding fuel to the fire. I am not like that. I think it is madness. I will not agree to it ever. Lala ji tries to say something but she does not let him. How did you think you will come to our house like this, will say this and we will agree? Mami says Pushkar loves Preeti. Kamini does not even let her complete. Aren’t you embarrassed talking like this? They are kids. It happens. You should have thought about your status and our standard before bringing your daughter’s alliance for our son. Relations are made in people who are equal in standards. It is right. You are saying anything. Kamini cuts Pushkar in between. Shravan also fails in saying anything. Kamini says Ramnath makes all the decisions about my son. Give me this much right that I can marry off my son as per my wish! She walks away in a huff. Lala ji goes after her. ramnath tells Tiwari ji he will speak to Kamini. Nanu denies. it is our mistake. We should have thought about our status before coming here. Ramnath says don’t say so please. Tiwari ji leaves with his family. Shravan sees them off. He nods at Sumo (hopefully) before she sits down in the car. He opens the car door for her and keeps his hand over hers. She smiles for his sake and then drives away.

Ramnath remarks that the wound heals when it is given by a sword but words don’t cover up ever. You shouldn’t have insulted them like this. Kamini angrily says I dint insult them till now. I respected your relation with Tiwari ji or I would have shown them their status today. tiwari’s have put their daughters after our sons. Who are they? What is their status! He gives her water. You will have to apologize to them today itself. I wont take it if Tiwari ji is insulted in this house. Do as I say. Your problems will go away then.

Mami ji asks everyone and Sumo if they are at peace now. You spoke in Pushkar’s favour. You said he is serious but he couldn’t say anything before his mother. She is deeply hurt by Kamini’s words. Who talks to guests like that! They have forgotten that their kids have grown up in this house only. They are showing us our status today? They could have politely said no. we weren’t forcing them for anything. I swear I knew it beforehand and I was right. Rachna tells her to calm down. Preeti will get a better match than Pushkar. Preeti hears them. Mami scolds her. Are you happy now that we have been insulted because of you? Go inside. Sumo feels bad.

Sumo is with Preeti who is crying. I made a very big mistake. Mummy said everything to me back then only. I shouldn’t have spoken to Pushkar or loved him. Sumo says love just happens. It is not in your hands. Don’t think like that. Pushkar is a very good guy. Ramnath uncle has said that. Preeti is sure Kamini aunty will never agree. She cries.

All the men of Malhotra Family are gathered. Lala ji says I am embarrassed at the incident. I apologize on behalf of Kamini. Pushkar would have never imagined it in his dreams that his mother will create such a big drama before everyone. Personally, I have no objection to this relation. Shravan and Varun also say yes for the alliance. Kamini says I made a very big mistake.

Sumo gets a call from Shravan. He tells her to add less desi ghee. She is confused. he asks her if she isn’t making moong dal ka halwa as sweets. Girl’s family does so (jab rishta pakka hota hai to ladki ki family muh meetha karwati hai na). She says I cannot understand any of it. He shares that they are coming over. Sumo jumps ecstatically. Thank you so much Shravan. She tells it to Preeti as well who hugs her happily.

Precap: Malhotra family is at Tiwari house. Kamini says I always wanted Pushkar’s wedding to be destination wedding either in Jaipur or Goa. Later, Rachna roughly estimates that it will take approx a crore or more for the destination wedding. Mami worries about the expenses. Ramnath comes to meet Sumo. She is surprised to see him.

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