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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 23rd May 2016 Written Update

Sumo tells SHravan to cut one onion by the time she cuts two. If you do it in the same time then you can stay back to help me. They get down to action. She obviously wins. Men have so much ego. They refuse to give up. Go now. He sadly begins to go but stops. If you don’t make it nicely then see what I do. She smiles. Don’t know what he thinks of himself. He is a typical kid!

Sumo makes Dhurandhar stands at the gate. Make sure no one comes inside. She cooks Daal. Lala ji is waiting for Daal. Vandy says I told you I will cook Tinde. Everyone is hungry. Shravan goes to kitchen to see the progress.

Sumo asks Dhurandhar to help her serve the food. She changes tone as she notices Shravan coming there. He smells the Daal. It is amazing. He compliments Dhurandhar. You are great. Your hands are magical. Dhurandhar jokes that he washes hands thrice a day. She calls him funny. He asks her if she will stand idle. Help him in serving the food.

Rachna finds expensive perfume in Preeti’s room. She calls out for Bhabhi. You dint tell me that Bhaiya’s salary increased. Bhabhi says only his problems can increase. Rachna says who will get such an expensive perfume then. it costs 15k. Bhabhi is shocked. Preeti comes there just then. They question her on the perfume. Preeti says my friend Manorama gifted me this perfume. Her mother taunts her. No one gave you anything till date and you got a perfume worth 15k? This world is very mean. No one does anything without any motive. Be careful. Preeti is confused. What can be Pushkar’s motive behind this gift?

Lala ji loves the Daal too. Shravan tells Sumo to learn something. This is the magic of chef. She finds it so so. He says this is why you are a so-so chef. Pushkar gets Preeti’s message asking him to meet her tomorrow urgently. He agrees. We will meet at Lodhi Garden at 9 am tomorrow.

Dhurandhar seeks leave. He takes payment from Shravan. He is thrilled to get 8k for it. Sumo reprimands Shravan but he says any amount is less for this Daal. She is happy to hear his reply. Everyone leaves one by one. Shravan compliments Dhurandhar on his cooking skills. He finally leaves. Shravan asks Sumo why she is staring. She shakes her head. She gets Nirmala aunty’s call. I am sorry I will be a little late in coming. She acts before Shravan. You will have to wait a little more only. Will see you soon. Shravan asks her about the caller. She acts all shy. He says there is nothing to feel shy about. Say it directly that it was Jeevan! Come.

Shravan and Sumo come to library. Nirmala aunty peeks at Shravan from across a bookshelf. He says nothing has changed. Only the racks were of wood back then. She asks him if he has come here. He nods. Thousand times! I used to come daily. Rehmat Chacha used to manage the library. He used to get all the books for me that I requested. He asks about Rehmat Chacha from the receptionist. The guy shares he does not come here too often now. Shravan asks him to give his message to Rehmat Chacha. Tell him that Shravan came to meet me. He will recognize me instantly. Sumo realises understand why aunty was shocked to hear the name of this shop. Shravan shares how Rehmat Chacha used to find any book from him from anywhere. He takes her to his favourite section of Automobiles. She says you loved cars since childhood. He replies that he loved them like anything. He stops talking when as he takes his mother’s name. Aunty looks on from behind a magazine. Sumo asks Shravan what aunty used to say. He sits down on a chair. His mother is right behind him. she gestures Sumo to make him talk. Shravan dismisses the topic. Where is Jeevan? Sumo says I don’t know. He said he will wait. She acts to call him. it is unreachable. She switches seats with him. I want to see Jeevan as soon as he enters. He asks her if she isn’t getting extra attached to Jeevan. She requests him. He sits down in her chair. Sumo nods at Nirmala aunty. She covers her face with a magazine and is all teary eyed. Shravan gets busy in reading a magazine. His mother feels helpless to be so near him yet unable to reach out to him. Sumo feels bad.

Flashback shows Shravan bringing his mother to the same library. He pulls her with him to find the book he had asked Rehmat Chacha to bring. Chacha tells him to check his favourite rack. Shravan finds the book. He shows the book to his mother. This will be my first car. I will take you for a long drive. He promises her. Flashback ends.

Shravan’s mother cannot stop crying. She signals Sumo to go. Shravan notices Sumo a little emotional. She says it is nothing. Shall we go? He suggests waiting a little more for Jeevan. He might be stuck in traffic. She ignores it. He thinks she is crying because of Jeeevan. She lies that something went in her eye. He blows at her eyes. They go out. Nirmala aunty is crying. Rehmat Chacha recognizes her. He takes her name. Shravan hears it too. Nirmala aunty signals Rehmat Chacha to be quiet. Shravan goes in that direction but Sumo takes him with her.

Sumo helps Nirmala aunty in packing. She says I was scared but I got to see my son thanks to you. I lived old memories, days all because of you. She hugs Sumo. Sumo makes her sit. I feel as if I hurt you yesterday. I dint know you will get so much emotional seeing him. I dint know you still love him so much. Aunty replies that it is a natural thing for a mother. Sumo shares how Shravan too has the same love and yearning for her. He still hasn’t forgotten you. He got lost in his childhood memories as soon as he entered in the bookshop. Shravan’s mother thinks otherwise. He looked angry when he took my name. There is nothing left. Sumo tells her about the Daal incident. He got so emotional as soon as he ate that Daal. he still recalls its taste, recipe and smell till date because he still has kept your memories alive. Nanu says memories fade but never go away. There is still time to bring her close to Shravan. I can help you in this but it is important for me to know what happened at 10 years ago that prompted their separation.

Precap: Shravan tells Pushkar he cannot understand anything. I feel as if the past is following me. I feel as if someone wants to meet me. I cannot understand anything. Sumo is shocked to know the truth. Not just Shravan but Ramnath uncle too has the same misunderstanding.

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