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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Mausa ji is crying. Mama ji consoles him. Mata does everything for good. Mausa ji is sure some obstacle will come in their London trip. Mama ji says nothing like that will happen. Mami asks Sumo if she fought with Shravan. Sumo says he left the aarti in between and you are saying this to me. Mami ji and Rachna says he is a rich guy. He might have some work. Sumo is sure she did not do or say anything wrong. She offers to do aarti with Mausa ji. He is worried of their trip. Sumo promises him that she will make sure there is no problem in their trip. She lights the diya. I will complete what he (Shravan) left incomplete. She does the aarti.

Shravan is talking to someone while driving. He has cancelled his London trip for now. There is a more important case here. I will solve it first.

All the ladies get up to go when Shravan enters. Don’t break my heart like this. I have just come and you are leaving already? He has brought flowers for everyone. Urvashi says I thought you will break everyone’s heart. He replies that he also knows how to join hearts. He charms everyone with his sweet lines. Vandy is upset but he makes her smile too. I am really sorry. She gives in. Chachi ji watches everything from far. He joins the ladies. Chachi ji thanks him for coming. Shravan gives one bouquet to her too and says sorry. She does not mind it. They all sit down together. Chachi ji signals Urvashi to work her charm on Shravan. Vandy introduces Urvashi to Shravan. Urvashi speaks of their school time. Our schools went together to see Taj. How can you forget that? He says I do remember that trip. She advises him to eat almonds. You cannot forget a beauty like me. He says no one can match women in terms of memorising something. I have also decided to remember everything from today onwards. I will not forget anything. She compliments him. Shall we meet outside tomorrow? He jokes that I don’t think she will be able to remove all these layers of makeup so soon. I will call you soon.

Shravan gives coffee to his father. I am sorry. I know you got upset yesterday because of me. Ramnath says I got to know how you charmed the ladies. The one who can mend the broken hearts is allowed everything. Wish I was as good a charmer as you. Shravan tells him to try London streets. Ramnath smiles. He notices Shravan in thoughts. Shravan asks him what he does when he feels not so comfortable with saying or doing something. Ramnath thinks through before saying or doing something. Once I make up my mind I just do it!

Sumo is absentmindedly lighting the gas and switching it off. Her friend asks her what she wants to cook. Sumo lies she was only checking the gas. She scolds them unnecessarily for cooking slow. She sits on her desk. Why am I behaving like this? What does he think of himself? It is enough. I will throw him out of my mind when I decide to. A lady tells her that she cleared the storeroom. I threw all the waste out. Sumo is shocked to realise that she had left a box in the storeroom. They say you only called it scrap. Sumo says it wasn’t scrap. She asks the lady who she sold it to. Sumo gets ready to leave for the shop.

Shravan comes to meet Pushkar in office. Pushkar is still upset with him. Shravan stares at him. Pushkar says I don’t want to talk to you. Pack your bags for London. Shravan says I only came to tell you something. Do you remember our Librarian? Pushkar nods. Shravan shows him a party invite for school alumni party. Pushkar may or may not come but you have to! The London trip cancelled so I thought to enjoy it completely. It is in 3 days. Pushkar is elated. May you get the most beautiful girl in life! Pray for me too though. Shravan wants the party to be big. Everyone should be invited. The party should be just like school times. Same people, same atmosphere. He thinks of the school time. He asked for Sumo from her friends. The girls say she must be taking class of some junior. He leaves to meet her. the flashback ends. Shravan leaves the responsibility of the party with Pushkar who willingly agrees. Shravan leaves. Pushkar promises to make it happen just the way he wants it.

The scrap dealer tells Sumo to stop. You wont find it here. What will I do with that scrap? She calls it her life. He shares that he often sells it to someone in Okhla. Truck came to pick it up sometime ago. You might not be able to get though as they crush the paper there. Sumo takes the address of that place from him and leaves for that place.

Shravan thinks I have to give one more gift. The gift should be so special that she should do whatever I ask her to! What did you think? You can throw me out of your life whenever you want? You can forget me? I wont forget things this time like this. Not this time!

The guys load a truck. Sumo stands before it so as to stop it just when it is about to leave. Sumo tells him to keep the truck here only. I will talk to your manager. She speaks to the manager. He calls it all scrap. She denies. They were photos, papers, greeting cards but they mean a lot to me. Manager asks for 5k as the truck went first of all to that scrap dealer. It is a lot of work. She agrees.

Sumo makes the guys unload all the boxes one by one. She finally finds her box. She is ecstatic. You can change today but the Shravan in my memories will always stay the same. I can forget you but not your memories. She pays 5k to the manager and leaves.

Sumo thinks of the deal that cost her so much. She collides with Shravan. The carton drops from her hands. He picks it up for her. What’s in it? She looks at him.

Precap: Shravan gives a gift to Sumo. She refuses to take it or come in the reunion party. I have work. He says I will still wait for you. Sumo smiles shyly as she looks at something (maybe the gift).

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