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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 22nd June 2016 Written Update

Everyone are having their lunch and praising sumo’s pct food.Preeti gets pushkars call and she cuts his call.Pushkar is tensed about why she cut the call.Nanaji praises sumo,Prita says we have to cook for 500 people tomorrow.Sumo says we have to start cooking from today and she asks preeti to get some spices from the store.Pushkar is waiting outside, he meets preeti outside and she asks him to leave.He asks her why she cut his call.She goes and sits in his car and says let’s go.He gets happy.Pushkar is trying to say her ,how he feels about her but fails to say it.Preeti goes to buy the spices and pushkar scolds himself and practises what to say her when she comes back.Preeti comes back and asks him to say what he wants to.preeti says her dress got stuck ,pushkar gets closer to her,they stare at each other and both of them feel uncomfortable.Preeti comes home and is lost in her thoughts, it is later shown in the flashback that Pushkar kissed preeti back then.Pushkar is tensed about what preeti might be thinking.

all the workers come early and start cooking .Mamiji wakes up and says are you people going to make so much noise daily.Prita says that the person delivered all raw spices but not masala powders.Preeti wakes up to the noise and thinks if her mother came to know about pushkar .sumo asks preeti if she placed the correct order and she says yes.Mamiji says she will teach them how to cook.All the ladies take wooden rod and start making masala powders manually.They all sing song and have fun.While family helps her in cooking the food and Preeti looks lost in her own thoughts.Pushkar is also tensed and is confused if he has to say sorry or not.He decides to call her and apologize and she cuts the call.Pushkars mother calls him and asks him to come home fast.She says I came to know of what you did ,come fast.Pushkar is tensed,he thinks preeti told everyone.Sumo completes cooking and packing all the lunch boxes.Everyone congratulate her.She thinks of shravans words when he says he will see how sumo will still cook without pct land.She smiles to herself

Shravan is in his office and gets a call saying suman came to office to meet him.

He looks disturbed ,he thinks why she came here after everything that happened.His pa says she went to meet ramnath sir in the conference room.Shravan goes to the conference room and shouts how dare you came here. The lady suman who came is not sumo and someother lady.Ramnath takes him out and says what is wrong with you.He says when a relation breaks you have to close everything related with that else a person loses his peace of mind.

Precap:Sumo and shravan are staring at each other.Shravan is in his car and he sees sumo waiting for an auto.Suddenly shravan shouts sumo and looks shocked.

Written Update by Deepali

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