Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th September 2016 Written Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste written update

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th September 2016 Written Update

Dabbu says you (Shravan) too were worried for Suman Didi as you love her, right? Apologize to her. She will get happy. Shravan excuses himself. I will wait outside. Nanu remarks that this is called true love. you fight before everyone but show love only to each other. This is why I couldn’t find out about their love. Everyone smiles.

Mami ji gives vermilion box to Sumo. There is no meaning of marriage without vermilion in our family. Sumo tells her to let it be. Who believes in all this these days? Preeti looks at her in surprise. Mami ji effuses to forget their traditions. Vermilion is the biggest symbol of the relation between husband and wife. Keep it with you and make Shravan fill your hairline. Why dint you change yet? Shravan and his family are your in-laws now. You cannot go there like this. Wear some heavy saree. Sumo says what I am wearing is fine. Mami ji and Preeti insist on a saree. Shravan comes there just then. You dint finish packing yet? You could have taken my help. I know how to sort big matters in minutes. She says no thanks. I will do it. Mami ji advises Shravan to wait a little. He sarcastically replies that he is ready to wait all his life for his wife. We are married now so we have to share everything including work, pain and everything. I will wait outside. Preeti goes to get saree for Sumo.

Kamini ji requests Ramnath not to say anything to Shravan today. The couple will step in the house for the first time. Let us do it happily. He nods. Kamini ji make Varun call Pushkar asking him to be home soon as all the preps are done.

Sumo is looking beautiful in a saree. Shravan looks at her mesmerised for a moment but then looks away. mausa ji remarks that now it seems to be the vidaai of a bride. Nanu tells Shravan he is lucky to have such a beautiful bride. Shravan and Sumo seek everyone’s blessings. Nanu says I was always scared thinking about this moment but today I have no fear. I am not going to cry. Everyone in your home is my own. I cannot even imagine how much they will value your happiness. He turns to Shravan. You might be a big lawyer but dare not trouble my granddaughter or I will file a case on you. Everyone smiles. Nanu says the most special thing about this marriage is your childhood friendship. Husband and wife win half of the battle when they become friends. You have done that already. You wont even know how you will pass the rest of the journey of life. Start your new life. May God be with you. Both the couples leave.

Lala ji stops the newlywed couple. You married in court but you will have to do Grah Pravesh rituals now. Shravan tells Lala ji Sumo does not like all this. This is the reason why we married in court. Kamini ji says what has happened has happened. Everything will happen in the right way now. Preeti does Sumo’s aarti. Sumo does all the Grah Pravesh rituals. Ramnath looks intently. Kamini ji asks the couple to take the blessings of elders now. Start with your FIL (Ramnath). Ramnath pats at Shravan’s hand blessing him to be happy. Kamini ji acts before everyone. I feel it is the best thing for you both to be together. Stay happy always. Lala ji is happy that Sumo is married to Shravan. I will get to eat Karela’s daily. Wont you? Our family is complete now. Shravan says it is a different matter to come over for an hour or two and stay with someone 24×7. Let Sumo prove it first that she is worth our family. anyways, I have an important meeting tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow. Kamini ji stops him. Now Sumo and you will go in your room together. She makes Vandy take them to their room.

Kamini ji is pacing in her room. Lala ji tells her to sleep. Everything happened smoothly. What are you thinking? She asks him if he thought why Shravan and Sumo took so much time before coming here. Shravan went somewhere for hours without giving an explanation to anyone about his whereabouts. Sumo also left for PCT. Both of them weren’t even looking at each other during Grah Pravesh. I feel Preeti and Pushkar know everything. I don’t know why they aren’t telling us. He does not feelt his way. She tells him to sleep then. I wont sit peacefully till the time I find out the truth. She leaves. He says someone has rightly said no one can understand a woman’s brain. My wife is anyways high level. He lies down to sleep.

Pushkar says sorry to Preeti. Bhaiya wasn’t coming and everyone was looking at me. I was under pressure. I know you were equally worried. She stays quiet. He accepts it as his mistake. I promise not to repeat it ever. He hugs her from behind and tries to make her agree. Don’t be so much angry. Enough of it already. We will have to do something to make up for it. She smiles a bit. They are about to get romantic when Kamini ji knocks at the door. You both dint sleep yet! I too dint feel sleepy. I had a little headache so I thought to speak to my DIL. Preeti nods. should I get you medicine? Kamini ji denies. we will just chit chat and I will get better. You (Pushkar) can sleep. You look sleepy. We will talk outside. She offers to teach Preeti Monopoly.

During the game, Kamini ji asks Preeti why they took so much time during viddai. Where did Shravan go at that time? Preeti says I have no idea. Kamini ji speaks of her observations. Did something happen in Tiwari House? You can talk openly to me. I am really concerned for Sumo and Shravan. You remember how it was me who saw their happiness in being with each other? I only went to ask for Sumo’s hand. I want them both to be happy too. I misunderstood you earlier but you are like my daughter now. I always keep a friendly relation with my kids. You should also share everything with me. it is my duty to guide the kids as a mother in case of any problems. I can understand it is difficult for you to trust me but I assure you, you wont regret it. try trusting me once. Preeti asks her not to say so. I trust you completely. There is nothing to tell though. I will do so in future.

Kamini ji asks Ramnath Bhaisahab if he dint sleep. Ramnath says I wasn’t sleepy. I am going to get water for myself. Did everyone sleep including Shravan? Kamini ji nods. It is his first night tonight. Ramnath ji heads towards kitchen. PUshkar comes to call Preeti. Kamini ji and Preeti talk sweetly. Pushkar teases them on their lovey dovey bonding. Kamini ji sends Preeti and Pushkar. She looks at Ramnath. You will lose your sleep a lot now!

Precap: Kamini ji fakes concern before Ramnath. You look really worried? Is it regarding Sumo and Shravan? Don’t worry. They will accept each other. Ramnath hopes everything falls in place. Kamini ji thinks I wont let Shravan and Sumo be happy together. If he isn’t happy then you wont be happy too!

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