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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 13th July 2016 Written Update

Kamini tells Mami ji that their rituals will be followed in the wedding. Nanu reasons that the rituals from bride’s side are followed in any wedding. Sumo and Varun second Nanu while Pushkar suggests going ahead with both the rituals. Kamini is a little relieved. She asks about the destination. Will it be Goa or Jaipur? Ramnath says I was thinking what we will do with a destination wedding in monsoon season. Kamini asks for a 5 star hotel in that case. Lala ji feeds her sweets. Shravan looks at Sumo who looks away. Ramnath notices her. I know you are giving a lot of pain to my son. But trust me Sumo, this pain is his medicine. Tiwari Family is about to leave. Ramnath asks Nanu not to hesitate before asking for anything in case he needs.

Shravan pulls Sumo aside. I waited for 5 hours. Can you not even ask what it was? She says I might have forgotten it. I am here now. Say what you want to. He replies that this doesn’t have that point now. Mami ji calls out for Sumo. She goes. I am sorry Shravan. I had to choose duties out of love and duties. Shravan looks at her as she walks away. till the time you meet me as per your own words, like I met you, and ask me what the matter was, I wont say anything to you! I am fully sure you will come to me one day.

Tiwari family is making guest list. They all have a good time. Dabbu shares that his 10 friends will come in the wedding. They are surprised. He refuses to come without them. Everyone smiles. They will come. Nanu asks Sumo who she wants to invite. She is a little lost so Nanu asks again. Update us with the names. Rachna suggests her to invite her friend Shravan. We will see who’s side he will take. Everyone smiles. They distribute all the work. Sumo is incharge of treasury. Mausa ji teases her calling her their finance minister.

Vandy tells her MIL she made a very big mistake. I dint expect it from you but you did. At the time of finding a mahurat you gave me a necklace. You said your mother gave 2 pairs to you. Yougave one to me but forgot to give Preeti. Kamini says I don’t forget anything. I don’t want to give it to preeti. I still haven’t accepted her as my DIL. She has neither gained place in my heart nor in our family. vandy is taken aback. It means there are still chances that Preeti and Pushkar wont marry? Pushkar says no. those who are thinking about it are wrong. He confronts his mother. I was wrong. You only give importance to your ego. Why did you do so? Everyone gathers. Pushkar tells them that his mom hasn’t accepted Preeti till date. Shravan talks well about Preeti. She will handle this house nicely. Kamini nods. She turns to Pushkar. I am your mother. I wont want anything wrong for you. He asks her to take a swear on him that she wont create any problem in his wedding. She complies. She asks Vandy to bring the other necklace. Pushkar will give it to Preeti. Vandy and Kamini go inside. Lala ji tells Pushkar to smile now. Lala ji and Varun go inside to discuss something. Shravan tells his brother to relax. Chachi agreed. Pushkar isn’t sure. She would have gone herself if she had accepted Preeti. Promise me you will look after all the arrangements. Shravan promises him. Pushkar also wants him to accompany Vandy to Tiwari House. Shravan refuses but then agrees.

Tiwari Family is busy in doing all the preps. Sumo checks the lists upon Mami ji’s request.

Shravan and Vandy reach Tiwari House. Vandy tells him to go in. I will come after making a call. He rings the door bell. Sumo’s hands are messy as she had been cooking. She opens the door and is shocked to see Shravan. She tries to push a strand of hair off her face but isn’t able to do so because of her dirty hands. Shravan moves his hand towards her but she ends up putting the masala on her face. Vandy joins them. Shravan walks inside upset. She asks about the masala on Sumo’s face.

Shravan meets everyone. Nanu asks him how he is. Shravan tells him not to be so formal. I come here regularly. Nanu points out that they are their relatives now. People were welcomed in different style in earlier times. Nanu greets Vandy calling her Vandana. She asks him to call her Vandy but he likes Vandana. They complete the ritual explaining its significance. Sumo checks the necklace. Vandy asks her if she liked it. they are real rubies. Sumo nods. I like emeralds more though. Shravan recalls a childhood incident wherein he had promised to get her an emerald necklace when he will grow up.

He is lost in thoughts when Vandy calls out his name. Shravan clicks pictures of Vandy & Preeti and of all the family together. He keeps looking at Sumo all the time. Pushkar looks at the photo. Preeti calls him just then. He compliments her. You look so beautiful in pink dress. Plus this necklace suits you so much. She looks around in surprise. How do you know about it? He replies that he was looking at the pics. She requests him to thank aunty on her behalf. He corrects her. Call her mumma. She is going to be your MIL. She smiles. Thank mumma on my behalf. Pushkar advises her to do it herself. She is hesitant but he tells her his mom will like it.

Kamini is hesitant to take the call but talks to Preeti for Pushkar’s sake. He goes inside. Preeti calls her mumma, thanking her. Kamini rebukes her for calling her mumma. I am your aunty. Stay in your limits. She acts all sweet when Pushkar comes back. Preeti is all confused by the time she ends the call.

Both the families speak of the wedding preps from their ends respectively. Nanu asks Shravan about his friends from London. They must be coming. Shravan replies that he dint make too many friends there. My friends wont be able to come on such a short notice though. Nanu asks him about his friends in Delhi. Shravan looks at Sumo. They are very busy. They don’t even come if I call them for a coffee. Shravan and Vandy leave. Sumo looks on sadly.

Precap: Kamini asks about Preeti. Nanu says girls don’t come in the wedding. Kamini insists that they were supposed to follow the rituals of both the families. It is engagement function. She should be here! Now I understand that you anyways dint bring rings. Lala ji says it can come now. Nanu tells Sumo to go with Shravan for ring selection.

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