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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 21st June 2016 Written Update

Ramnath goes to shravans room and speaks to him.He says I dnt like it when u slapped the client but then I understood it was because of sumo.Shravan says its nothing like that.Ramnath says even I regret for what happened to her,she might be thinking it was either because of you or me .We can’t change that but I can’t see you living with guilt so he says he bought the pct land from the client.Ramnath gives him the papers and asks him to go and give it to sumo,though I will never forgive her for what she did about nirmala.Shravan says I don’t think this is necessary, he says even I feel bad about pct but giving her the land might not be necessary. Ramnath says it is the right thing to do for your old friendship and also nanaji is my guru. Shravan takes the papers and leave.Kamini hears the whole conversation. She asks him what are you doing.

Shravans car and sumos car face each other.Shravan keeps honking his car but sumo doesn’t come out of the car.

Shravan goes to meet sumo and gives her the pct papers.He says if you want you can even start the canteen back .He says after what you did the other day,this is not necessary but still this is for old time sake.He is about to leave but sumo stops him and starts scolding him.She says I don’t need your help,keep the land with you.shravan says today you proved that you are not only arrogant but ignorant. He says now I’ll see how will you start your canteen back.He says I am not angry on you but I pity you.He tears the papers in front of her and sumo challenges him that pct will run and become successful,just watch.Sumo speaks to her family and says it might take a month or so to find a new place. She asks everyone if she can start her work from home and everyone agree.Mamiji says why don’t you ask shravan for some help.rachana maasi says sumo used to pay rent outside now she will pay us.Mamiji agrees to that.

Shravan goes to his home angrily and gives ramnath the papers back.He says sumo dint take them back .Ramnath tries to show fake concern and shravan leaves from there.Kamini comes in ,who was hearing the whole conversation and says your plan worked.Ramnath says he knew about sumo.She is just like nirmala and her self respect is the most important thing for her .He says he doesn’t want any women like nirmala to come to this home and that is the reason he is doing all this.

Canteen is started in the the tiwari house and everyone start working. Dabbu says I want to speak to shravan about Rubik’s cube and asks sumo to call him.shravan is playing with the Rubik’s cube in his home and is in his owns thoughts. Dabbu calls Shravan ,shravan thinks its sumo who called to ask the papers back but dabbu lifts the call and he says sumo can’t speak because she is busy setting the canteen.dabbu asks some doubt and he asks Shravan to come home to teach him but Shravan says he can’t come and he will explain it through phone.Shravan hears sumos name through phone and gets emotional.

Shravan manager is scolding the employee for not ordering the food from some other canteen because pct is closed.Prita comes there and delivers all the food boxes and says what sumo says she always does .Pushkar looks happy and shravan looks surprised. In sumos house everyone are having their food made in the pct .Dabbu says he solved the puzzle ,thanks to Shravan.Sumo looks sad.

Precap:Prita says we have to make food for 500 people tomorrow, sumo says we can do that.Another scene shows Prita saying there is a problem with the masalas ,how are we going to cook now.

Written Update by Deepali

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