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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 28th April 2016 Written Update

It is Pushkar’s turn now. He draws something. Preeti guesses it right. They high five. Lala ji praises Preeti and Pushkar’s sense of understanding. Sumo manages to head upstairs when everyone gets busy.

Shravan sends another message to Sumo. Come soon. I am waiting for you. And the moon too! (jaldi aao. Main tumhara intezaar kar raha hoon…aur chaand bhi). Sumo is all smiles. She goes on the terrace holding a mango and looks tensed. He says you will never leave the habit of coming late. Don’t worry. I have a habit of waiting for you since childhood. He walks up to her. He removes the mango from her face. Sumo asks Shravan what he wanted to tell. He corrects her. I was asking for something. She tells him to go ahead. He talks about the promise. You cannot say no. She looks at him tensed. Do you know since when we know each other? She begins to count when he points out that it’s been 11 years, 11 months, 9 days! I don’t recall how many times we fought in these years. She knows they fought most of the time because of her. he says most of the time? She says always. He says I dint come here to remind you this. I came to say why we could never forget each other even after staying away all these years, after all the fights. He sits closer. There is something between us. Something that is the most beautiful feeling of this world – friendship. She looks at him in surprise. I thought you forgot about it. He sits down on a stool before her. I tried a lot. He holds her chin. I want to forget all that we did to each other. I want to be friends once again. He gets up and extends his hand towards her. Will you be my friend? Young Sumo and young Shravan are shown. She keeps her hand in his. I thought so wrong about you. I said so much and misbehaved with you but you are so good. You were always. You only extended your hand towards me today. I don’t know why I did what I did. He keeps his finger on her lips to shush her. I am not great. I did so much wrong with you too. She keeps her finger on his lips as well. You only said it was in past. I don’t know what you saw in me but thank you. He shares how everyone used to trouble him in London too. I told them this time I will come back with my friend who will set everyone right. I have no other friend than you. She ends up smiling. I have never seen a guy like you. He thanks her. all the other girls say the same thing to me. title track plays. Sumo looks at him sweetly and offers him mango. I knew it. How can someone leave you! it will never happen now.

Gugul comes to Tiwari House. Kamini and Vandy are walking outside. Gugul is drunk. I lost job and girl. I cannot do anything about job but I will teach a lesson to this girl for sure. Vandy complains to Kamini about food. I will never eat here again. Vandy burps continuously. Kamini tells her to stop it. Kamini sees someone near the car. Gugul hides. Vandy did not see anyone. kamini is sure about it. She finally succeeds in finding Gugul. Who are you and what is in your hands? He drops the envelope outside the main door and runs away. kamini is shocked to see something. She keeps it back inside the envelope. Vandy asks her about it. Kamini says this is bomb.

Kamini gives the envelope to Mami ji. Mami ji goes all quiet. Everyone notices their expression. Lala ji wonders why women are quiet. Mami ji asks about Sumo who comes just then with Shravan. Kamini questions Shravan on his whereabouts. Shravan lies he was calling his colleague in London. Is there something? Kamini nods. we should head home now. Manju ji has to clean the mess here. She asks Pushkar to call Ramnath. Lala ji wants to play once. Mama ji requests them to stay back for a little longer. Everyone says the same. Kamini says sorry. At times too much fun worsens things.

Kamini lies before Tiwari ji and Ramnath that Vandy is ill. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. Pushkar and Preeti shake hands to bid each other goodnight. Shravan leaves with his family.

Mami ji and Massi whisper to each other. No one should know. We should speak to Sumo alone. Mami asks Mama ji and Mausa ji to rest. We will handle everything. They both go happily. Mami ji sends Preeti to clean kitchen. Sumo offers to do it but mami ji takes her to her room.

Rachna closes the door from inside. Mami asks Sumo if she is hiding something from them. Sumo denies. why you say so? Mami tells her to say anything to them. we are like your parents. Sumo still says same thing. I dint hide anything from you. Mami ji shows her her photo with Shravan. Sumo ends up smiling as she recalls that memory (when she went to her old house with Shravan and slipped). Rachna and Mami ji are confused.

Kamini says someone is trying to trap Shravan. After all people make such fake photos! Shravan says these photos are real. Everyone is shocked. It isn’t like you are thinking. Sumo and I are only friends. Kamini asks about the pose. Shravan corrects her. Khosla clicked them stealthily. He relates everything to them. I don’t understand why you are making such a big issue of small thing. Kamini denies. It will be a small thing in London not in India. Vandy adds that it is wrong for women. Lala ji agrees. Shravan repeats that he and Sumo are friends. Ramnath calls it a common tactic in court. But Kamini is right. Just be a little careful especially about Sumo. She is my Guru ji’s grandson. Shravan nods. Everyone leaves. Kamini looks unhappy. Pushkar is intrigued. Why Bhaiya kept repeating that Sumo is his friend?

Sumo looks at the photos. Mami says we brought you here so it does not spread around. why are you smiling like this? She tells rachna to handle her and goes out of the room. Rachna asks Sumo if she is mad. It is such a big issue. Massi means like mother. Atleast tell me what’s the matter. Sumo says Khosla clicked them. Rachna does not mind who clicked them. I only you it is you in the photo with Shravan in such pose. Tell me everything. I will handle it all. You know Mami will tell everyone first thing in the morning. Sumo is all quiet. Rachna says you only handle everyone in the morning then. She walks out.

Precap: nanu asks Dabbu to bring his papers from the drawer. Dabbu gives him that envelope by mistake. Nanu confronts Sumo. What is going on between you and Shravan?

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