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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 15th June 2016 Written Update

Shravan says you women are alike. You don’t apologize even after making mistake. You are just like my mother – selfish! He drives away leaving her behind alone. Sumo looks on sadly. Shravan’s hurtful words echo in her head. She walks ahead absentmindedly.

Sumo comes home. She composes herself and wipes her tears before going inside. She picks up the carton containing all the memories of their childhood. Ok Shravan, you wont see my face after today till fate unites us again. She keeps the carton in her trunk and locks it.

Shravan is in a park. He looks lost.

Ramnath asks for Shravan but Bahadur shares that he is still not home. Ramnath comes to Shravan’s room but it is empty. Where would he be? Why dint he come back till now? He calls Dhillon (the showroom guy) to know about Shravan. Dhillon says he dint come here. Ramnath ends the call. Was he with Sumo? Suman Tiwari! I don’t know what she wants. Why is she after my son? He looks at a file kept on the table. He finds Shravan’s love letter in the book kept under it. He is stunned to know that his son loves Sumo. He loves the girl who wants to unite Shravan and Nirmala? Kamini brings water for him. He notices him looking all pale. Are you fine? He gives the letter to her. Did you know about it? She denies. I knew them as friends but this letter states otherwise. It also proves that Shravan loves Sumo since childhood. Ramnath says now I understand everything. Shravan isn’t upset because of Nirmala. He was upset because of Sumo. She is confused. He explains that Shravan loves Sumo. He went to meet her that day but got hurt when he got to know Sumo called him to meet Nirmala. Now I understand why he has been avoiding her since last 2 days. Kamini says it wont last for forever. Sumo will be back in Shravan’s life once he calms down. Eventually Sumo will bring Nirmala in Shravan’s life too. He says it isn’t only about Nirmala. It is about Suman too. I don’t know why I saw Nirmala in Sumo always. She is angry, free and stubborn like Nirmala. Nirmala ruined my life. I am sure Sumo too might ruin Shravan’s life. Kamini tells him against it. Ramnath says I wont let it happen. I will have to separate Shravan from Sumo anyhow for once and for all.

A man (Mr. Pradhan’s representative) tells Sumo how particular Mr. Pradhan is about health and hygiene. Sumo nods. Did you like it? He says it is ok but there is scope for improvement. You have to send food for 500 people daily. He gives her advance. You can make PCT better now. She has to give her PAN Card number but she realises she left her purse at home maybe. He agrees to talk to her over phone for the same. She signs the papers. He goes. Prita thanks Baba ji for giving them such a big order. Aren’t you happy? Sumo says I am very happy. Big order means big responsibility. She tells everyone to get ready for action. Prita jokes to make light of the situation. Sumo smiles.

Ramnath is with Shravan’s client. He had come to show his file to Shravan but he isn’t in the cabin. Ramnath says he must be busy in meeting. The client is worried about the other party. Ramnath has faith in Shravan. The client shares that he has noticed Shravan a little disturbed since some days. He seems a little preoccupied. Ramnath dismisses it. Shravan only will take your case. Rakesh ji comes to take his sign on some cheques. He notices a cheque for PCT. What is PCT? Rakesh ji says it is Sumo’s PCT. Our food comes from PCT only nowadays. Rakesh ji leaves. The client says PCT belongs to Suman Tiwari. It is on my property. Ramnath looks at him in shock. He reads the file again. The client says she is the tenant of the person we are worried about. It will also be demolished along with other shops if we win the case. Will Shravan like it if we break it along with the other properties tomorrow? Ramnath tells him to make sure Shravan does not get to know about it.

Ramnath is with Shravan. He talks to Shravan about his old cases. Shravan does not look so happy which does not go unnoticed by Ramnath. Are you fine? Shravan says why you asked so. Ramnath says just like that. You look very disturbed since that day? You neither care for your health nor your work. Shravan replies it isn’t so but Ramnath is sure it is the fact. Your client came to me as you were not in the cabin. He looked tensed. He said your focus is not on your work these days. shravan says I am sorry if he felt so. I am studying his case only. Ramnath thinks of PCT in the list of the buildings which will be demolished if they win the case. You have to win this case at any cost. I will believe it then only that you aren’t disturbed because of that woman. Shravan assures him he will win the case. Ramnath gets happy. He picks up a file but Ramnath takes it from him. It is of some other case. Focus on tomorrow’s case. All the best! Shravan thanks him. Ramnath smirks.

Precap: Police brings court order for Sumo. It is made here illegally. A lawyer reads the court’s verdict for her. Shravan has won the case thereby proving his client’s legal rights on this piece of land. Sumo takes the file from him and reads it. Shravan cannot do this!

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