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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumo is outside her house. She looks sadly at the house and calls Shravan. He notices her call but ignores it. He tries again but there is no response. She leaves for Malhotra House.

Sumo heads upstairs to Shravan’s room to meet him. She knocks at the door. She enters as it is open. Shravan is not in his room. She checks in the bathroom too but in vain. She finds his jacket on the bed. Did he really leave for London? Servant brings water for her. She asks for Shravan but he too is clueless. She goes out in the garden. Shravan is walking in one corner. Sumo goes to him. He walks away from her but she follows him. He finally stops. She shares that Nanu sent her here. Ramnath uncle and Pushkar aren’t here. Nanu wanted you to take the case. She tells him about Khosla coming to their house. Nanu asked if you could take up this case. He deduces that this is what Nanu wants. He wants me to stay back. What about you? What do you want? She replies that she wants what Nanu wants. Will you stay back for this case? He agrees. You finally allowed me to stay in India but I cannot understand one thing. you were wishing for me to go back till morning. How did this change happen now? Selfishness! People change as per their needs. I saw it today too. I am not like them. I neither change my words nor decisions. I will go to London on Monday. It will be good for both of us. This is what you said. As you said, I will call you from the landline as soon as I reach there. She tells him to go. There are many lawyers in Delhi anyways. He walks away angry / hurt. She looks sad. He hears her driving away.

A flashback is shown. Sumo calls the day boring because of too many classes and projects. He offers to do the project for her. She thanks him. You are here to help me only. Flashback ends.

Sumo comes home. Nana ji has been waiting for her. She goes upstairs to tell him what happened with Shravan. He keeps on asking back to back questions. What time will he come? She lies that he wanted to come today only. I stopped him. He is going back to London on Monday. He wanted to open the court right away but he cannot file a case in India. He does not have a license. Nana ji says Ramnath has many lawyers under him. She lies that she got one name. He asks for name. She diverts the topic and sends him to sleep. He leaves. Sumo notices the lights of his room. Please sleep. He agrees.

Next morning, Khosla comes home. Mami ji drops the pot of milk. He walks inside with his assistant before anyone can react. The assistant asks about Khosla. They give him a chocolate. Khosla greets Nana ji as he comes there. I couldn’t sleep last night because I worried you with such a big amount. I bought a trunk from market to lighten your worry. The amount isn’t small. Rachna brings tea for them. Khosla asks for biscuits too. He asks Mama ji to get his money till the time they drink tea. Mama ji says we cannot arrange for this much amount so soon. Sumo asks her Nanu why he isn’t telling him anything. Khosla repeats that truth always wins. Sumo is sure her mother did not take any money from you. He speaks about the papers. She does not back off. If she indeed took it then how did you realise it after 18 years? Khosla walks up to her. I thought Priya ji will return the money whenever she will have it but then I got to know of her demise. May her soul rest in peace. He acts before Nanu. I would have never come to ask for money if it wasn’t about my daughter’s wedding. I too have to show my face to God. Mami ji says we don’t have this much money. He agrees not to ask for it then. He asks his assistant to pick up his diary and pen. We will solve this problem. He begins to inspect the house. This cannot happen. Nanu asks him what he means. Khosla suggests taking the plot that belongs to Priya ji. This entire house is more than what you owe to me. I have an idea. Sell this house to me. I will give you 20 crores. You will find a nice bungalow in Vasant Kunj for yourself in 4-5 crores. You can live peacefully with the rest of the amount. Mami gets happy but Nanu asks Khosla to leave. Don’t look at this house again. Khosla says I will go. Give me my money or we will meet in court. Nanu tells him to do what he wants. Khosla repeats truth always wins. Outside, Khosla tells his assistant to file a case in court.

Nana ji questions Mami on what she said. Mami ji and Rachna support Khosla’s idea before Nanu. Dabbu refuses to live anywhere else. Mami sends him inside. She repeats that they should bear the brunt of Priya’s mistake. Whatever amount we will get after selling the house will be divided between me and Rachna. No one else will get even a penny. I will say yes to Khosla. Nanu is sure her Priya cannot do anything wrong. I am still alive to take the decisions of this house. No one can even think of selling Tiwari House.

Precap: Nanu assures Sumo nothing will happen to this house. You are my only hope now. She makes him sit. He asks to meet the lawyer which Shravan gave to her. 

Written Update by Pooja

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