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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 16th June 2016 Written Update

Suman is happy seeing the cheque.She places the cheque near her mothers photo and speaks to her mother.She shares the news about the contract and says she will make priya tiffin center the best in the whole city.Then she goes to mamiji and gives her 2 lakhs and shares good news with her.She says she will return all her money soon if she keeps getting such orders.Sumo shares news with the whole family and everyone wish her .Shravan is in his office with the client and the client says he has to win the case in any way.Shravan assures him that he will win the case and not to worry.Sumo is renovating her canteen .She says Mr Mathur said there is scope for improvement in the canteen so she will renovate it.

Shravan ,pushkar and client are going in the car.Pushkar finds purse and asks whose is this.shravan says its sumos.client says sumo looks like your close friend.Shravan diverts the topic
sumo and all her colleagues are cutting a cake and celebrating .pushkar asks shravan when did you meet sumo,he remains silent.Pushkar asks shravan to stop the car near pct.Pushkar says i will return the purse and come wait here for a second.Sumo is seen changing new board for pct.Shravan sees that.Pushkar returns the purse and she tells him about her new order and gives him a cake piece.Shravan is seen uncomfortable in his car.Shravan and sumo keep staring at each other.Shravan and pushkar leave from there in car.

Shravan ,pushkar and client are in the court,ramnath comes and says i wanted to see you winning the case so i came here.sumo is shown making changes in her canteen and having fun and Shravan on the other side is fighting the case.Sumo is happy seeing her canteen renovated and does pooja and Shravan wins the case and the client gets the land.

sumo cooks halwa in the renovated canteen ,halwa accidentally burns .Prita says it’s a bad omen that halwa got burnt.Just then police come there,they ask for suman and hand her court papers.They say they started canteen on illegal land and they have to leave this place immediately. Police says in half an hour they want everything out from this place and few people are shown throwing everything out from the pct.Sumo and others try to stop it ,sumo calls lawyer and tells him that someone is throwing everything out from the pct.He says you lost the case,you have to leave.She asks what case.They throw the board down and everyone are shown stamping it.She breaks down seeing that.

prita asks sumo to do something. Sumo goes to the police and says how can you do this without some notice.police says the owner received number of notices and today he lost the case.Lawyer tells him that shravan won the case and now pct has to be removed from this place.Sumo thinks of flashback when shravan says that he wants to close the place where that dal comes from if he can.

Precap:sumo says shravan cant do this ,he always helps me and prita says lets go and find out.Prita and sumo go to shravans office .prita says they are partying here and pct got destroyed.Shravan comes out from his room and they both stare at each other.

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