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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 10th May 2016 Written Update

Sumo thinks I should have told him everything. I should have told him that he loved me yesterday and I love him today. Why did he say that he has moved on? How can he say this? He can. 10 years is a long time. She cries thinking of Shravan. This relation should get another chance.

Shravan tells Chachi not to cry. This time I will definitely go. I wont come back. She asks him if he is making fun of her feelings. He denies. I wont go if you cry. She tells him to go as he has his everything back in London. You will keep coming. He nods. Lala ji feeds sweetened curd to Shravan. Pushkar tells him that he has kept the luggage in car. Shravan says you look cute when angry. They share a hug. Everyone goes to drop him till the door.

Sumo thinks he would have reached airport by now. She hears their secret signal. Shravan? I am mad. She hears it again and runs downstairs. She opens the door and is pleasantly shocked to see him at the door. He smiles at her. He takes her outside so no one wakes up. He makes her sit on the porch. She asks him what he is doing. You are hurt. He signals her to stay quiet. He sways the porch for her. Don’t start crying now. If you get senti then I will also end up crying. Friends bring smile on each other’s faces. She asks about his flight. He says we couldn’t say bye to each other nicely because of Chachi so I came. She smiles. He asks her what she was saying when Chachi came. I have to rush to airport. Don’t forget. She says there is nothing beautiful than love in life. The girl you loved back then might not understand your love then but she might now! He says tum to peeche is pad gayi. I don’t need anyone. I told you I have moved on. Now say bye to me nicely. They both get up and look at each other. Title track plays. They shake hands. He says chalein fir? She shakes her head sadly. He holds her head. I have to go. She stares at him blankly as he walks till the car. He smiles at her and she simply waves back. Shravan leaves in his car.

Sumo sits down at the porch and is near tears. On the other hand, Shravan too is sad. Sumo finally goes inside when she hears a phone’s ring. It is Shravan’s phone. Sumo tells Pushkar Shravan forgot his phone here. She is shocked to hear him. What are you saying? She immediately leaves in her car. Sumo keeps honking and shouting after Shravan’s car as she follows it. She finally stops her car before his so as to stop him.

Sumo gives Shravan his phone. He thanks her for returning it. She fumbles. He asks for his phone. I am getting late. She asks him to come with her. He asks her questions but she does not tell him anything. Just sit down. She takes him in her car. He asks her where she is taking him to. Why are you crying? He asks her to stop the car and tell her what’s happening. If you don’t tell me in 3 seconds then I will jump out of the car I swear. She finally stops the car. He demands to know what happened. She shares that Pushkar called. He said your father’s plane crashed. Shravan is stunned. Sumo asks him to come home. He refuses to believe her. Do you know what you are saying? She asks him to come. Everyone is waiting for you at home. He says papa cannot leave me. He steps back and turns around. He is all restless and shaken. Sumo too cries. She pats at his back as he vomits and later gives water to him. He sits there blankly staring ahead while she cries hugging him. She tries to make him talk but in vain. She makes him get up and takes him to his home with her. He has turned all quiet.

At home, everyone cries seeing the news. Lala ji is very badly crying for his brother. Pushkar is speaking to airline authorities to get some info. Vandy and Kamini comfort Lala ji. Varun too is speaking to his friend. Go to the area where the flight crashed. We are leaving too. Kamini asks them if anyone had a word with Shravan. Pushkar shares that Sumo is bringing him. Kamini hugs Pushkar as he cries. Vandy too breaks down. Kamini consoles her.

Sumo brings Shravan home. Sumo, Pushkar and Varun see him still all quiet and staring blankly. Kamini says he is deeply shocked. Take him inside. They take Shravan inside. Shravan stumbles in his steps and keeps falling down. Lala ji makes Pushkar call Mr. Arora (Doc) to check Shravan.

Shravan sees his father in every corner of the house.

Precap: Shravan breaks down. Everyone holds him so doc can give him injection.

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