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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 17th June 2016 Written Update

The door of pct gets sealed and sumo receives notice and is shocked to see shravans name on that.She says Shravan can’t do this ,he always helps me.Prita says okay let’s go and find out.Prita and sumo leave in the car.

In the office ramnath and everyone are praising Shravan and having a party,just then sumo and Prita come there and see the party going on.Ramnath sees sumo and he comes out to meet her . ramnath says what happened ,what do you want.Sumo says I wanted to speak to Shravan. ramnath says I will not let Shravan help you even if he wants to.Shravan sees sumo and ramnath speaking and he comes out.Sumo asks ramnath how can you do all this to me only because of that incident ,Shravan comes there and shouts on sumo.He asks sumo to leave from there.He says I did all this,leave from here and don’t speak to my father that way.Sumo says I should have understood when you said you wanted to close the place that dal is made.They stare at each other and ramnath smiles evily.Sumo leaves from there helplessly.Shravan is sad seeing sumo.Sumo comes outside the office and thinks of Shravans words and cries .She says I dnt knw you will take revenge on me this way.Shravan thinks of sumos words and the client comes there and says let’s celebrate and don’t be sad.client is drunk and says she wasn’t your status so don’t think of her.Shravan slaps him angrily and says sorry and leaves from there.ramnath is tensed seeing that.Sumo comes back to pct and everyone ask her if Shravan will help them.She remains silent and cries .They load all the items and vessels of pct in a truck and sumo takes the pct board and gets sad seeing the broken board.Truck reaches tiwari house and all the family members are shocked seeing all the vessels. Nanu asks how did this happen.Prita says him about everything that happened.Everyone try to console her.Mami says if god closes one door he will open many doors.nanu says this is life and says ups and downs are common and only people who don’t give up win .

sumo looks at her mother name on the board and says she won’t lose .Pct won’t lose ,she will not let someone spoil her mother name .Mamaji says pct will become more successful than before .He asks sumo to take rest .Prita and the other workers leave from there.Nananji prays to god to give sumo strength. Mamaji and preeti ask sumo not to worry and they are with her.They ask her to lie down and sleep

Pushkar comes to shravans room and says how could you do this intentionally. You dint do the correct thing. Shravan says what does it matter now,if I did it intentionally or not .I did what a lawyer had to do.pushkar asks him what about duties of a friend.He says you weren’t here when sumo started pct four years back.He says sumo dint have money for workers so she cooked herself and delivered all the lunch boxes.He asks Shravan did you ever see her cooking,she looks so happy cooking.He says though Shravan is a good lawyer,if he can’t see his friends tears he can never be a good friend.

Precap:kamini and ramnath are speaking.ramnath says I have separated sumo from Shravan but I have to do something to make Shravan hate sumo.Ramnath is seen going to that client and he says that he wants to buy the pct land.

Written Update by Deepali

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