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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 18th April 2016 Written Update

Shravan thinks of the case in his room. Ramnath notices him all tensed. You are thinking about the case? Pushkar told me that the case has become complicated and interesting too. what are you thinking? Shravan continues playing with the ball. Ramnath asks him if he gave up already. Should I take over the case? Shravan gets up. You shouldn’t think that the opponent (in chess) lost when he is taking too much time. It is just that he is taking up his time to plan his next move. Ramnath likes his attitude. Remember that that house means a lot to Tiwari ji. Also remember that a good lawyer is the one who wins the case inside court but a better lawyer is the one does not let it reach courtroom. He leaves. Shravan gets thinking.

At Tiwari House, everyone prays to Mata Rani. Mami ji gives the papers to Rachna to sign. She happily signs on them. It is Mama ji’s turn next. He is pensive but Mami ji gives it to him. He looks at Sumo and Nanu once. Dabbu requests his father not to sign. This house is so big and nice. All my friends stay nearby. I want to stay here only. Mami ji tells him to go back in his room. Rachna assures him that his new house will also have a garden, a swing. You can make new friends there. Mama ji signs the papers. Mami tells them to be happy. we will be free from Khosla. We will shift in a new society with lots of cash. She walks up to Sumo. Don’t think that we broke our ties with you after losing Tiwari house. We have raised you like a daughter. She asks everyone to keep 25 lacs aside from everyone’s share for Sumo’s marriage. We will marry her in a grand manner.

Shravan is at Khosla’s office. Khosla says I became your fan on the first day itself. I am your AC and cooler also today. it is a sign of a great lawyer who settles things outside. Shravan says you put a claim of 4.5 crores on Tiwari ji. You dint think he is a retired man. Mama ji does not earn much yet you put them in such tension? Khosla says I had many so I thought to give them some as well. Shravan knows he made it all up. Khosla agrees. Shravan gives a signed cheque to Khosla (of the claim amount). Khosla declines based on the expenses that the case cost him till now. Shravan says I will give it to Tiwari ji. he will submit it in court. Khosla knows he wont be able to do it. you cannot show someone you are doing a favour on them. you wouldn’t have come here if you wanted to give it to him. Shravan agrees. I don’t want him to know but now I think he should. You will regret it if you don’t take it. you will lose 1.5 crores for no reason. Khosla is confused. Shravan moves the envelope closer. Khosla is shocked to see the amount (6 crores). You gave me extra money! I will keep quiet all my life for 1.5 crores! Shravan says good. Withdraw the case by submitting affidavit. The cheque will be claimed. He goes. Khosla’s assistant says Shravan loves Tiwari Villa too much. Khosla points out that he loves Sumo. Khosla’s assistant says he broke your dream. Khosla tells him to wait and watch. My dream will come true.

Mami ji makes Bablu call Khosla who walks in just then. Mami gives him the papers. Khosla gives them to his assistant to tear them. His assistant tears them. Everyone is shocked. Khosla says this isn’t needed. I have decided to take the case back. Mama ji questions him. Khosla acts to be bound by some promise. I cannot tell you the reason. Nanu and Sumo come there. Mami and Rachna ask Khosla about it but he acts to be bound by promise. His assistant points out that he can atleast show if not tell. Khosla smiles. He shows them the cheque. They are shocked to see the cheque signed by Shravan. Sumo too looks at it. Khosla takes it back from her. I cannot tell anything more than this. Priya ji took money from me. I got them back so there is no point of filing a case. He leaves with his assistant.

Dabbu excitedly cheers against Khosla in the house. Everyone is happy to have their house back to themselves. Mami has made kheer for everyone. She asks about Sumo.

Sumo is with Shravan. He says this park dint change. She nods. Some things don’t change at all. He asks her if she is still worried about the case. I told you I will find a way out before the next hearing. She says it’s all sorted already. You lived up to your words. You might have chosen any way but win is win after all. Khosla came to tell he will take the case back. You saved the house by paying him but proved my dead mother wrong for forever. you proved it that Late Mrs. Priya Tiwari took money from Khosla. In return she mortgaged a part of her house. He calls it a lie. She knows he believes in it. But what about everyone else? How will I prove my mother innocent when the case is over! He gets sad and shocked realising the same. She says thank you to him. He says sorry to him. I got so engrossed in saving your home that I dint realise! I had no such intention. She talks about outcome instead of intention in such cases. They matter more. She walks away sadly. Title track plays. He eyes her sadly as she walks away.

Precap: Khosla asks Shravan if he came to make any new settlement. He denies. I came to unsettle things. Mami ji is upset with Sumo. Why are you after us?

Written Update by Pooja

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