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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 31st August 2016 Written Update

Shravan comes in just then. Nirmala ji notices him and gets tensed. Something is wrong for sure. Sumo isn’t comfortable with Aditya. Sumo looks at Shravan. Aditya smiles as he writes his name in Sumo’s hand. She looks down. Shravan looks upset. Aditya notices Sumo and Shravan’s reaction. He asks Shravan how his best friend’s hand is looking. Tell me how mehendi is looking in her hand? Everyone compliments it. Aditya smiles. It had to look good as Aditya looks good with Suman. Not just in her hands, I will add my name in her identity. She will become Suman Aditya Ahuja very soon. Shravan leaves from here. Nirmala ji looks at Aditya curiously. I saw anger in Aditya and Shravan’s eyes. Something is burning between them. Maybe this is why Aditya was upset.

Shravan helps Mami ji in taking the gifts. She excuses herself for some other work. Shravan keeps the gifts sadly in Sumo’s room. He turns and looks at his and Sumo’s childhood photos. He shakes his head. Nirmala ji comes just then. He begins to go but she requests him to stay for aminute atleast. I know it isn’t easy for you to talk to me. You hate me very much yet I want to request you. I know it is very tough time for you. Aditya has a relation with you and now he will join a relation with your best friend. It is all destinies’ plan. What’s Aditya’s mistake in this? Shravan asks her what his fault is in this. She tells him to understand. I know I have no right on you. I still hope you wont ignore what I say. You are smart enough. I am saying this as I saw something going on between you and Aditya. Relations like marriage break and join things together. don’t do something that will ruin it all. Aditya loves Sumo a lot. Leave them alone. Stay away from this marriage if possible as neither you nor them will be happy. He says wow. This is called a mother begging for her son’s happiness. Its nice to see you like this. Problem is, I cannot even understand such stuff. My mom wasn’t there to make me understand all this. So, I am sorry but I don’t think I will be able to help you in this matter. He leaves. Nirmala ji looks on sadly. I know you hate me a lot but I just hope you will accept one request from your mother. You can act to be tough from above but you have a very soft heart.

Aditya stops Shravan. Where are you rushing off to? It is your best friend’s wedding. Shravan taunts him for sticking after people all the time. Aditya continues to poke him at his friendship with Sumo. You suddenly behave so weird that I get doubtful about you. Tell me if there is something. Nirmala ji’s words stop Shravan from reacting. Aditya says it is good you aren’t saying anything. Only two days are left for the wedding. I will make a new start with you. You invited me for a party that day. I invite you to my bachelor’s party tonight. Your boring personality disappears after 1-2 drinks. Do come. Shravan agrees. I will ease the tension of you and anyone who thinks I trouble you as they are mistaken. Aditya says I have no idea what you are saying but it is good to know you will come. He goes. Shravan thinks she wants me to be away from her son. I will do it tonight itself. NIrmala ji is relieved that Shravan heard her request.

Rachna notices Sumo all lost. Sumo lies she is tired. Rachna goes to get water for her.

Shravan gets ready for the party. Nirmala ji’s words still echo in his head.

Rachna nearly hits the photo frame while picking water but holds it. Sumo is relieved that it dint break. It would have been a bad sign otherwise. Rachna denies. It is considered a good sign. Rachna feeds her water. Sumo shares that she feels restless. Rachna calls it normal for would be bride. Sumo asks for Shravan. Rachna shares that he left already. You want me to call him? Sumo denies. Rachna leaves. Sumo feels as if something is not right. I don’t know why I feel something really bad is going to happen.

Aditya looks at his watch. His friend asks him if he is waiting for someone. Aditya nods. That person is the main reason for me keeping this party tonight. Shravan walks in with flowers just then. I cannot break anyone’s heart, especially of my half brother. He has brought a wine bottle for his personal celebration. Aditya asks him if he thinks he will still be happy after this party. Shravan says I will be but I am not sure if you will be happy later. Aditya and Shravan order drinks. They gulp it down in one go.

Sumo stares blankly. Wind blows. A photo frame with her and Nanu’s photo falls down because of the moving curtains. She picks it up. It’s been 16 years since I am here. I came here for the first time when I lost my parents. You all taught me how to be happy, to live. I will leave this house, you all for forever tomorrow. I will once again be left with the same loneliness, the same pain. She hugs the frame close to her heart.

Aditya says liquor brings out the hidden truths in everyone. It is the perfect chance today. Say what’s in your heart today. Shravan says I knew you will say something like this only but I wont disappoint you today! It is a special night tonight. He picks up the bottle of wine he brought and walks with Aditya. Papa says you should never take anyone’s debt in life, be it your loved one and a stranger. You are not even a complete stranger. I am sure your mother would have taught you the same. You gave me a gift that night by telling me your secret on the night of party. I will tell you my secret tonight. You are very worried thinking about my and Sumo’s relationship. Aditya looks away. Shravan says world saw us as childhood friends. We grew together, went to school together, enjoyed together. I went away for 10 years but then he came back. We started sharing time once again. We both visited each other’s places. We never felt the gap of 10 years. Not even the world could see or know it. We finished the distance of 10 years in no time. Everything has happened between us! Everything that can happen between a girl and a boy, two loves or a husband and wife! Everything! Aditya looks at him stunned.

Shravan asks him how his pace went pale. I told you that I will be the one who will walk out happily from this party. I have already made my arrangement. My personal celebration starts now. He drinks from the bottle he brought. You were right about one thing. Neither of us will trouble each other after tonight. Happy married life bro. Enjoy! Aditya stands rooted to his place in shock. Shravan thinks NIrmala Ahuja my revenge is done. I will stay away from your son now and maybe his happiness too will. Aditya thinks of everyone talking about Sumo and Shravan’s friendship and of Kamini ji’s words. He drinks directly from the bottle as he recalls Sumo’s reaction on asking her to say I love you him. Shravan’s words echo in his head. he throws the bottle on the floor angrily.

Precap: Mami ji finds Aditya at their doorstep at night. He wants to talk to Sumo. She speaks of the ritual where bride and groom don’t talk before wedding after mehendi ritual is done. Aditya insists upon talking to Sumo. It is important. He notices Sumo standing at the stairs.

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