Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 4th October 2016 Written Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste written update

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 4th October 2016 Written Update

Kamini ji is surprised to see Sumo home early. sumo says I thought PCT can happen anytime. I thought to give some time to home too. Please call your friends tonight. I will take charge of kitchen from today onwards. Kamini ji denies. I told Preeti also that servant manage everything. Sumo assures her she can do this with PCT. I used to do the same at my home too. Kamini ji asks her if this wont be tough considering the differences between her and Shravan. Sumo says it is personal between me and Shravan. I can deal with it. Don’t worry. I wont let it come to anyone. Is someone allergic to anything? Ramnath uncle or Lala ji or anyone? Kamini ji corrects her. He is your papa now. We also dint look into things this closely. Sumo smiles. I will take care of it then. She promotes some oil in which she is going to cook food from today onwards. Don’t take tension. I am here. Kamini ji gives in.

Shravan looks at PCT’s board. Broker takes him to a building opposite to PCT. Shravan finds the place messy and small. Broker asks him how many people will be there. Shravan says it will be only me. Broker says then its enough. Give me your details. Shravan tells his name. Broker recognizes him to be ramnath’s son. You just got married. I am sorry I am showing you such a small place. Give me 2 days time. I will show you a big place. Shravan says that isn’t needed. I told you I will be alone. No one should know about this, especially my family members. Broker agrees. Shravan is about to sit in the car but Broker holds it. He again insists to show a big office when Shravan repeats he does not want a big place. Just get me another locality. Broker agrees. This area is great though. I know everyone. Shravan says I am not interested. I don’t want to see the people of PCT daily. Broker looks confused.

Lala ji is happy with the food. Now we know that Sumo thought to give us a party this way. I am very happy. Ramnath says we already know Sumo is a great cook. KAmini ji appreciates Sumo. Ramnath asks about Shravan. Sumo is clueless. Lala ji says one day old wife does not know where her husband is. Wives are like satellites. Shravan enters. Ramnath asks him to join them for dinner. We will wait till you freshen up.

Shravan is in thoughts. He finds Sumo’s clothes in his almirah and calls out for Bahadur. Why isn’t the room clean? Bahadur replies that he came to clean but Sumo was doing it herself. Shravan tells him to clean the room like every day. I am married but nothing has changed. Bahadur agrees. Shravan finds Sumo’s things in bathroom too. He tells Bahadur to clean the bathroom too and keep his stuff at the same place. Sumo challenged me! We will see who has the final right on this room!

Shravan joins everyone at the dining table. Sumo says you could have come early. everyone is waiting. He looks at her pointedly. Lala ji says it is good he came. Sit down. I cannot wait anymore. Kamini ji thinks to add fuel to the fire. She ends up telling that Sumo cooked dinner tonight. Shravan is about to eat but keeps the spoon down. Pushkar asks Sumo what she cooked as per Bhaiya’s liking. Kamini ji says she cooked for everyone. Wont she cook for her husband? Pushkar asks Sumo again. She is quiet. Kamini ji says there is no problem. We will manage. Sumo says I cooked something really special for Shravan. I cooked his favourite Dal which he said he wanted to eat since days. Shravan recalls it to be his mother’s recipe. Shravan takes a bite but then asks Sumo if this is how she wants to make PCT best. Well, best of luck. I cannot eat this. Maybe everyone is eating this for your sake but I cannot lie to you. I am your husband. I cannot lie to you. Kaka makes better food than this. When you try to prove something instead of cooking it in general then it happens. Right Mrs. Malhotra? He tells everyone not to worry. I will order from outside. He turns to Sumo. Make sure Ramu Kaka makes my breakfast from tomorrow. Shravan leaves. Kamini ji wonders what happened to him suddenly.

Shravan is drinking. Kamini ji brings food for him. She keeps the bottle aside and asks him to eat. He refuses to eat but she tells him she made this. I know you dint order anything. Shravan eats it. Kamini ji says husband and wife fight. You cannot take small matters to heart. You know her since childhood. She is a good girl. She cooked Daal for you with so much love. Shravan says she very well knows I hate that Daal. It is my mother’s recipe after all. She wanted to hurt me intentionally. Kamini ji is happy to hear it.

Next morning, Sumo wakes up and finds bed empty. Where did he go? Thank God I don’t have to see his face in the morning. He fights for no reason. She goes to washroom but the door is closed. She asks Shravan to come fast. I have to go too. She knocks at the door. Can you not respond? She goes in and finds the bathroom all messy. This is what he learnt from London? I will take his class today.

Preeti tells Pushkar not to work on breakfast table. he agrees. She gives him breakfast. He speaks romantically to her. Sumo smiles seeing them thus while Shravan feels awkward. Sumo coughs to distract the couple. Preeti goes to get tea. Shravan teases Pushkar his romance skills. Pushkar says sorry. Sumo tells him not to say sorry. You are newly married couple. Carry on. I am not jealous seeing you both this way. Shravan mumbles that he is also not jealous. Pushkar is curious to know about Sumo and Shravan’s story. Sumo tells him to focus on food. Pushkar praises his brother. You got a handsome dude. Sumo asks him who he is talking about. Pushkar tells Sumo girls of Delhi and London loved his brother. He is London return after all. You are lucky to marry him. Sumo asks him if he is talking about Shravan. (Ye jo yahan champu se baithe hain?) Pushkar hides his smile. You mean he has been dude with many foreign girls and has done a lot with them. Pushkar nods. Why do you ask? Sumo advises him to get his eyes checked. This guy is very frustrated. No one ever looked at him. He makes stories to cover up. He has also told his friends some story about me. She asks Shravan to tell them. Shravan looks away. Sumo adds that it was Shravan’s dream to see girls around him. I pitied him being his best friend. Sumo picks an apple and goes.

Precap: Shravan is in front of media. He tells media Sumo dint do anything on her own. She used Aditya. I had to marry her as her marriage with Aditya broke.

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