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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 16th May 2016 Written Update

Vandy meets Sumo. I am so happy for you. You are getting married! Sumo asks her if Shravan told her. Vandy denies. Bahadur Kaka told me. Shravan is so excited. He is telling everyone. I understand as you are childhood friends. I dint expect you to have an arrange marriage. Sumo says it will happen if God wants it. Vandy gets excited. Sumo thinks he is so excited talking about my marriage. Now I will go only after seeing his excitement hearing about his marriage. Vandy asks her if she is going. Sumo says how I can go without drinking coffee made by you. Vandy happily takes her along.

Shravan is puzzled to hear everyone talking about his marriage. Shravan calls it a misunderstanding of their and Sumo. Ramnath says it might be but it is your age. Turn it into reality. Vandy teases Shravan. What kind of a girl you want? Varun suggests taking off from office for a few days to do the same. Shravan makes it clear to everyone that he never wanted to or wants to get married in life. Lala ji tries to make light of the situation but Shravan adds that maybe she (Sumo) doesn’t know how much he respects women. I have no place for any woman in life. Ramnath asks him what is he saying. Shravan replies that he knows it too well. Who else can know it better than you? Ramnath says you cannot judge everyone equally. It isn’t easy to live your life alone. No one can understand it better than me. Shravan tells them to find a girl of their choice then. I will get married then but only for your sake. He walks away angrily. Everyone stands there tensed.

Shravan paces angrily in his room. Sumo knocks at the door. He angrily says yes. Sumo comes inside. Shravan asks her if she has come to convince him for marriage. She says I dint know you will take it this seriously. Shravan says the problem of women is that you women think you know everything. In reality you only know how to do drama. You can stoop low for it too. I am sure you would have done this drama for some reason. My mother left me and my father at the time when we needed her most. I realised it back then itself that a man should do anything in life but never trust any woman. My mother gave me and papa a lot of pain. I lost my childhood. I gave up but papa dint. I wouldn’t have been this successful otherwise. You thought I forgot this? I dint! She knows it already. You were saying something similar in your unconscious state. But these thoughts will only hurt you. He tells her to shut up. I don’t need your advice in this case. She tries to make him understand stating the example of her parents. He reasons that his mother is very much alive. She never came to meet me to tried to find out about me? Never! This is truth. She never came to meet me even though she is alive. She never wants to know how her son is. All women are alike – selfish and cheater! Sumo tries to say something but he warns her to stay away from his personal life. Nothing is going to change. I know what my mother did, not you. Stay out of it. If you try to change anything again then our friendship will be over. It will be better if you will stay away from this matter. He angrily asks her to leave. Sumo goes sadly.

Sumo comes home. She is pained thinking about Shravan’s words. I understand your pain but how is it right that you think all women are bad and hate them, just because of your mother? You think same way about me?

Shravan is on the terrace. Ramnath comes there. I cannot understand today if I should be scared or feel bad seeing my son talk this way. Truth is I feel both ways today. I am afraid what will happen to you tomorrow. What will be your future? I feel bad thinking what I turned you into. There is so much bitterness inside you. Shravan dismisses it. Ramnath asks him what is going inside his mind. Shravan asks him about his mother. Ramnath says she never tried to enquire about us and even I dint. Why do you ask all this suddenly? Shravan wishes to meet her once. I want to know what mistake we made that she left us. She ruined our family. We are still bearing the brunt of that mistake! Ramnath says I told you everything already. Shravan wants to hear it from his mother looking into his eye. Ramnath replies she cannot even look at herself after what she has done. Your past will not let you move on. Forget it like I have! Shravan refuses.

Shravan thinks of the past. Shravan had high fever. Ramnath is taking care of him. Shravan asks for his mom. Ramnath says I am here with you. Brave kids don’t cry. He goes to bring medicine for Shravan. His wife comes just then. She asks him where he is going right now. He shares that Shravan is unwell. They argue over her work and how she does not have time for their son. she retorts that the person who stays at home all day wont understand anything. It would have been good if you would have argued in court instead of arguing with me. I want to give every luxury to my son. I can do anything for that sake if I have to. Ramnath thanks Tiwari ji for giving him his first independent case. His wife congratulates him. He advises her to leave her job and stay at home for Shravan. She reasons that he is always after her leaving her job. You only got a case as of now. You haven’t won it yet. They argue once again over her boss and job. Shravan overhears them. One day, Shravan comes home from school. He is excited to show his trophy to mom. Ramnath tells him that she left them and this house. Shravan is stunned. Mom cannot leave me. You are lying. She has herself told me she cannot live without me. Ramnath calls it a lie. Shravan is sure Ramnath fought with him. Ramnath denies. Shravan asks him to go to her friends’ place to look for her. Ramnath agrees for his sake. Flashback ends.

Another flashback shows Shravan going to school to meet Sumo in the same state. He tells her that his mom left for someplace. Sumo acts like not caring. Shravan and Ramnath see Ahuja consoling Shravan’s mother. Ramnath stops Shravan from reacting. Later, Shravan see his father crying and sits down beside him. Ramnath tells him not to ask him any question. I have no answer for you. we know the truth though. Go away from this place, this city, this country. Shravan wipes his tears. Please don’t cry. Ramnath asks him to promise to go far away from here. Promise me you wont think of this ever. Shravan promises him. Flashback ends.

Shravan says I promised you I will never ask about Nirmala Ahuja from you and you will never cry. I am sorry that I broke my promise. Ramnath too says sorry to him.

Precap: Sumo is unable to reach Shravan. Why isn’t he picking my phone? I will ask him directly today what he thinks of me. Sumo storms in Shravan’s cabin. Do you think of me the same way the way you think about your mom and other women?

Written Update by Pooja

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