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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 22nd July 2016 Written Update

Aditya asks Sumo about herself, her catering business and suggests to get a big place for it. Sumo says she has been planning for this. She gets a call and invites the person to café, Aditya was offensive that she called someone else on his date. Sumo says he is a decorator and it was important to meet him. Aditya takes a leave to help Pushkar with wedding arrangements.
Mr. Malhotra comes to Shravan who sat lost. He accepts that wedding preparations are difficult and offers any help needed. He asks if Shravan had a talk with Suman, he can share anything with him. Shravan accepts he must give his feelings a little more time, those made for each other meet someday for sure. Mr. Malhotra was worried that Sumo is fulfilling her promise but Shravan is still hopeless. He says people must accept the reality and move on in life. He takes a leave from Shravan. Shravan gets a call, his business associate calls him at Airport road to meet him in his way to Chennai. Shravan arrives at the restaurant to see Sumo there with the designer. He smiles at her, then explains he was here for business meeting and takes a seat on another table. The designer leaves the restaurant, Sumo asks for her bill, both smile at each other again. Sumo turns to leave, Shravan offers her any help that he can be; then asks if it’s necessary to go. Sumo says she has preparations for wedding, then explains the guy on stage was Aditya. Shravan taunts that she always brings about time for the one’s she will to. The waiter comes to serve Shravan and asks if she was the one he had been waiting for, that day. Sumo and Shravan stare at each other. Shravan’s associate arrives, Sumo leaves.
At home, Vandy shows her henna to Kamini. Shravan comes there, Kamini asks him to make a call inquiring about the food that they need to feed the Brahman’s. Preeti was getting her henna done while Sumo feed her with her own hands. She wonders why Shravan is calling, is it about cafe’s matter. Shravan asks if his aunt must send the food. Sumo asks him speak to Mami ji and takes the phone to her. She puts the phone on loudspeaker, Kamini asks Shravan to let her speak. Mami ji says they didn’t have to cook, just sent raw materials that she herself would cook. Kamini complains she didn’t clarify it earlier, what they will do with all the food that has been prepared already. Mami ji asks her to eat it all, Kamini says they don’t eat without garlic and onion. Mami ji says their mental ability would improve with such a simple food. Sumo had controlled her laughter, then asks Shravan if he understood it. He smiles saying well.
Aditya comes across Kamini, she complains that Pushkar’s family is performing so many rituals. Aditya offers her any help needed. Shravan dislikes watching him speaking to Kamini, Aditya stops him but gets a call. Shravan asks about PCD, Aditya says it’s not related to him. Aditya holds Shravan’s hand wondering what to call him. Shravan withdraws his saying he doesn’t make relations to everyone. Aditya heads to kitchen.
Mami ji was worried about cooking and panics, she asks Sumo to call Shravan. Aditya just arrives with all the raw material and offers to cook with her. Mami ji wonders if he would cook, Aditya boasts to be a good cook. Sumo was left open-mouthed, Aditya says Sumo must be insecure he would snatch her place by cooking better. He assures Mami ji he has come bathed to cook and takes the ladies to kitchen. He says since Suman is his friend, he belongs to girl’s side as well. Sumo comes to him and says he might know the world class cookings, but not kheer. He tells her that kheer is a world class dish. He tells her about the techniques of preparing kheer, Sumo appreciates him. He asks if his job as head chef is confirmed. Sumo smiles that PCD has less space about it. He asks what if he gets her more space, that in budget too. Sumo cheers and thanks him for doing this for them. Aditya gets his mother’s call, she asks why he will return as he only went to attend Sangeet. Aditya says he is thinking about attending wedding as well, he looks towards Suman and says he saw someone whom he wants to see forever now. His mother was excited to meet her. Aditya assures his mother to let her meet after wedding. Her mother blesses him to marry the one he loves.

PRECAP: Aditya blows into Suman’s eye as something gets there. Shravan comes there and watches them together.

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