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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 11th April 2016 Written Update

Khosla says truth always wins anyways! Right now the point is that you both have been caught her. Forget about me. Think about yourself. Come to court on time as it will be first day. He clicks a picture of them before leaving.

Sumo feels like killing Khosla. He says whatever comes in his mind. Shravan blames her for not using common sense. You did not let me talk even. Her phone rings. It is Prita. Prita shares that some client is giving trouble. He wants to settle for 50%. Sumo is angry (baap ka raj hai kya!). I will tackle him. She asks for Shravan’s help. I have to go somewhere to get a long due payment. I have to pay someone’s loan. HE asks her where they have to go. She says Mahipalpur. He jokes if they are going to farmhouse. They both smile. He gets a call from someone. I will come as soon as I can. It was Kamini. She asks him to drop her to the area from where she can get auto. He tells her to stop arguing. You might not worry about yourself but I do! She smiles.

Shravan comes home. Sorry Chachi. I thought I will wind up early but got late. She says its ok. She serves him pizza. I am hungry. He is surprised. Dint you eat? Vandy begins to tell him the truth when Kamini hits her under the table. Vandy lies before Shravan. Kamini shares that Ramnath called. Ramnath asked why Shravan did not leave for London. I dint know anything so I could not tell. You did not tell me even why you dint go. I don’t have this much right on you? He says you have every right. Suman’s family is in a big problem. Someone is trying to get hold of their house. Kamini cannot digest the fact that he cancelled his trip for Suman. He says I am fighting it for everyone. I will head back as soon as the case is over. She says it will take time. He is sure it wont go on for long. Kamini talks about Indian Law System. Shravan notices Vandy and Kamini gesturing each other. He asks Kamini to eat. Kamini is already full but lies to him. She wonders when the case will end and Shravan will finally go.

Preeti asks Sumo for mosquito repellent cream. She notices Sumo looking tensed. I know you are worried about the case. Sumo nods. don’t know what will happen. Preeti talks positively to her. I know Khosla has original papers but you have Shravan. Someone who has a friend like Shravan cannot lose. You are really lucky to have a friend like him. People don’t find such friends in today’s date. Sumo says he dint do anything too big. Preeti reasons that he cancelled his London trip for her. It means a lot. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Sumo smiles.

Next morning, all the family members are ready to leave for court. Nanu asks everyone to stay back at home only. Mami ji wants to go too. we too have a right on the house. Nanu reasons that even Preeti and Dabbu have a right on the house. With what right is Bablu coming then? He fumbles that the family members are his own atleast. Sumo agrees. We have spent every happy moment together till date. We will face this problem together today. Nanu gives in.

Everyone waits for Shravan outside the court. Khosla says he might have been stuck in traffic. He compliments the family members for staying together in tough times. He offers Prasad to Nanu who does not take it. Bablu takes it as Nanu nods at him. Plus it is Mata Rani’s Prasad. No one else takes it. He asks them if they are waiting for their lawyer Shravan. Sumo asks everyone to go inside. I will come with Shravan. Khosla agrees. She will come later with Shravan. Am I right? Sumo tells him to act nicely.

Satya comes there. I think you are still upset with me! She turns to go when he pats at her shoulder. She warns him to stay away. He again teases her. Shravan comes there just then and Satya looks tensed. Shravan says I am happy to know you still recall the last slap. Don’t forget it as it will be good for you. He holds Sumo’s hand. If I see you around Sumo after today then I wont spare you. I will slap you so many times that you wont forget. He asks Sumo to come but then comes back and takes her with him inside holding her hand.

The hearing starts. Satya presents the case from Khosla’s behalf. Shravan agrees that this is an open and shut case. Khosla does have the original papers of Tiwari Villa. I want to tell you how it reached him. My client gave the papers to his daughter for a few days. Unfortunately she passed away during that time. Her house was auctioned to pay off the loan. The buyer was none other than Khosla. He found the papers from the house and very smartly. Satya objects. He shows the photocopy of stamp paper on whici Priya had signed. It is clearly written that she is mortgaging Tiwari villa. Shravan calls the stamp paper and signatures fake. He asks for the original papers. It will save our time and truth will also win. Satya tries to object but it is overruled this time. Judge asks Satya to submit the original papers by lunch time. A new date is given for the next hearing. Khosla nods at Satya.

Prita is relieved to see Sumo. She is happy to see Sumo happy. Sumo says we only went to file the case. The day is going good. Prita adds that it is going to become better. She gives her an envelope. All the guys paid our money. I went to the house of the one who wasn’t going to pay back. I broke the mirror of that guy’s house. You will be able to repay your loan soon. Throw the money on his face. He speaks against the guy (Shravan) when Sumo tells her not to talk like that about him. Prita is confused. How did you have a change of heart? Sumo shares that he is fighting her case. Prita is surprised (main jisey karela samajh rahi thi wo gajar ka halwa nikla). I would have said a special thank you to him if I was in your place. She realises that Sumo has not said thank you to Shravan till now.

Precap: Sumo gives something to Dabbu for which he says thank you. She asks him how to say thank you. He says thank you to her. She asks him about the special way to thank someone. He kisses on her cheek. There can be no better thank you than this. This is the most special way to thank someone. Sumo calls Shravan in the middle of the night. I want to meet you.

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