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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 1st June 2016 Written Update

Sumo thanks her client. You and your staff will love the food.

Pushkar comes to Shravan’s room to look for a file.

Prita asks Sumo if she shouldn’t rest for the day. Sumo says who will go for the meeting if I don’t.
Prita is worried for her but Sumo says I am not dying. Do it. Prita leaves. Shravan calls Sumo. Sumo thinks she knew he will call her. It turns out to be Pushkar. Pushkar teases Sumo on trying looking hot these days. She tells him to disconnect the call. Why call me from the number of someone who doesn’t care about me? Pushkar says Bhaiya only told me to call you. He reprimands Shravan for not talking to Sumo when she isn’t well. Talk to her. Why do you always fight? Shravan takes the phone reluctantly. Pushkar said you were unwell. Prita calls out for Sumo. Shravan taunts Sumo for working when she isn’t well. Your PCT wont shut down if you wont go to work one day. She replies that she too thought to focus on her life and work for some time now. He agrees with her. I should have known you can take care of yourself. Bye. She is in thoughts.

In office, Shravan thinks of Sumo’s condition. This is weird. She should rest but she went to work. Don’t know if she still has fever or not! He calls Dr. Arora to ask about Sumo’s condition. Dr. Arora says she is jhalli. She calls herself brave but is all scared all the time. I asked her to get a tetanus injection but she backed off. She has grown up but she is still scared of injection. You must know. Shravan smiles. Doc says she came alone. If anyone was there then he could have explained it to her. Explain her if you talk to her. Shravan agrees.

A flashback is shown. Sumo panics and freaks out seeing an injection. Shravan says you are scared of an injection. She nods. She tells him he isn’t strong enough to hold Sumo back. He says you will fail to be the boss of the group in the school if you don’t get well. You have to get this injection for the same reason. Doc puts injection by the time while he was talking to her to divert her attention. Sumo chases him. I wont leave you today. Flashback ends. Shravan tells himself to focus. He asks someone if they are ready for the meeting. Get everyone in the conference room. I am coming.

Shravan thinks of doctor’s words during the meeting. The employee says what should be our first reaction. Shravan says injection absentmindedly. He realises where he is. We will study it again and discuss it tomorrow. Everyone nods.

Sumo reaches home when Shravan comes. He asks her to sit in car. She says we will talk later. I am really unwell. He insists. She sits down finally. He says I dint know you would be so coward. He takes her to the clinic.

Sumo looks tensed as doc readies the injection. He asks for her hand. it wont pain. She tries to deny and gets up. Shravan tells her to sit quietly. She refuses to get an injection. I am taking medicines. He refuses to hear her. Sit down. She is all panicked. He scolds her to be quiet. Nothing will happen. She asks him how he knows. You anyways don’t care. He replies that he wouldn’t have brought her here if he dint care. She looks at him. Doc gives her injection.

Shravan drops Sumo at her home. she asks him if he wont come inside to drop her. He reasons that she went to PCT on her own only. You can go inside as well. She asks him if he is still upset over it. He denies. it is your office and it is up to you if you wish to go or not. I have a meeting. Go now. She agrees. She tries to say something but he drives away. Sumo wonders why Shravan is fighting with her. Why do you want to separate me from you once again?

Varun and Pushkar fight for sweets. Kamini is home. Kamini tells them not to fight. There are 10 more boxes. Vandy tells her to let it be. The noise pollution in the house decreased after you left. Kamini laughs. Good joke! Varun seconds Vandy. You should go to Chandigarh every month so we can get such sweets. Lala ji teases her saying he will get freedom. She acts to be upset and he makes her smile. I was fed up of eating the food cooked by Vandy. Kamini says don’t say anything against her. Shravan greets his Chachi. She offers him sweets but he refuses to eat it. Lala ji wonders what happened to Shravan. Pushkar says maybe it is because of the case. Kamini coughs to get Vandy aside. What happened in my absence? Vandy says I have to tell you a very interesting thing. I have to show it to you actually!

Prita asks Sumo how she is feeling now. Sumo asks her why she looks upset. Did you have a fight with your husband again? Prita denies. the new client (Mr. Pradhan) called. He liked the food but he felt that the veggie was pretty much red. He asked me if we put colours in food. I said it isn’t possible. You can come and check yourself. He has agreed but it is all because of the guy who sent chillies. Sumo is relieved that Prita handled the situation well. She thinks to teach a lesson to the guy (Shivam). She sends him a message. You have used my friendship till date for your own selfish reasons. I am coming at 7 pm tonight to settle my account. From now on we both will go our separate ways. Don’t call to apologize later. She sends it to Shravan by mistake.

Shravan and Pushkar are discussing a case when Shravan’s phone beeps. He is shocked and confused to read the message. Pushkar calls for his attention. Shravan makes him repeat it and agrees with what he said. He thinks of the message.

Sumo comes to Shivam’s shop. She snatches his phone and puts it aside. He says Satyanaash. She shows him the red chilli. It is only red colour. There is no chilli. I come 40 kms away only to take chilli from you as you are my friend. He sends a boy to get something cold for her. She says you wont even reply to my messages now. He swears that he dint get any message. She checks her phone. I sent this message to Shravan? It means he will think. Shivam asks her what happened. She says Beda garak. He tries to talk to her but she runs away.

Sumo keeps trying number but his phone is on silent. She thinks he was already angry. It will only increase now. It will take an hour to be there.

Pushkar suggests going to some client’s office to brief him. Shravan tells him to g. I am waiting for someone. Pushkar nods and leaves. Shravan checks his phone. 3 missed calls from Sumo. He reads her message once again.

Sumo is in traffic. Shravan is not picking his phone. She calls Pushkar. He asks her how she is. Did your hotness decrease or not! She asks him about Shravan. He tells her that he is in office. I think he is waiting for someone. Sumo says he is waiting for me. Aaj to tu gayi Sumo.

Precap: Shravan tells Sumo she has been doing this from the beginning. I used to do everything for you including your homework, fixing your cycle, everything but you always go ahead with others leaving me alone. You do it intentionally. You did it during the prom too. She says why I would do so. He angrily replies that she very well knows he misses her. She looks at him.

Written Update by Pooja

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