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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 16th August 2016 Written Update

Ramnath is trying to call shravan. He is nowhere to be seen. He checks with security but no one has any clue. Shravan enters just then. His phone is ringing but he is unaware about it. Ramnath takes his name. Shravan stops and smiles. Ramnath questions him on his whereabouts. Shravan says I was celebrating. It was a celebration of life! He sits down on the stairs. Someone had cancer in novel. It used to not let the person live. One day it suddenly disappeared. The pain, the cancer goes away suddenly. Same happened with me today. My cancer is over. Little celebration should happen. By the way, you were right. You told me everything right about Suman. She is selfish, liar and a big plotter! There wasn’t any friendship or love. She used me. Ramnath tries to keep a reassuring hand but Shravan says it is ok. She has another guy to make him dance on her tunes now. I was a fool. You warned me yet I dint listen. My eyes are open now. The cancer is out of my life! I broke my every relation with her today. Sorry that I joined anther relation with her – of hatred. I really hate her dad but I love you. I love you very much. You are the only one who is with me since childhood, who wont leave me ever. Ramnath nods. He hugs his son. Kamini overhears them. Just one chance and I will break everything apart!

Sumo has fallen asleep next to Nanu only. Nirmala ji sees her thus. She wakes up Sumo. Is Tiwari ji’s condition better? Sumo says today is crucial. Doc can tell tomorrow only. Nirmala ji sends her to freshen up. You look really tired. I will sit with Tiwari ji. Sumo finally agrees.

Aditya calls Sumo. He talks cheerily to her. How was your first day at work? She tells him about Nanu’s condition. He assures her nothing will happen to Nanu. Look after him. He will be fine. I wont disturb you now as you might be needed at home. I will meet you in the evening. Sumo nods. the call ends. Aditya looks at the bouquet in his hand. I will fill your life with happiness very soon. Just say yes. I will wait for that day.

Nanu wakes up and coughs. Nirmala ji gives him water and then asks about his health. He says I am fighting for Sumo. I cannot die without sending her off to her home. Nirmala ji asks him why he is saying so. Nothing will happen to you. Stop worrying for Sumo. Adi is here. Nanu gets confused. Nirmala ji wonders if she should tell Tiwari ji about Sumo and Adi. I planned to talk to him after Preeti’s wedding but he might recover soon if he finds out about this. She tells him that Aditya is her son. Nanu is surprised. I am his mother after Ahuja Sir passed away. He likes Sumo and wants to marry her. Maybe Sumo also wants the same. Adi wants me to talk to you about the alliance. Fate is strange. Adi and Pushkar are friends. Adi is staying at Malhotra House. Maybe they became friends there only and it grew to love. stop worrying about Sumo now. You have to do her kanyadaan and send her to us. Nanu is highly relieved. I can live / die peacefully now. Thank God. He sent you to complete the missing mother figure in Sumo’s life. God bless you.

NIrmala ji meets Sumo. My son Aditya is really lucky. You are also very lucky as you are going to become a part of our family. Aditya has told me he loves me. Sumo is shocked to know Aditya is her son. I cannot express my happiness when he told me he loves you. If I am not wrong then you too like him a bit. Tiwari ji got so relieved and lively once I told him. Sumo is taken aback. You told Nanu? Nirmala ji nods. It’s as if he got another reason to live. I was planning to talk to him after Preeti’s wedding but I couldn’t control myself seeing his condition. I am glad my decision was right. Sumo is tensed. Nirmala ji says I understand your hesitation about marriage. Sumo tries to say something but Nirmala ji keeps talking. Don’t take any decision under pressure. Think with an open mind. Your, Aditya, Nanu and everyone’s happiness is joined with it. One more thing, Aditya, my and your relation shouldn’t come out before anyone, especially before Malhotra family. I don’t want any problem in Preeti’s marriage. She blesses Sumo. Mami ji greets NIrmala ji.

Shravan wakes up and finds his dad sitting next to him. I can handle myself. Don’t worry. Ramnath nods. I am sure. I haven’t seen you this way ever. Plus what you said. Shravan says I was in my senses when I said so. I dint lie last night. Ramnath tells him he is proud of him. I will wait downstairs. You might not know but Tiwari ji had a severe heart attack last night. Shravan gets concerned. How is he now? Ramnath replies that he will be under observation tonight. Shravan wants to meet him. Ramnath points out that Sumo will be there. Shravan says I know it but she is only a name to me – Suman. She means nothing to me. I am strong and powerful now. No one can misuse my son. He leaves.

Sumo is thinking about her convo with Nirmala ji a while ago and is disturbed. She thinks of Shravan’s hurting words yesterday. Preeti comes to tell her Dadu is calling her. Sumo rushes to her Nanu’s room. Preeti prays that everything gets well like before.

Sumo comes to her Nanu’s room. Everyone is relieved to see her. He has been asking for you since he came. Nanu tells everyone to go out. I have to talk to Sumo in private. Family members feel bad but oblige. Nanu tells Sumo Nirmala came. Did she speak to you about something? Sumo says yes but we will talk about it later. We will talk after Preeti’s wedding. Tell me what you want now. Nanu asks for her reply. She tries to dismiss it but Nanu stays put. Sumo requests Nanu not now. Nanu asks her if she is unhappy with it. Do you have something else in your mind or heart? Say if you have. Sumo is in a fix. There is nothing. Let it be. Nanu asks her what she has thought about it. Do you like Aditya or is there something wrong about him? He coughs badly. There cannot be anything wrong. Tell me if there is something in your mind. I see your mother in Nirmala. She will look after you after the wedding. I will be able to die peacefully then. Nurse asks Sumo to go out as Nanu’s condition worsens. Sumo tries to calm her Nanu. You have to get better. We will talk about it later. Nanu asks for her answer on this matter. Tell me what’s in your heart. I will be at peace then only. You will marry Aditya, right? Sumo is in tears.

Precap: Sumo tries to make Nanu understand. Please don’t be stubborn. Nurse gives injection to Nanu. She tells Sumo to leave as his condition is worsening. Nanu keeps asking the same question to Sumo. Later, Sumo cries looking at her and Shravan’s photos. Preeti notices her thus. You love Shravan since childhood? If you don’t tell me today then I swear I will break my marriage.

Written Update by Pooja

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