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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 26th August 2016 Written Update

Mami tells Anuj about Suman’s rishta getting final and her getting married in 5 days. After that they all will come to America. Suman hears it and becomes sad.

Nirmala is crying. Aditya consoles her saying she’s everything for him and she’s crying for Shravan because he’s her son and she loves him. He feels bad for her. She loves him, but he hates her. Nirmala says she was going to tell him about her past. Aditya says he doesn’t want to know anything. He insists her to stop thinking about Shravan because he just doesn’t care. Nirmala says he wasn’t like that. It’s her mistake too. Aditya says she is perfect, she can never do anything wrong. He cheers her up. She tries to tell him not to involve Shravan in wedding, but Aditya says not to worry about it. Some things need to be cleared. Nirmala is worried that Shravan may hurt himself.

Ramnath is angry as he has no news of Shravan. Nirmala calls him and he takes his anger out on her. He blames her for this current condition of Shravan. Nirmala tells him to keep Shravan away from the wedding, else problems will increase. He laughs off saying she is so selfish. She just cares about her son’s wedding and doesn’t care about shravan. Nirmala says she called because she cares about her sons, but for him, his ego is everything.

Shravan is wondering what Aditya is upto that he’s supporting him. He decides to let him do whatever he wants and he will do what he wants. Mami comes to talk to Shravan. She asks if he’s alright. He says what happened? Mami says she found out from Aditya that.. Shravan says so you found out too? Mami says such big thing can’t hide and she’s worried for Shravan. How he must be feeling that his step brother… Shravan says he’s not his brother, he’s just Suman’s husband and Suman is his childhood friend, so it’s his responsibility to get her married. Mami says what? How is that possible? How he can get her married to someone else when he loves her a lot? Has anyone heard Romeo giving Juliet to someone else? Shravan says there is nothing like that. Mami says by getting involved in wedding, he’ll just hurt himself. He says it’s celebration time as pain is going away from his life. Suman’s wedding is celebration for him..celebration of Suman going away from his life. He tells her not to worry. Mami thinks no one can let his love go. She’s waiting for Shravan to lose his patience. Day it happens, all Ramnath’s dreams will be shattered.

Suman’s family discusses the guest list. Suman says she doesn’t want many people. She just wants her family members. Mama mami say they did so much in Preeti’s wedding, so they have to do something as well. Suman says they have done a lot for her already and she doesn’t want to take more help. She says they can call relatives they want to, there is no one from her side. They all then get emotional thinking about Suman going far away from them. Aditya comes in and wants to talk to Suman. They go to a room.

Aditya tells her she should invite her school friends which angers her. Aditya then says he was just kidding. Suman says that wasn’t funny and leaves. Aditya wonders why that made her angry. There is something definitely with her school friends.

Suman informs her friends / co-workers about her marriage in 5 days and then her shifting to Mumbai, so they will have to take care of their business. Her co worker says they can’t manage it without her. Suman says nothing will happen by 1 person leaving. Her co worker says cooking is her dream, how she will stay away from it? What she will do in Mumbai? She says she will find new dreams from her new beginning.

Precap: Aditya and Suman again argue on inviting school friends. Aditya says she’s reacting like her secrets will come out. Suman asks what he wants to know? Ask directly. Mami hears it. She then tells Shravan that Suman is not happy with this marriage.

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