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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 19th April 2016 Written Update

Rachna brings Nanu to the main hall. Mami ji gives him kheer. Be happy now as our house wont be sold. Nanu says I am happy for you. I regret one thing. I got this house with name and respect but had to lose to a man like Khosla today. I am ok if you guys are ok with it. Shravan did it all to save us and this house. It is a loan on us. We will have to pay it back. They think how to do so. Mami has a suggestion. We can sell this house. We will pay the debt and everyone’s life will be settled. Dabbu refuses to leave the house. Mami ji tells him not to speak in between elders. Nanu tells him the same. mami talks about her idea. Preeti and Rachna are also excited about it. Sumo comes just then. Mami gives her kheer. We understand your pain but we have nothing against Priya. My father used to say let bygones be bygones. Shravan sorted half of the matter. The rest can be sorted by selling the house. Sumo is in tears.

Shravan is disturbed by Sumo’s words. He takes out his phone.

Sumo is looking at her mother’s photo when her phone rings. She lets her phone ring. Shravan thinks it was his mistake. I only will set it right.

Next morning, Sumo comes to office. She notices the mess on the board. She angrily shouts Prita. She herself begins to clean the board. Prita tells her to let it be. I will make the maid clean it. Sumo wipes it off with her dupatta. This is my mother’s name. I wont spare anyone if they spoil my mother’s name. Prita stops her. it is clean now. I promise you it wont happen again. Sumo says anything can happen but there should be no blot on my mother’s name. You guys should atleast understand it that there is nothing bigger than my mother for me. Prita apologizes to her. I promise you we will always take care of it. She takes her inside.

Mama ji and Mausa ji are watching match. Mami ji switches the tv off. Anuj called. He asked all four of us to shift to America after selling the house. Bablu gets excited. Mami ji corrects him. it means I, Dabbu, Preeti and my husband. Our life will be set. Rachna too thinks to look for a new house in a posh area. They discuss their plans. Mama tells them to stop dreaming. The house it still not sold. Mami says we have to see dreams to make them come true. They stop talking as Sumo comes there. She asks them why they are talking about separating. Tiwari Villa might not remain but we can stay together atleast. She sits down next to Mama ji. Stop this family from breaking apart. He tells her it wont break. It will never happen. We will stay together always. Mami ji says it isn’t called separation but moving on. There is nothing wrong with that. Mama ji counters it. Mami says we will talk later but he refuses to talk about it anytime. We all will stay together or I wont sign the papers. She acts to agree for now. Sumo gives tea to everyone. Mami suggests looking for buyers as it will anyways take time. She takes Bablu and Rachna inside to talk on the same. Mama ji notices Sumo’s sad face. He hugs her. I wish we find a way to not sell this house at all!

Shravan walks inside Khosla’s office. Khosla asks Shravan if he came to make any new settlement. He denies. I came to unsettle you. Khosla says I dint understand. Shravan says you wouldn’t have made such a big mistake if you understood it (agar tum itne hi samajhdaar hote to itni badi bewakoofi nahi karte). I told you not to tell Tiwari ji yet. Khosla says it was bound to happen sooner or later. Shravan nods. I will tell you something now. Our deal is cancelled. Khosla does not mind at all. He returns the cheque to SHravan. I will get my money today or tomorrow in court as truth always wins. Shravan tears the cheque. Court will decide what’s right and wrong. He leaves. Khosla’s assistant says everything is happening the way you wanted. You are genius. Khosla says wait and watch my game now.

Khosla calls at Tiwari Villa. Shravan took the cheque back and tore it in pieces. It was good that I dint take the case back or I would have been finished. I have another offer for you of 15 crores. You have 24 hours. Your time starts now. He disconnects the call. Everyone gets tensed. Mami ji calls out angrily for Sumo. You only asked Shravan to take the cheque back. Sumo is surprised. He took the cheque back? Mama ji says why will she tell Shravan this. Mami is still angry with her. Why are you after us? Sumo tries to explain but Mami ji pushes Sumo angrily. Shravan holds Sumo. Mami ji composes herself before Shravan. He says it was my decision to give cheque to Khosla and it was also my decision to take it back. I was looking for an easy way to be free from him. Easy ways are always dangerous which I realise now. My plan now will surely be successful. One more thing, this house is worth 150 crores. Everyone is stunned. Shravan says I am not lying. Mami says you already did what you have to. He tries to make her understand. I am saying it with some right. She points out that neither he nor Sumo has a right over this house. He only wants to help them. She talks about the cheque which he took back. He wants to prove Priya aunty innocent. Mami ji asks if Priya’s mistake will be rectified if this house is sold in 150 crores. Khosla already decreased the amount to 15 crores. We will lose everything if we delay anymore. Shravan assures her nothing like that will happen. Atleast listen to my plan. Mami asks Sumo to hear his plan too. Sumo leaves from there quietly.

Precap: Shravan shares his plan with Tiwari family. Later, Shravan tells Sumo that two things are important to win any fight – truth and support. I am fighting for truth. Will you support me?

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