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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 18th August 2016 Written Update

Sumo tells Preeti not to think so much. I said I will handle everything. Don’t ruin your special day by thinking about all this. I am doing all this for your happiness. How will it matter if you aren’t hapy? You have to be happy for your Di. She gets message from Aditya. Preeti asks her about the message but Sumo doesn’t say anything. She puts the dupatta on Preeti’s head.

At Malhotra House, Kamini ji does Pushkar’s aarti. Lala ji blesses him to be happy always. It is every father’s dream to see his son getting married. It is a really lucky day for me today. You are going to enter a new phase of your life. Stay blessed always. Your wife should also speak nicely about you even we speak about this day after 10 years. Everyone dances as the drums start playing. Pushkar sits atop a horse.

The bride’s side is excited to see the baraat. Sumo watches baraat from upstairs. Aditya and Sumo look at each other. She feels uncomfortable. Shravan also looks up. Sumo notices both Aditya and Shravan looking at her. She looks down. Aditya asks Shravan to dance but he refuses to dance before strangers.

Both the families meet and greet one another. Ramnath asks Mama ji about Tiwari ji’s health. Mama ji says he is better than before. Lala ji goes to tell the drummers to stop. We are at our destination. Let us go inside now. Sumo does everyone’s tilak one by one. It is Shravan’s turn. Sumo and Shravan stare at each other. Mami asks Sumo to do Shravan’s teeka but he goes to Rachna. Aditya comes before Sumo. I will get teeka from bride’s sister. It is special. He asks Sumo to smile but she says not now. There are too many people around. He smiles. You already started torturing me. He goes inside.

The family members come to Nanu’s room. We have decided to do the Jaimala before you. Nanu is touched by this gesture. Preeti and Pushkar are about to exchange garlands before Nanu but he tells them to do some masti. Enjoy this moment. Lift Preeti high. We wont let Pushkar take Preeti so easily. Mama ji and Mausa ji lift Preeti. they ask for help. Nanu asks Sumo to help them. Aditya helps them too. They finally lift Preeti high. Pushkar says brother can back out but my brother cannot. Shravan joins Pushkar. Girls can play with hearts but they are always below boys in terms of strength. He lifts Pushkar really high. Lala ji adds that after marriage the strength of men fails before women. They have to agree what women say. Shravan says this is why there is no point getting hitched. Pushkar is stuck now so no problem. Pushkar and Preeti exchange garlands.

Pushkar and Preeti are in the mandap. Shravan teases his brother to think again. pushkar looks happily at him. Kamini ji gets her friend a chair with Mausa ji’s help. She is irked. Vandy is happy with the arrangements though. I learnt so many taunts but they are of no use now. Kamini is isn’t happy as the arrangements aren’t up to mark for their guests. People are taking turns to sit like it happens in Musical Chair. It is all because of Ramnath. I cannot even sleep peacefully now. Vandy tells her to watch daily soaps instead. Kamini ji tells her to be quiet. Shravan and Sumo are trying to avoid each other while Aditya is trying to come between them. There is something between them. Vandy says Shravan and Sumo are best friends. Why will he avoid Sumo? Kamini ji gives up on her. Don’t use your brain too much.

pundit ji asks for ghee. Sumo is going when Aditya pulls her inside a room. Shravan sees it and is tensed. Sumo stands tensed as Aditya holds her hand. You dint tell me anything. Say the truth which will change my life. She tries to avoid answering but he insists. Outside, Shravan is restless. Aditya says I understand now. You want me to confess my feelings first. I saw you first time on the day of sangeet. I realised that the girl standing in front of me is the one. I lost myself in that one moment and found you. So, Miss Suman Tiwari, I love you. She says what you are saying. He tells her not to be shy. I spoke my feelings so genuinely to you. it is your turn now. She suggests talking about this later. He stays put. I said what’s in my heart. Its your turn now. Someone calls out for Sumo so she excuses herself. Aditya is in no mood to give up. I will ask you today only.

Shravan notices Sumo coming out of the room followed by Aditya. Aditya is looking sweetly at Sumo. Shravan gets really upset as he watches it all. Aditya goes in another direction. Sumo gives ghee to pundit ji. Two girls ask Sumo about Shravan. He is so handsome. Make us meet him too. We might get lucky. Sumo notices Preeti tensed. Don’t think about this. Enjoy your life. A little kid informs Sumo that Nanu is calling her. She heads upstairs. Shravan looks upset.

Sumo comes to Nanu’s room. Aditya is already there. Nanu makes Sumo sit down next to him. He tells Aditya Sumo will make any house beautiful. You are Nirmala’s son. there isn’t anything to worry now yet I have to say something being from the girl’s side. Sumo has been through a lot. You have to look after her once I am gone. Give her lots of love. Aditya says I know you love her a lot. I wont be able to love her like you but I promise you Sumo wont lack love or anything ever. Nanu asks Aditya if he is happy with the alliance. Aditya answer positively. Nanu asks Sumo the same question. She goes blank and tensed which worries Nanu. Sumo tells him he has been speaking since too long. I think you need rest. Nanu understands he is pressurising her a little. You dint answer. It is very important to know your answer. Don’t worry about my health. Nirmala gave me a new life by speaking about this alliance. Tell me what’s in your heart. Are you happy? She nods sadly. I am very happy. Nanu is happy to hear it. I will get fit in no time now. I am so eager to get up. You gave me such happiness today!

Precap: Aditya says next turn is mine. It will happen soon. I will waste no time in marriage (chatt mangni aur patt shaadi). They ask about the girl. Aditya tells them that they know the girl really well. She is Shravan’s best friend – Suman Tiwari. Shravan looks stunned and heartbroken.

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  1. Nice episode but very emotional as shravan n sumo r just behaving as strangers??????????????????????????????????????????????????so sad but very interesting.??????????????


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