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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 13th April 2016 Written Update

Sumo holds her phone while tying Vandy’s saree. Kamini says you have some really important work with Shravan maybe. Should I call him? Sumo says I have messaged him. It’s ok. Vandy thanks Sumo for tying her saree right. Kamini says hayo rabba in excitement but then praises her in modern style. Vandy leaves with Kamini.

Sumo asks the servant about Shravan. He shares that he is in his room only. Sumo heads upstairs. Shravan is in the bathroom. He looked fresh but why did he go to take a bath then. I should delete the message. She scans the room to find his phone but cannot see it anywhere. Shravan’s phone rings. She picks it out from his jeans’ pocket. She does not know how to silent it so keeps her hands over it. The ring can still be heard. She takes time in unlocking the phone. She locks the bathroom door from outside and runs downstairs with his phone.

Shravan fails in opening the bathroom door. He calls the servant (Kamal) asking him to open the door.

Sumo keeps trying the password of Shravan’s phone. Shravan looks for his phone but it is not there. Did anyone come? Kamal tells him about Kamini and Vandy leaving for some place. Sumo came. Shravan gets to know that she is downstairs. He dismisses Kamal.

Sumo thinks of all the possible passwords. Shravan hears her muttering to herself. He demands his phone back. She moves away. He follows her but she keeps running so as to avoid him. They chase each other like childhood. Sumo runs inside holding his phone while he chases her. He gets hurt in the process. She remembers how he fell down in the childhood too but she did not stop teasing him. Shravan asks for his phone. She threatens him to stop or she will dip it in the bowl of water. Give me your password. He asks her if she is mad. She keeps threatening him. Dabbu sent you a message which I don’t want you to read. He is confused but finally tells her his password. She is unable to put the special characters. He snatches his phone and runs away. She follows him. he stops realising that he does not need to run. He holds it high up. Sumo fails in reaching out to it. Shravan recalls a similar incident of their childhood. She keeps jumping but fails. She is about to again bite at his hand (like childhood) but stops. Title track plays. They both look at each other. Shravan gives his phone to Sumo. She again asks for password. He says James Bond. She jokes that he could add 007 too. She heaves a sigh of relief as she deletes the message. He asks her if she deleted Dabbu’s message. She shares that she wanted to thank him so she wrote him a message. I added something by mistake. He asks her if she wanted to thank him. Not now? She corrects herself. 1000 thank you’s are less for what you are doing for my family. Thank you. When are we meeting again? She adds, to discuss case. He says tomorrow. She is about to go when he asks her what was so wrong in the message that she had to delete it. She looks at him. What Verma (Satya) said that you had to slap him? She leaves.

Khosla is doing puja. Mama ji asks him to stop it but others stop him. Sumo too is stopped by Bablu. Khosla breaks a coconut and asks everyone to take Prasad. Sumo questions him. Who did you ask before doing all this? He replies that he does not need anyone’s permission to do a puja in his own house. I have submitted the original property papers in court. I will get this side of the house tomorrow after the hearing if Mata Rani wishes. She calls it their house. He talks about reality. This portion is in my name. Your mother gave it to me. Have Prasad and calm down. He gives Prasad to everyone. He tells Mami ji that her cheque of 24 crores is ready. Sumo reminds him that Shravan is fighting their case. Don’t forget it. He asks her what good it will do. She says we will see that. Now take this idol and leave right away. He tells her to be scared of Mata Rani. She says we love Mata Rani and not fear her. Leave in 3 seconds or I will show you. Khosla’s assistant advises Khosla to leave. I feel something will go wrong if we stay back. Khosla agrees.

Sumo and Bablu place the idol in their house temple. Bablu tells Sumo she dint do right by shifting the idol. Last time our trip was cancelled as Mata Rani got upset. Don’t know what will happen now. We will lose the case for sure. Mami taunts Sumo. Why would she care? We will lose our house. Rachna and Mama ji question Sumo. She reasons that Khosla did it all as he knows his case is weak. We too love Mata Rani but Khosla was only using Her. Obstacles come in the path of truth but like Nanu says, truth never loses. Shravan will break Khosla’s arrogance tomorrow in court. Bablu seconds her. They say Jai Mata Di.

Ramnath and Pushkar come home. Shravan has cooked pasta for everyone. Vandy objects to adding cheese in pasta. Kamini greets Ramnath and Pushkar. Kamini asks Ramnath to join them. Shravan has made pasta for us. Shravan touches his father’s feet. Ramnath blesses him. Shravan asks about his conference. Ramnath is all quiet. He talks to Pushkar about some meeting. Kamini and Vandy see him ignoring Shravan. Kamini goes to talk to Ramnath. Shravan asks Pushkar if papa is still upset with him. Pushkar replies what makes you think we wont be upset. Shravan deduces that he too is upset with him. Pushkar adds that they all tried to stop him but he dint hear them. You chose to stay back for strangers? Shravan says I stayed back for Nana ji and not anyone else. Pushkar says Tiwari ji?

Kamini tells Ramnath that Shravan did not stay back on their request but for Tiwari ji. Even I was shocked when I got to know about it. Who are we to say anything? Shravan must have thought something. Don’t be upset with him for too long. She thinks Shravan gave her lots of tension. I will not let him stay happy. ramnath goes out. Kamini is happy thinking Shravan wont be able to save himself today.

Shravan is with Pushkar when Ramnath walks in. Pushkar mumbles that Shravan will be scolded now. Shravan looks at his papa.

Precap: Ramnath talks to Shravan. We all tried to stop you so much but you dint agree. Now we have come to know that you have agreed to stay back for Tiwari ji. Bablu says everything is finished. I told you not to shift the idol but no one heard me. See what happened now!

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