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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 20th July 2016 Written Update

Shravan thanks the manager of Swagat Banquet Hall for his help. Shravan tells the venue guy not to let Sumo know anything. Manager says what is there to hide. Shravan knows Sumo will not like to take anyone’s help. Manager is confused. it isn’t help. We give discounts to everyone. Shravan says some things are not worth explaining while some don’t understand it. They shake hands. Sumo comes in and looks surprised. She scolds both manager and Shravan for trying to help her not caring about her self-respect. I know you think I cannot make sangeet preps alone but I can and I will. Stay away from me. She walks out of the office.

Sumo is checking the preps. She sends the vendors to eat something first as they look tired. She gets up on the stair to do decorations. Prita gives her lunch box instead but Sumo does not want to eat anything as of now. I will feel lazy. I cannot mess with this. Prita looks concerned for her. Sumo fixes the flowers. She checks the light arrangement next.

Guests begin to come in. Lala ji whispers to Sumo not to worry. Everything will be fine. Sumo welcomes Pushkar calling her her hone wale jijaji (would be BIL). Pushkar hugs Sumo and asks about Preeti. she tells him to have patience. She welcomes Shravan quietly.

Lala ji compliments the arrangements. Prita gives credit to Sumo. She was up all night and set it all up herself. Shravan smiles proudly. Sumo too looks happy.

The choreographer and Mausa ji fight for mikes as they do the announcements of dance sequences. Mami ji, Mama ji, Mausa ji and Massi perform on Mahi Ve. Mami and Preeti get emotional during the emotional part of the song. Sumo too is a touched. Kamini’s guests come in. They like the decor but complain about the roads. Sumo and Shravan hear them too. Kamini manages the situation somehow speaking of the decorations inside. Shravan stands next to Sumo. Stubbornness, ego and anger…whatever it was. You wouldn’t have to hear this too if you had listened to me. At times it gets really difficult to understand you. Why do you do this? They both stare at each other.

Vandy and Varun dance next on I to go Crazy. Everyone thoroughly enjoys it. Kamini too joins them on stage as she waves bundle on money over their heads to ward off evil eyes. A cute picture is clicked in the end. It is the turn of the bride and the groom to dance now. They dance on Raanjhana. A lady complains to Kamini about the location. Have you called us to enjoy this ceremony or trouble us? Look at what happened to my expensive saree. Kamini apologizes to her but only gets scolded in return. I came to join you in your happy moment but you don’t seem to care about our friendship. She gives a gift to her. take it either as the gift for the sangeet or for breaking our friendship. A few other ladies ask Kamini a lot of questions as well. Is something wrong with Pushkar or is there some other problem? Kamini excuses herself. Shravan notices her walking away.

Kamini is crying in a room when Shravan comes there. She tells him not to say anything. I tried to make myself understand but not anymore. I couldn’t get a girl of my choice for PUshkar. I still tried to be happy by dreaming about what all will happen in the wedding. That too dint happen. He says I understand. She cuts him mid sentence. You will again take Sumo’s side. truth is I have been insulted. It cannot change now. Leave me alone for some time.

Shravan takes Sumo aside. Are you happy now? You won but my Chachi got insulted before her friends. Do you realise it? The puddles outside don’t matter to you but they mattered to Chachi and her friends. Sumo says your guests don’t care about our preps. I did the best I could. I will call it my self-respect. People who have come to complain will anyways complain even behind the walls of 5 star hotel. He asks her if she does not understand or does not wish to. Do you have to argue on everything?

Shravan and Sumo’s dance is announced next.

Sumo says I too am a human. I am tired of everyone complaining to me all the time. You may not value what I do but I do respect it. We are being called for the dance now. She goes. Kamini thinks Sumo trapped Shravan in her words again. why would anyone anyways care? This will be a debt on your Ramnath Bhaisahab. You trapped my son in this low family. I will make you see the same day very soon. Wait a little. She tells Ramnath about the dance performance. He nods quietly.

Shravan thinks if his Chachi does not matter to Sumo then this dance is also of no importance to him. He heads towards the gate.

A guy comes in. He smiles looking at Sumo and is mesmerised by her. His shoulder brushes with Shravan as he walks in looking at Sumo without blinking his eyes. Sumo looks around for Shravan. The guy finds Sumo beautiful. Choreographer asks Sumo about her partner. Mausa ji calls out after Shravan. Sumo too is taking his name when the new guy walks up to her. He keeps staring at Sumo. May I? She looks at him in confusion. He assures her he can dance well. Everyone is looking in this direction. Hope the sangeet does not lose its charm. She looks at his extended hand and then at him.

Precap: Sumo dances with the new guy. Shravan stops in his tracks as he hears the song being played in. He looks at them as they dance together.

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