Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 5th August 2016 Written Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste written update

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 5th August 2016 Written Update

Sumo stops Shravan. I can understand Chachi’s concern but you could have made her understand. He says you are misunderstanding. She is only worried to see if things are up to her level or not because of the last time. Her doubts are clear now. Sumo says what kind of relations are these if you have to prove yourself time and again. He says you are taking things to different level. I only asked her to check the preps herself. Why are you making an issue of it? She says not me but you are making an issue of it by bringing Chachi here. Shravan says please don’t take me wrong. You may feel weird but even after your 100% things dint happen the way Chachi wanted. My saying anything wont change anything. She says it would. How can you do this? He replies that she never sees her mistakes. The person who goes against you becomes wrong. Kamini calls out for him so he leaves.

Nirmala ji tells Aditya to have biryani. It will be cold otherwise. He only hmms in reply. She asks him if he spoke to that girl. he denies. She says will you not tell me things now. He says I thought I like her, I am impressed with her for her good looks, her personality. I came to realise she is just perfect. I want a life partner who can appreciate my good qualities and also helps in making the bad good. You know I speak too much because of my childhood or start interfering in people’s lives. She made me understand it so nicely today. I wouldn’t have listened to it if it was someone else. She is perfect in every sense for me (family wise, independent). Nirmala ji appreciates his choice. You know you want a mature person who can balance your life. This is what it stands for. he nods. my life will be perfect if she comes in my life. There is a problem. She does not like it if I try to help her. I don’t even know if she likes me or not. His mother says there is no reason for her to not like you. you said she is mature. She would have realised your feelings for her by now. Give her some time. She will figure it out and come to you on her own. Don’t change yourself for anyone. just like you have accepted her for who she is, it is equally important for her to accept you the way you are. He says I love you to her. you both are so similar and sorted. Everything will be fine. he focuses on food now. You said you stay at your acquaintances when you come to Delhi. Why are you in Hotel this time? She replies that circumstances at times force you to do things the way you have never planned to. Delhi and I share a weird relation. He insists to know it but she assures him she will tell him later for sure.

Preeti says you must have felt bad. How can Shravan say this to you? He knows your responsibilities. Sumo says it isn’t like that. I will do anything for my family. Similarly, Shravan did everything for chachi. There isnothing wrong in it. Don’t think too much or you will get dark circles Pretty Preeti. Preeti agrees. Sumo thinks of her words to Ramnath. Don’t know why I feel somewhat scared today. I had faith that come what may you cannot go far from me. I feel for the first time in life that you are going away from me.

Mami ji and Mama ji discuss about a form. Mama ji is not convinced about the idea of leaving everyone behind. Is it important to go? Mami ji nods. I cannot think of staying away from my son anymore. It is important to be with him. He says I understand but think about Babu ji. He wont be able to manage things without us. I am his son. Mami ji reasons that she too does not want to stay away from her son. I asked Babu ji to come with us but he declined. Don’t think about all this. Do what Anuj has asked you to do.

Aditya speaks to Pushkar about his mother. She is like an angel. She clears all my doubts and sorts all my problems just like that. I am blessed to have her. she is my superwoman. Pushkar smiles. My mom too is a superwoman. She herself goes to deal with things. Shravan comes in. Aditya asks him to join them. We were speaking of our mothers. You too tell us something about your mother. Pushkar tries to divert the topic but Shravan tells him to let it be. Let me answer. He is asking about mother after all. Pushkar gets tensed. Shravan keeps his arm around Aditya. My mom was smart and intelligent. She decided what is right and wrong for her long time back. She separated herself from us as soon as she got a chance. she got a new family and dint even turn to look at us. Now that you know how great she is, tell me when to make you meet her. He gets up to go but then stops. He tells Aditya he tried asking this question today. don’t try again. Pushkar says you shouldn’t have asked this to Bhaiya. Aditya feels bad.

Nanu reads the horoscope. He shares the same zodiac sign with her. Nanu says it is written that there can be problems in future because of loved ones. We will have to make some decision unwillingly. It is right. Only loved ones can force us to change our decisions for better or worse. Sumo does not buy it but he reasons that their fates can land them in such situation for sure. She thinks of Shravan. Please don’t do something ever that will land me in a fix. Nanu notices her lost but she says nothing. It is time for you to rest. She leaves. He thinks his worries will come to an end when he will marry her off.

Ramnath is disturbed as Sumo’s words echo in his head. he thinks of seeing Sumo hugging Shravan that day and how he tried to brainwash Shravan in the past. I hope my son remembers everything that I have told him. Shravan comes there. Ramnath is surprised. You dint sleep? Shravan says the same for him. All well? Ramnath nods. I wasn’t sleepy. Shravan is still there and all quiet. Ramnath says can I ask something. Shravan sits down. Of course. Ramnath asks about that night. Why did you go to Tiwari House that night? Shravan says it wasn’t a big thing. why? Ramnath says its ok if you say so but hope you will think before taking any special decision. Don’t rush into anything. Shravan nods. I have taken your every word seriously till date. I will take this seriously too. He turns to go when Ramnath says I never lost in court because I believe it’s true. Remember this and you will never lose anywhere, neither in life nor in court. Shravan thanks him for the suggestion.

Nanu is in his room. Everyone is worried about everyone else. No one cares about this old man. Everyone is getting tea but not me. Rachna says I will just get it. Mami ji complains that Babu ji is acting like a kid. He should understand there are guests here. Rachna says it happens in this age. Postman gives some letter to Nanu. Nanu is shocked to read that Sameer (Mama ji) has got himself a job in abroad. He begins to breathe heavily and passes out. Everyone rushes to his side.

Precap: Shravan says you broke the relation of childhood in no second. She argues back. He angrily tells her to think and change for good or one day she will only be left with her ego. You will have no relation with anyone then. He walks out in a huff. She thinks she tries to come closer to him all the time but every time the distances keep increasing.

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