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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 19th May 2016 Written Update

Nirmala enters the house and takes blessings of nanaji.She says she came to Delhi after long time and wanted to meet nanaji before leaving as these are the only relations left.nanaji asks how is your family in mumbai,she says everyone is fine.they all ask her to stay back for few days here in their home.Suman is tensed in her room,Shravan asks her are you going to tell me what happened or not.She stops him from leaving the room,she says she liked a guy from the photos and she wants to share that with him.He gets happy but then he realises she dnt see any photo.She says I saw the photo in your hand and liked him.She asks him to call that guy but they realise the phone number is on the backside of the photo and is left in nanaji room.Suman stops sharan from leaving the room and herself goes to gets the photo.
Nirmala is shown speaking with nanaji,she says nidhi is studying in USA and aditya is managing her business.Just then sumo comes there,Sumo and nirmala meet each other and nanaji says shravan came to our house and is downstairs now .Nirmala gets emotional hearing this ,she asks if shravan knows she is here.She asks suman to send him of from the house and he shldnt come to know that shes here.sumo randomly gets a guys photo and shows it to shravan,he laughs seeing that photo saying how did you like this guy .Sumo tries sending him from the home.he makes fun of her and teases her with the guy.They keep fighting loudly,nirmala hears shravan voice and gets emotional.She tries seeing him hiding near the stairs but fails to see him.sumo thinks when aunty herself doesn’t want to meet him,why is she getting emotional.
Tiwari family have dinner together and they have a fun chat.Nirmala says I’m proud of Suman,she made her passion her profession.She was good in cooking from childhood.Sumo serves dal and asks Nirmala to taste it ,Nirmala getting happy thinking suman still remembers this recipe.Suman says this was even shravans favourite dal and he used to love it when he was a kid.Nirmala gets emotional hearing that and leaves from there.Shravan enters his home and is furious to see nirmalas painting on the wall.Vandi says I kept the painting their,Shravan gets angry and shouts on her.She says the painting was pretty so I hung there.pushkars dad tells vandi that the portrait is shravans moms.
Sumo is in nanajis home,Nanaji asks sumo not to prepare food because he eats more food when she cooks.Sumo asks Nirmala aunty used to love shravan and her family a lot ,does she love them even now.Nanaji says how can a person stop loving someone in a day and shravan is her son so she must be loving him .Sumo says now why do they hate each other so much,nanaji says because they used to love each other a lot now they hate each other more.Nanaji says they must all be having some misunderstanding ,sumo says then it can be solved right .Nanaji says yes ,if they have someone who can mediate between them and try to make them talk,they can be solved.
Mamiji and bua are talking about Nirmala,mamiji says if ramnath comes to knw that after all this time we still maintained relation with Nirmala what might he think abt us .bua says he won’t know and says ramnath and nanajis relation is very old and it won’t get spoiled because of small things like this.Sumo takes paan to Nirmala and they have a chat on old times.Sumo asks Nirmala why did you people shift to Mumbai.She stays i wanted to be far away from everyone .Nirmala says I have only two things in delhi,one is tiwari house and the other is my house in Mumbai where I can’t go.Sumo asks don’t you feel like meeting him,nirmala says it was hard leaving him and going but it was correct.Nirmala asks sumo if she can see shravan even from far but then gets nervous.sumo convinces her to see shravan atleast from far .
Nirmala says she couldn’t sleep all night ,she was thinking abt shravan.She asks suman to say something about shravan .She opens Facebook’s and shows his picture.Nirmala gets happy seeing Shravans photo.Sumo says soon I’ll make you meet him.

Precap-Sumo is on call,she is asking shravan not to cancel the meeting he says we have to postpone it as I called the tiffin center guy to cook the dal.She says why did u call him.He asks her to come and learn some cooking from him .She gets tensed thinking that tiffin center guy might spill out the truth about dal

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