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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 19th September 2016 Written Update

Shravans steps out and switches his phone on. So many missed calls? He calls his father. ramnath asks him where he is. Are you fine? Shravan does not tell him anything. I am perfectly fine. I had a small accident but I am fine. Ramnath panics and asks him too many questions. Shravan assures him he is fine. Car got dent. Nothing major! I will come home and tell you everything. Ramnath calms down. Go to Tiwari House to meet Tiwari ji first. He was really worried. Shravan agrees. I am alright. Ramnath nods.

Pushkar goes aside to attend Shravan’s call. Everyone is waiting for you since long. Where are you? Shravan says I got stuck in something. Get a water bottle, some napkins and come out. everyone will ask me questions if they will see me like this. Pushkar asks him what happened. shravan does not share. Come out with the stuff. Pushkar agrees. Preeti comes to ask him about Shravan. Pushkar says I don’t know but he is about to reach. Preeti complains that Shravan has already made fun of Di by marrying her in court. What did he say? Where is he? When is he coming? Pushkar says I don’t know. Don’t trouble me by saying all this now. She is taken aback. Shravan did wrong and I am the one troubling you? He suggests her to talk about this later. She agrees but is surely upset.

Shravan reaches Tiwari House. Pushkar looks at his condition. I don’t understand anything. First your marriage and then you go missing. This is how you come back. Shravan says this is what happens when two interesting people marry. How’s the atmosphere inside? Pushkar says Dada ji is upset. Shravan nods. It was impossible to call and reach out to anyone from where I was. He changes his shirt and wears his coat. Let us go inside and complete this formality now. Mind has become weird after wedding. They head inside.

Everyone is relieved to see Shravan walk in with Pushkar. Nanu complains to him for being late. Shravan lies that he got stuck in traffic. I came as per my promise. Nanu says forget about promise. Everything is so weird. Shravan apologizes to Nanu. Please forgive me. If my wife is ready then can I take her home with me? Mami ji says she is ready. She is waiting for you since long. Shravan says she might have to wait if I will come late from office in future. Mami ji turns to go to Sumo’s room when Rachna Massi shares that Sumo left for PCT with Prita. She told me to call her when Shravan is home. Everything is ready otherwise. Nanu gets upset as either of Shravan and Sumo is unavailable all the time. Call her. Rachna nods.

Kamini ji is all anxious. Vandy is tired because of all the waiting. Should I wear something designer? Kamini ji tells her not to. We are going to welcome Suman Tiwari only. She gets Preeti’s call. Vandy asks her what Preeti said. Kamini ji tells her what’s happening in Tiwari House. This started before Grah Pravesh only. They will not spare each other once they are here together. it will be worth seeing how Ramnath Bhaisahab will handle things. Get ready. Vandy says should I get ready then. You only said just now. Kamini ji gives up on her (tera kuch nai ho sakta).

Rachna shares Sumo forgot her phone at home and Prita is picking her phone. Nanu gets upset. Shravan gets up to go asking Preeti and Pushkar to bring Sumo. Nanu asks him to wait for Sumo now as she waited for him too. Husband should also learn to wait for wife if she gets late. Shravan sits down reluctantly. He thinks I know you did this willingly Suman so your ego is well fed. You are going to come to my house now. We will then see who wins and who loses.

Dabbu comes home. Are you all waiting for me? Are we going to see family picture? Pushkar tells him that Sumo DI and Shravan married. We have come to take her. Dabbu is surprised. You dint even bring Baraat. Mami ji says your Jiju will tell everything later. Dabu asks Shravan if he had an arranged or love marriage. Pushkar and Shravan say love and arranged at once. Dabbu says neither of you know what it really was. Pushkar says it was love before and then it was arranged by elders. Mami ji sends Dabbu to freshen up.

Shravan makes Pushkar call Prita. Mama ji is sure she must be in stuck in some work. Nanu is feeling uneasy. What if something happened? Shravan worries about Aditya.

Shravan asks Pushkar if he spoke to Prita. He declines. She might not have noticed. Sumo will come. Shravan insists upon him to do as he says. Pushkar calls again but there is no reply. What is the matter? Shravan tells him to think where Sumo can go after PCT. Pushkar reasons that she wont. She said she is only going to PCT. Why are you so worried? Shravan gets upset. This is the problem! Pushkar gets Prita’s call just then. I dint see my phone. I am sorry. Why did you call so many times? Pushkar asks about Sumo. Prita shares that Sumo left a while ago. Isn’t she home yet? Shravan takes the phone from Pushkar. Did you see Aditya near Sumo or PCT? Prita agrees. How do you know it? Shravan gets angry. When and how? Prita says he came to PCT but dint say anything after knowing about your marriage with Sumo. I scolded him badly. He was in shock it seems. Shravan tells her to make them call him in case she gets any news of Sumo. Shravan vows to teach Aditya a lesson. Pushkar tries to find out what’s the matter with him. Shravan angrily walks out from the house without telling anyone anything. Mami ji asks Shravan if he had a word with Sumo. He walks ahead while looking back and collides with Sumo. They look at each other for a moment.

Shravan asks Sumo if she is fine. Did someone say anything to you or tried to harm her? (tum theek ho? Kya kisi ne tumhe kuch kaha ya nuksaan pahunchane ki koshish ki?) She shakes her head. he demands to know why she got so late. Do you realise how much worried we were? She replies that she waited too. He scolds her for not taking her phone with her. She reasons that the battery was dead so she left it here. What’s the point of freaking out? Nanu justifies Shravan’s concern. We too were worried for you. He is your husband now. He married you today. He is worried since so long. He dint even sit for a second. Sumo and Shravan look at each other. Mami ji sends Sumo and Preeti to get Sumo’s stuff. Nanu tells Shravan to calm down. Sumo is at home.

Dabbu tells Shravan he never saw him this angry before. Do you get angry too? Nanu seconds him. I dint know you could get so upset on Sumo. Dabbu relates that his father loves him too. I missed school bus one day and got locked in school by mistake. When I came out, papa slapped me and then hugged me tight. I was confused at his reaction. I asked him about it and he said he loves me a lot so he was very much scared. You (Shravan) too were worried for Suman Didi as you love her, right? Epi ends on Shravan’s speechless (but full of emotions) face.

Precap: Mami ji gives vermilion box to Sumo. There is no meaning of marriage without vermilion in our family. Sumo tells her to let it be. Who believes in all this these days? Preeti looks at her in surprise.

Written Update by Pooja

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